Thursday, November 19, 2009


I bought a new Christmas tree yesterday. Our last tree was just too big for either of our rooms.... so I got this 5ft one. It's perfect. And that red surround.. is a bathmat I already had! SCORE.

I can't wait to decorate it... is it too soon to put it up?????? Well stupid question really... it IS up! Just not going to decorate it yet. Will wait till December to do that.

I'm in a great mood. I resolved a HUGE issue with family.... a massive weight has been taken off my mind. I am sure there will be other hickups in me life, but that one was a BIGGIE.

Today: gunna sew! *doing the happy dance*....

Finally tried out my sewing machine last night... and there is a teeny tiny problem with the needle threader not working. I rang the Boss Lady last night (she gave me her home number!)... to let her know and she's going to ring me today. She thinks it's come out of alignment due to being bumped in transit or something. I'm not getting me tits in a knot over this.. as it could happen to anyone...RIGHT????

I decided not to wait... I started putting stuff on me tree..! I have NEVER enjoyed decorating the tree before... so this is a novel feeling! I am going to drag it out over several days... putting a little bit on as I go...

So.. today's addition: Blue feathers and white feathers. I bought the feathers from the $2 Shop a month or so ago. PRETTY.

Off to sew now!

The sewing.. has been going well.... except for one major jam up.. which I THINK was caused by the cotton I was using (a metallic)... and the Boss Lady rang me and has ordered a new needle threader part and will BRING IT OUT TO MY HOUSE TO FIT IT when it comes in!!!! OMG! Totally shocked by that... but pleased to, as she must realise just how close they are to having the machine THROWN THROUGH THEIR SHOP WINDOW! (as if I would do anything so stupid!, but it's tempting)

End of Day: got quite a bit of sewing done today... just the one jam up... so that's good. Have had visitors all evening (family) so really havn't done anything else! Time to relax and get ready for bed. nite nite.


  1. Happy birthday to Griffin for yesterday - he did a wonderful job on the cake.

    No - it's not to early to put the Chrissie decorations up,I hate thethought of ot though.

  2. Sounds like G did well, hes gonna love his christmas present!

    Glad everything worked out!

  3. If it were me - I would do it the day after Thanksgiving. Then you will get basically a month to enjoy them :-)

  4. What a nice sized tree, would be perfect for what we need....actually I think I need a smaller one.

  5. nice tree, but i refuse to get into the christmas spirit until AFTER thanksgiving...

  6. Hi Chris,
    I am holding my breath to see IF you do get your machine FIXED - waiting to see IF the lady really responds to your call. I am so hopeful that you really do get your machine and that it really works?? I am beginning to actually wonder about these "sewing machine doctors"????????? I called about mine and they said Maybe by the end of the week?????? I am so stressed that I want to pull somebody's hair out and I bet you can relate to that feeling!

    Happy birthday to Griffin - hope his day was perfect - he sure looked like it in his picture. They are always in too big of a hurry to grow up.

    Hope your "family problems" will be fixed so you can at least enjoy the holidays. I can relate to that-Bigtime. Sometimes it just does not seem like there is any answers and the holidays usually bring enough stress on anyway. I also can relate to the "stress eating" - I already have started to get my second tire back around my middle.

    You are such a beauty, I wish things could just work for a while so you could at least enjoy your holidays.

    I would say anytime you feel good and want to decorate your tree is a good time. Today is already here and tomorrow may never come - so go ahead and enjoy . I always hate pulling everything out and then having to take it down in such a short time.

    One year I put up a small ceramic tree for Christmas and when the New Year rang in I put up everything BUT the tree. I left it up all year long to remind me that we can carry Christmas in our hearts every day of the year.~smile~

  7. I do the tree in November early November but cause I am shifting it has to wait this year :-(..... and I pull it down Boxing Day, once the day is over everything Christmasy is gone have been known to do it Christmas night sometimes. lol

  8. That's the exact size that I want. It is perfect for our cottage. I love the way you decorated it!

  9. just hi is about all I can muster up today

  10. I managed to kill our artificial tree last year so not sure what we'll do this year. I haven't felt christmassy at all yet.

    I must say I'm glad we dont have thanksgiving downunder. Christmas is enough extended family time!!!

  11. DIET COKE ROCKS... COULD disappear.... OMG?! WHAT?! Saving your email now

  12. Glad to hear a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Hope this feeling lasts all through the holidays and into next year!

    Love your tree. Go ahead and decorate if you like. The blue is a beautiful contrast. Very nice!

    Hang in there with the sewing machine. I don't let my tits get into anything...I'm terrified of not getting them back out!

    Great post!

  13. I love Griffin's cake:-) Hope he had a great day!

  14. I'm doing the happy dance for you too! Sounds like things are all going your way!

    The tree looks perfect and so does the red rug. It's amazing it's time for Christmas already!


  15. OMG you have had a time of it with that damn machine. I take my hat off to you...I would have thrown it through the window about ummmm the third week it was playing up!!! You certainly have more patience than me! Give Griffin a kiss for me and wish him a happy birthday. Just caught up on your happenings. Keep smiling, you are doing a great job all round xxx

  16. Nice tree and YOU decorate it when you like POOEY SMOOEY to traditions I say!

  17. love the tree feathers... love the machine is working ... and love that they are finally doing something to keep it working :)

  18. I like the feathers on the tree - very pretty! Good news about the machine . . . I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  19. Oh the dreaded Christmas Tree! I'm not a big fan of putting it up either. Thought I might get out of it this year but DH already mentioned putting it up. The other night I saw a neighbors tree all set up and turned on in their front window. So I guess it isn't too early. Another neighbor has started to light the exterior of his home.

    Glad to hear you found some resolution to you family problem. Hope thats the end of it for awhile.

    I have to say that sewing machine is a proper POC. Sorry that you are still having issues!

  20. Anonymous6:00 AM

    I've been missing your blog and reading about all your goings on! LOL!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Griffin's birthday cake! What a cool idea! Happy 8th to him!


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