Friday, November 27, 2009


I must show you what I made last night! A card and a little thingee you put a chocolate or similar in....that's the green one!

I am rather chuffed with the card.. it's so cute... .and it's got glitter on it.. BLING!
Our little group... there were 8 of us .. a nice number.. good company too. Quite a few of us want to go to a workshop to learn more! FUN!

Now, as for today... *sigh*....sewing I reckon. And if it's sunny... some sunbathing.

AND I keep saying weeding.. but it's not going to happen.. I PROCRASTINATE ...something shocking. Maybe I can supervise the kids doing some? Like .. point out the weeds and make them do it? I could PAY them! What an excellent idea~! (slave labour rates!)
I have been sewing... the machine is going really well... but the treader is not working.. I'm waiting for them to fix it.

I've almost finished the next bag.. just have to sew on the button and the inner seam where I turned the lining in/out.

I emailed the Transport Company about that bloody bus yesterday not arriving on time... and us missing it... and they have already gotten back to me! They are 'following it up with the driver'... like that's going to help now? At least they are doing something. It caused me a lot of grief yesterday.. and that counts for something.
Another bag done and dusted:
It's been (still is) a really lovely hot, sunny day.. I did a bit of sunbathing earlier on.. BLISS.
Dinner tonight: my favourite... roast chicken, mashed potatoes with CHEESE, peas, brussell sprouts, mixed veges and GRAVY... CAN'T WAIT.
End of Day: dinner was delicious! Watched Master Chef Australia, The Final.. it was great... had a couple of drinks... chilled out.. nice evening. nite nite.


  1. The cards were gorgeous! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  2. Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow!

    yes, pay the kids to do it. Physical labour won't hurt them, and they will feel like they are making some pocket money. Brilliant idea!


  3. adorable cards... I dont have that creativity gene ... love seeing yours displayed :)

  4. I have to say I really like the card.

    Go on go out in the sun and warm your bones.

  5. That is SO COOL!!

    You did an awesome job! :D

    Love it

  6. The card and choccy thing are lovely. I went through a period years ago of making my own cards with stamps and glitter and stuff. Really, when you look at the cost of anything half decent it should be an incentive to start making them again!

    Pay the children! They need to learn about work = money!!!!!! That was my excuse when mine were little. I used to pay them to give me back rubs!

  7. OOO! Put that green bag on your sidebar! I love it!

  8. I finally managed 22mins one side and 23 mins the other side BUT THAT was IT!!!! so now off to do housework then gardens as IT IS getting cooler....

  9. Love the cards:-)

    Dinner sounds good as well!

  10. ohhhhhh my tummy is rumbling, can I come to yours for dinner.....sounds devine !!!

  11. hi chris...dinner sounds so good!!! you made me hungry.x

  12. Beautiful bag and card!

  13. oh I just love those bags!!! you and i may have to talk about trading a blanket for a bag or something in the near future....

  14. I have told you before but it never hurts to hear it more often....YOU ARE AMAZING GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!


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