Monday, November 02, 2009


Tis another week... with quite a few things on this week.

Stew and I have an appointment with the School this morning to discuss Griffin's lack of progress.

Amanda goes to court tomorrow to try and get her boys back.
Steve goes to court on wednesday to 'check in', then he can go again till his hearing next year.

So it's going to be stressful... a real test of my coping strategies.

- Kids to school
- Appointment at school
- Stew to work
- Me?

Get some exercise.
Kip McGrath for Griffin this afternoon.

And that's it for now.
Back later...

EEEEwwwww... we saw a huge cockroach in the kitchen... And Teddy grabbed it... OUR SAVIOUR! .... but then he ate it... and if I was entertaining the idea of having has now gone. My stomach is totally in revolt at the thought of food after that. lol

I am sitting here (after our meeting at school) hoping it wasn't

It was like a re-run of the meeting we had with the school WAY BACK in October 2008... where they told us ALL THEY WERE DOING.. and we listened, believed them and left them to it. ONLY this time we are not going to do that.

I left feeling annoyed as hell... and vowing to be on their case every other day until we see some results. They know he has to be tested for 'this that and the other thing' so BLOODY WELL DO IT!

In all it was a 'good' meeting I suppose... but I hate having to confront anyone and get all hot and bothered. HATE IT.

My first impulse on getting home was ... eat something. But... I have managed to hold off that impulse for 2 hours now, so I am feeling proud about that.

Now all I have to do is have a good, solid, healthy lunch and STOP at that. So much easier said than done, but I am determined that this weeek, even though it is going to be stressful for days, is not going to be be a disaster that shows up on the scales.

HOUSEWIFE Tip of the Day:

Tea towels DO NOT make good splatter guards. THAT. IS. ALL.

Just home from picking Griffin up from Kip McGrath.. going well there.. no progress yet, but it's early days.

Got a phone call from school.. they are 'working' on getting him assessed ... but nothing will happen till next year OBVIOUSLY! Yeah we have heard that before.

Round and round... and round again.

Dinner is in the oven (lamb chops cooked in mint sauce)... expect Stew home in an hour or so. Tomorrow looms...

End of Day: Productive.... hopefully. Frustrating....much. I am happy though that I did not react by stuffing my face. I AM going for a walk this evening... while it's nice and cool. nite nite.


  1. eww court stuff--yuk--will be praying.

  2. Good luck with everything this week, and cockroaches we have heaps of them the big outside ones living by the saltmarsh they are out in full force this time of year lol....

  3. Good luck to Amanda and steve.
    Chris watch out what comes out off teddy those things when crushed lay eggs and that is all im gonna say ok
    Sandra ( dont know what is happening im signed in as my brother lol i think my nephew has used all our internet and has logged us on to his parents account lol)

  4. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Our dog used to eat cockroaches but then we had so many roaming about (gotta love inner city Sydney!) that she went off them. Bitch. :)

    What a CRAP week you have coming up! I will be thinking of you girl! :)

  5. Good luck with not resorting to food - and hate to say it but the school just don't have the funding for kids like G - it now becomes our responsibility as parents. You can get some really good books from educations shops and maybe you could work one on one with him at home for say 15-20 minutes a day to help get him back up to speed thats what I had to do with Chris but we had some good results with it, so worth the effort I did put in.

  6. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Must be going around. Keep us posted...C

  7. Gosh, Chris,
    I am so sorry this week is looking stressful already - I Hate those kinds of weeks!
    I did get a good laugh because when I opened your blog - It said MONDAY and I did a double --take , Because over here in USA I am just getting ready to fall in bed on Sunday night! LOL I loved it -life can be so interesting and our friends are so wonderful and open us up to wonderful experiences.
    I too, loved that new purse you made- I bet that was your sweet hubby holding it up for you!
    I am like you and HATE to confront people, but ?????? some of those "school-people " are a PAIN!I have lived long enough to see them ruin children's lives with their unconcern! You know - like if a child gets it -they get it and if they don't - they DON"T!
    Good luck this week! Keep thinking good thoughts.
    hugs, linda the sewing nanny

  8. The Ogre is ADD and when he was little - his school wanted me to put him on meds- I really did not mind doing that- but I did not want to do it prior to testing- they refused to test him. We went round and round- I didn't mind the confrontation- and when they wanted to suspend him- I let them have it. They changed their minds.
    I hope it all works out- kids need a advocate on their side- and sounds like he has you!

  9. Anonymous4:48 PM

    SO PROUD of you for resisting the food! On ya, girl!

    Yum Cha was funny...have updated.

  10. You certainly have a lot to deal with this week.

    I hope everything works out in Amanda & Steves favour.

    I guess keeping Griffin @ Kip Mcgrath is on the cards until he is up to speed. I am probably going to have to do the same next year for my daughter if thisngs don't improve as she only has one more year until intermediate & there is no way she is even close to being ready.

    Good luck in not resorting to food today. One day at a time :-)

  11. ARgh! I'm trying to lose some weight and my hubby is always coming home with a treat for me! He called me from the store tonight asking if I wanted some ice cream. I told him no! I know he's being nice but he's killing me with temptation here. I'm trying to be a good girl. I was mentioning this because you were talking about warding off hunger pains. Sometimes I'm tempted to snack but I think I'm not gonna buy so many things that are EASY to grab and snack on.

  12. WELL my advice is SEW LIKE XRAZY this week to keep your hands BUSY and out of the pantry, fridge and cupboards and when your not sewing WALK!!!! and remember to have a good week inspite of all around you!

  13. Well done on not 'stress' eating. Hope all goes well with the various family things. Enjoy your walk, that is always great for blowing away a few cobwebs (stress and such). XCathy

  14. Lots of stuff going on at your place right now! Good luck with everything!


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