Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Shit me mind is totally blank this morning! ................yep, still is.....................................................................

- Kids to school
- do some bloody housework
- go into town to pay a bill or two
- see if the letterbox flyers are ready for me?

That's it, totally normal day! later....

- for the last week every time I've looked at me sewing machine I have just felt like throwing it out the window?
- today I feel really excited about doing some sewing?
- how come for the last few days my legs have felt like lead weights?
- today they feel fine?
- how come for days I have felt dejected?
- today I feel really 'up'?
I really just don't get myself at all... up and down, up and down... is this the beginning of something I should be worried about??? I am DRVING MYSELF NUTS PEOPLE. And really this is not good.

I live to drive other people nuts, not myself.

How bloody cute!

HORMONES? Oh ok then... so what explains the other weeks when I'm so up and down then? Just being a bitch then? I give up!

I've been to town, bought Griffin a new school sweatshirt... no point putting it off anymore, we are obviously here for the winter. BUGGER IT. I had thought last winter would be our last one here, no such luck.

I have spent an hour this afternoon 'doctoring' Griffin's new school sweatshirt... I defy any bugger to say this one is theirs!!! There is light blue and orange stitching all over it!!! And even on the inside facings too...

I get sooooo crabby when some bugger nicks one of the kids sweatshirts... it happens all the time. And cos every kid is dressed the same you can't tell if they have their own uniform on or not... so that's why I've doctored my kids ones.
End of Day: it's been an OK day, kinda got some stuff done...
NSV: Feeling very motivated .... nite nite.


  1. I hate it when that happens... It makes me feel like I'm forgetting something that's very important! (smile)

  2. SOunds hormonal(sp?) to me... I am shocking until the day I get TOM... then I am good...happy enthusiastic etc...
    but the week before.. I am either miserble or bitchy withchy poo...

  3. Didn't you just tell everyone you had a period? Just asking for no reason. ;]

  4. Anonymous10:40 AM

    I'm driving myself crazy too.

  5. Definatly hormones Chris, my mum is exactly the same at the moment and i know how hard it is for her, up and down, up and down, hot sweats and shivers, happy go lucky and depressed and miserable, not fun im sure and terrible to watch someone you love going through it.

    Love those kitty pics Chris, very bloody cute!

    Erica xxx

  6. Yep, definitely a hormonal, menopausal lunatic. Just like me. At least we have an excuse. And if we have to put up with it then I don't see why everyone around us can't do the same.

    PMS is a walk in the park compared to this. Hang tough, we'll get through it. Or else drive everyone else insane.

  7. great idea with the sweatshirt, so called 'lost' property is my pet winter time school hate *grumble*

  8. Well cant say that i feel like that b4 TOM cums but am really happy when he leaves.

    What a good idea about the uniform now no bugger can say its theres HA!!!! and save you money in the long run.

    Daughter #3

  9. See you on Thursday Chick!!! Looking forward to a catch up. Love the way of 'naming' the kids clothes. :)

  10. Gah! Hormones suck!
    Last year, when my daughter was kinder age, I used to take her with me to pick up my other 3 kids from school. We walk into the playground through the gate right where the sandpit is. In the sandpit there was always a jumper or two, school uniform that is. We would take the jumpers to the school office so they could find the kids who own them. This year, little Miss Mia lost one of her jumpers, and no bugger returned it! So, yesterday I went to lost property and took a size 6 just for her, it had no name on it and so now it has her name on it! Bugger it I said... It was payback time :)

  11. Yeah, blame hormones, why not!!! Bloody things they are!

    Great idea about doctoring the uniforms, amazing how they get 'lost' at school..

    Hope you are feeling better:)

  12. love the kitty and bird pics... glad you had a much better day!
    Hugs Laura

  13. Kids steal each other's shirts? Kids are weird.

    Sorry you're all up and down this week. I've been the same way. Sucks, eh?

  14. Writers block? I'm still wondering what to write this week.


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