Sunday, May 04, 2008


I'm sitting up in bed, tapping on me computer, drinking me hot chocolate.... BLISS. Must make the most of it, Stew is going again this afternoon, and I don't think he will be back for at least 2 weeks.

He is going to be "Acting Regional Manager" up there for the next month or so... a huge challenge for him.. but something he is looking forward to very much, as it is another opportunity to prove he is up to the job. WHEN he gets THAT job (in a couple of years?) we will be so much better off, so it's worth going through all this shit now, to get to there later.

After having had no Open Homes over the past month, we are back into them starting today.... I am not feeling in the least bit optimistic... I know that's not the right attitude, but experience has taught me not to be. Onward... got cleaning, dusting etc to get on with. OH YAY.

Today's Open Home... one group through only... but she had been here before, loves the house... but her husband is not too keen on the price. So anyway, she is going home to 'work' on him! Fingers crossed (AGAIN)....
Expecting Stew and the Kids back from town soon.. he has to leave for Wellington soon. *BIG SIGH*

I have had to "Griffin Proof" my sauna! There is a piece of ply across the controls and a padlock on the door now... cos I have caught him upstairs playing in it with it ON!! All I need is to go up there and find one 6 year old boy shrivelled up like a prune in the corner of the sauna! GRRRRR ... luckily there is a dual control panel inside the sauna, so covering the outside one does not matter. It's acutally a really good idea to safe proof it from all children playing with it eh?

While it doesn't LOOK as nice.... it's safe. Now where was I? hmmmm... might just go read a book and have a drink with me man before he buggers off again.

End of Day: in all a nice day, no stressing over the Open Home at all! Just did a bit of tidying and that was it! Stew is gone again....... and I have caved in and turned on 1 heater in the dining room, closed the lounge and kitchen doors and will just heat up a tiny part of the house. It was 13 degrees in my lounge this afternoon, too cold.

NSV: yep, none. I will do better tomorrow I promise. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    I don't know... maybe having your house all just so isn't doing the trick. Maybe you need to dirty it up... have some undies lying about... empty wine bottles here and there...

    I'm just kidding! Although, we were supposed to have a couple hours notice when we were showing our house but one time the realtor just brought a couple over. We were gone and I hadn't made the house viewer ready. I was mortified when I got home to find that they had been there and there were..yup... undies on our bathroom floor. AND that couple showed an interest... but it didn't go anywhere.

  2. No advice Chris.. Just a big hug... And you know I would come over for a cuppa if I could...

  3. thanks for your kind comments. you are a hoot and a holler as we say. Keep the faith and the good humor up

  4. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Hi you guys. Just checked in to see what you're up too and if any pics of your quilt blocks up yet????? Sorry the move is not working out but fingers still crossed (makes typing difficult). I'm off to Welly again now .. four more weeks then home sweet home!! Good luck with the open homes, might catch up next weekend Chris... will be home Thurs to Monday..surgeon appt first thing! Happy quilting Karen

  5. What can I say darl, but will keep fingers crossed that one day soon the house will sell!!

    brrrrrrr I would turn on a heater too at that cold!!


  6. 13 degrees hey... I just went and checked our lounge...23 degrees!! We have to wood heater going tho... lovely and warm.... but alot cooler in the kids rooms... but still probably not 13 degrees!!


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