Monday, May 26, 2008


I walked into the lounge yesterday afternoon and found this:

One dozen Barbie and Bratz Dolls doing this:

It did make me smile! Brylee has been having a lot of fun with her Barbie and Bratz dolls lately... and she can hold this 'pose' too, Griffin cannot.

Elf and Emperor, you will be pleased to know the Flat Stanleys even got to give it a go! :


- kids to school

- doctor at 11.30 am

- home to do bugger all!

Quite tired after yesterday's efforts so might even have a nana nap! later....
ALLLLL RIGHTY THEN: seems me innards don't wanna stay where they supposed to be! Gotta have an ultra sound to 'see' where things are... the doctor suspects I've got a prolapse of a few bits and pieces..... ooooo JULES, looks like I might be getting a new fanny too! LOL Glad I went, even though I have to go back for a more 'intimate' examination.... oh JOY! Need a haircut before I can do that! Where's me scissors????
End of Day: very glad I went to the Doctor... it pays to find out what's wrong when you have been keeping your head in the sand for months! A quiet afternoon/evening....
NSV: got a good deal of exercise today, my pedometer is playing up though.... shitty thing. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    When my aunt was little she lined up all her baby dolls and stuck twigs in their little bottom holes (like themometers) out on my grandparents back patio. The meter man came round and got a real kick out of it.

  2. hahah, I took a picture of my living room hell as well.. I was covered in stuffed animals doing weird stuff

  3. LOL How cute! If you're really sending a picnic bar, maybe wrap it in a ziplock bag first because it's nearly 90 degrees out here! Summer! Whew!

    We had a good laugh at this post!

  4. Love the barbies.... but most of them seem to be commando!!! Not a good look when doing aerobics!!!

  5. gotta love them barbies flexability!

  6. lol, loving the dolls!!

    My mum had a prolapse of things and they say it can be inherited??? great...

  7. Grinning at the Barbies:-)

    No grin though at your visit to the doc, hope the examination goes ok!

  8. What a cute picture.

  9. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Awww so cute, the pics made me smile. I'm really broody these days and seeing pics of little girls (can u tell i want a daughter? LOL) playing with their barbies and generally being very cute made me even more broody ekkkkkkkkkkkkkk I'm strange LOL

  10. LOL cute! i really hope Amber's into barbies when shes a little older, although at this stage its looking like its gonna be tonka trucks, gi joe and football *sigh*

    Erica xxx

  11. lmao! That barbie shot absolutely cracked me up!
    good one!

  12. LOL at the exercising dolls!
    Ouch, sorry to hear about your bits!

  13. Oh man that does look cute.. must have taken her ages to do that..

    Um that doesent sound good about your body parts but hey better to find out now thanto have somthing go wrong and not to no..

    good luck..
    Daughter #3

  14. Being the slack tart that I am I haven't read your blog for ages - where did my common sense go, I forgot how much I enjoyed my daily laugh with catching up on your news!

    And there I was thinking you would have well and truly sold that bloody house of yours by now - what are those buyers thinking??? There can't be a more immaculate house in NZ surely!!!

    Glad to be reading again - i'll try not to be so slack in the future!

  15. I guess Ken was sitting on the couch with the remote.


  16. What a hoot! Too cute. Ouch sorry to hear about you tummy troubles. Do hope they find out whats going on in there. Glad to hear you're not stressing as much about the open house. I'm sure you place is totally acceptable for viewing at any time. Getting some solo time away with your nice. You deserve the break. Take care and feel better.

  17. Hola Chris,
    I was just looking for blogs in New Zealand, when I found by chance yours. it is a quite interesting one and very beautiful.
    Best wishes from Brazil:

  18. Ha! THAT made me chuckle! What a creative kid!

  19. Those Barbies etc doing aerobics... that is TO funny... sorry I haven't been around to much... busy... take care

  20. HAAAAAAAAAAAA! Barbie Jazzersize right in your living room. I'd probably sit down and watch them sweat and grab me a cookie. ;)

  21. Funny and so clever. My son only uses his superheroes toys to hit each other with.

  22. Bwahhh haaaa haaaa...
    those are hysterical pics of the Barbie dolls.

  23. OMG... the picture of all those barbies/bratz just cracked me up. I would have wet myself if I had of walked into my living room with a dozen dollies doing aerobics!


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