Sunday, May 25, 2008


Yep, gunna be busy this morning, got heaps to do today in the way of housework.... and looking after the kids as well while trying to do it all on me own.... ah well, shit happens. One thing's for sure, I do not go ALL OUT anymore.... if someone really loves the house they are not going to care if all the furniture is polished or not!

I am dying to drink all the darn wine in me fridge...pisshead that I am (NOT)... I will keep buying it though... cos one day I will need to celebrate the sale of this house eh? SANDRA: we have dropped our price already, by $40,000 ! I don't want to drop it anymore as we do want to be able to afford a semi-decent house in Auckland!

The rate I am going I will need quite a few people to help me drink all that wine ... cos I'm a two glass wonder! LOL

Nothing else to report so far today, going to make a start... later..

- beds made
- room tidied
- dishes done
- floors washed
- floors vacumed
- dusting and polishing done
- dead leaves raked up
- plants pruned down side of house
- paths cleaned
- 3 bathrooms cleaned
- 3 toilets scrubbed
- kitchen benches and sink scrubbed and polished
- upstairs tidied up (me sewing room too)
- kids fed and watered

I do believe I have done it all! I have even put on a crockpot full of pea and bacon bone soup....can I take a break now?
I tried to entice Steve to come over and give me a hand... he wasn't having a bar of it... the shit. I'm feeling quite crabby now, was vacuming and swearing under my breath the whole time... man I'd love to take a sledge hammer to that bloody machine!

So, it's about 30 minutes till Open Home time... I hope some bugger turns up! At least the house is tidy I suppose....

A PICNIC BAR.... is nougat and nuts covered in chocolate:

They are very nice... and I did not have one... MRS C... I will send you some soon.... for the kids mind ... not all for you!

Open Home... was once again a waste of time, no one came again. The Real Estate Agent said NOTHING is selling out there, and all the Open Homes he had done today had no one come to them, so I suppose there is some comfort in know we are not the only ones not selling.

End of Day: feeling very virtuous, done so much and managed just fine, even bathed the kids without feeling like throttling them! Cut Brylee's hair too, it was getting long again and she can't manage it long. chillin out now watching Grey's Anatomy.... in peace.
NSV: totally on track and got heaps of exercise too boot. nite nite.


  1. yep house is tidy and I hope someone comes along and just can not live without the house!
    hugs Laura

  2. Good luck and fingers crossed for you

  3. Arrg... Somebody buy that house!

    Cute winter pic of Brylee and Griffin. Thanks for showing the Stanleys around!!

  4. Please hand me some of your energy. AND a picnic bar while your at it. And maybe some of that soup. ;)

    Hang in there, girlie. Someone will buy that gorgeous house of yours soon!

  5. It'll happen when you least expect it to happen...but it will happen, it has to ehhhh??

  6. At least the house is tidy aye...

    Nothing is new here apart from granddaughter is now 11 pound 3 and smiling all the time now.

    Finally finished her room and looks cool.

    Let me know what happens at the doctor PLZ..

    Daughter #3

  7. Anonymous9:59 PM

    did i read right? you are coming here???


  8. sorry about the open house being a bust. frustrating.

    ...sometimes I think real estate agents don't do enough. That's just me...but, sometimes when our house was on the market, I felt like taking the marketing into my own hands! For example--I wanted more newspaper ads. I wanted more pictures on the real estate listing page, and when they had a picture limit, I wanted to maybe put more pics on a blog just about the house, & put the blog web address on the fliers out with the real estate sign.

    In the end, we took the house off the market & decided to stay....and that was a few years ago.

    But, I know what you mean---it can be so frustrating.

  9. Oh, and that picnic bar looks yummy!

  10. mmmm picnic..... *droollllllll*

  11. Well at least you got a nice clean house out of all that work.


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