Saturday, May 17, 2008


Misunderstandings abound.... last night Stew wanted to 'just check the score' on the rugby, seems he had no intention of watching it.... but when he flipped over to rugby I packed a wobbly thinking that's all he wanted to do and went off to my room to watch something else!!! so he continued to watch it, and I continued to think he only came home to watch rugby... so we ended up in a 'no win' situation ....

Anyways, we sorted it out later on and now I just feel like a crabby old bitch. Poor bugger can't win it seems. I'm blaming it on MENOPAUSE OK? Helps.

Today: I'm going to morning tea with a girlfriend or two... then home to spend some time with the man/kids.... well hopefully more with the man (sick of the kids).

CHANGE OF PLANS: Stew just showed me his new suit pants, both pairs have a serious pilling problem... so we are taking them back to Otaki where we got them from... they are under warranty for a year... and cost an arm and a leg!

I mean.... ya don't expect this to happen after only 3 months eh? So, I ain't going to morning tea afterall.... later...

Home again... dropped off the pants to be sent back to the manufacturer.... had a lovely lunch and I'm proud to say I was ever so good and only had a few chips, no sour cream and a really HEALTHY chicken burger ...... then we checked out the clothing shops....

I got this really neat top and Stew got a t-shirt ....
both being 'New Zealand' themed, which is nice.

Griffin did his usual "I'm out, I'm gunna be a little prick" scenario... so next time we go out I am going to leave him at home with Steve... he's got to learn that his bad behaviour is NOT going to be tolerated any more! He manages to ruin every family outing we have by being so naughty! I'm OVER THAT KID.

End of Day: a neat day .... and I stayed on track, might have gone over a bit on the points, but not too bad. nite nite.


  1. Gotta say, I would have probably thought the same as you when Stew watched the Rugby and I would have packed a Bitch tantrum BUT! At least it's sorted and now you can ENJOY the weekend!!! So ENJOY!!

    Hugs x

  2. Enjoy your day with Stew... dont be too hard on him .. hahah
    Just about to hit the shower for my weekend away.. well two days and one night...
    better find my camera hey!!

  3. Anonymous10:47 AM

    I'm glad y'all got that figured out! I think the fact that you so readily cop to stuff on your part is awesome!

    It's funny how the seasons are flipped and y'all are headed into winter as we are into summer.

    I hope y'all have a fabulous night tonight!

  4. That always happens to the bum of my bathing suits! You know how much it sucks to shop for one in the first place?

    OH, and it is not like I am grinding against rocks all day when I am wearing it...hello?

    Please people, we can put a man on the moon, but we can't stop the disintegration of fabric before its time!

    The Maid

  5. ooo cam and i have that tv problem all the time and i cant blame menopause i must be just a bitch ahhahahaha..

    have a lovely day!!

  6. We've had that fight too, over baseball and basketball. Can I just tell you, you look amazing! I seriously can't believe you are a grandmother. Even more, I can't believe you post your actual weight for everyone to see. Even thought it's in kilos and I have no idea how many pounds that is and am too lazy to look it up. I am so gonna need a tummy tuck. And boobs! Oh the poor girls are so droopy. I don't look at it as a vanity thing. I see it as a restoration. And I totally think it should be covered under insurance since I breast fed. That's reasonable, right?

  7. Ha! Chris you are funny! Really, I am not that stupid. I knew New Zealand was totally separate and it's own country. They do teach us a little geography up here. Were you asking because of my keychain idea? That was totally directed at the Aussies. I just thought the No Kangaroos in Austria thing was hilarious. Come on people, really? Sad. And I'm sure Jess called you girl because you so don't look like a grumpy Grandma. You sweet young thang!

  8. Nice tops mum, and yes how cute, hope you made up with dad in a good way hehe.

    started on babys room 2day looking good.

    G the bitchy must b in all of us kids aye A, L, K, R, S, and m.

    have a good weekend, Daughter #3


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