Thursday, May 08, 2008


So what do ya do when one of your big sisters is in town visiting? Ya lie in wait and when she comes through the door:You POUNCE, trip the tart up and ....

Have some fun!

Seems the silly tart just decided to come visit on the spur of the moment! Drove 5 hours to get here.... and is probably going again either today or tomorrow! NO, she isn't pregnant! PHEW. No she hasn't got a job... now that would have been worth her driving all that way to tell me! She is waiting for surgery on her hand, she punched a parking meter (2 years ago!) and it DID DEFEND itself! She busted up her hand good! Stoooopid tart!

Anyway... today: kids to school, tidy the house, maybe go to town and show me two visitors around a bit. OH and be damn good with the diet shit... I am an official Weight Watcher AGAIN... and I am glad! It is going to give me some structure and discipline again.... roll on next Wednesday night's weigh in.
In case you are wondering: Brylee and Griffin consider Lacy like an Aunty.. she is not their MUM, I am.... they know they came out of Lacy's tummy, they know she did not want to be their mother... no nasty surprises awaiting my kids when they grow up! We have always been honest and upfront with them, we are their Mum and Dad, AND their Grandma and Granddad. They understand this. As to how they feel about Lacy being here, she is just another visitor really. They have only seen her twice in the last 3 years! They love her like an Aunty.
End of Day: I'm tired! Having visitors is tiring... Lacy is LOUD.... and very annoying at times. NSV: I have been a good little vegemite! nite nite.


  1. Structure and discipline rock sista! Can you send me some?
    I need to get back in some kind of shape. "Punched a parking meter"???????

  2. I am proud of you. I went in to weigh in as well. I am under my goal once again at this time have another 6 weeks to get back to gaol before next weigh in. I off to BC-NHL playoffs and Beer for two weeks will be great time.

    I like the fact that you do a regular post so always something new to share. I have often thought about doing that but I only seem to be either funny and rude or tell some story from my past. I do not hae enough to share everyday. How many times do people want to hear about the old cat and the other

  3. Ha! They look like they are enjoying themselves!

    How do B and G feel about having their Mum home?

  4. Chris I really hope there is good news tomorrow about your home... Being upfront and honest is the best are very resilient and cope better than us adults at kewl being a flowergirl lol....enjoy your time with Lacy really like her name :)
    Awsome news that you are going to WW again x

  5. You're better off telling them young, those nasty suprises in your teenage years are terrible!! You are a great mum!
    Enjoy the time you have with your daughter! Would she ever want the kids back??

  6. Hope you had fun having your kids around today. Good thing, no preggers that's for sure for your daughter. yikes.
    Hope you get some good news about the lady that's been looking at your house.

  7. HAHAHA your kids are crazy fun!

    so glad she isnt preggers (mean that in the best way hun)

    and well done on re joining WW, full steam ahead sweets!

    B & G are very lucky to have you and stew, they will grow up to be well balanced members of society, huzzah to you hunny!!

  8. Once again you rock. I love that you have become a fabulous mum to Brylee and Griffin and they have an awesome dad like Stew. These kids are growing up in a wonderful family full of love and support (and lots and giggles!!!).

    Hugs to you and yours

    Kim and Erynn

  9. And I thought my son was rough on his sisters. Your son got her good.

  10. Anonymous12:39 PM

    great pics, looks like a fun evening

  11. I definately want to see the flower girl photos.

    Also well done on rejoining WW.

  12. You've taken a big step in going back! That is the hardest thing to do.

    What meeting are you going to?

  13. Hope you're having a good ww's day.

    Nice of Lacy to come visit. Must miss her mum aye.

    You and Stu have done a great job with Brylee and Griffin. Coming from a kid who was adopted and not finding out till much later it's easier knowing from the beginning.

  14. Hope you are having a lovely "family time". Yep soup will be on the menu here too :)

  15. Gosh I miss Steve and Mike, gona have to plan my own visit down there soon... its been a while!

  16. Anonymous4:20 AM

    I really like you Chris. You are so honest... and funny! But, I really like how you stepped in and are caring for you grandbabies but you are their Mum.

    You inspire me too. I've lost weight so many times. And gained. Ugh. BUT, I think I am going to drag my butt back into L.A. Weight Loss... if not tomorrow, then Monday. LAWL is similar to WW but you go in three times a week and meet individually with a counselor. A couple of years ago, I lost 70 lbs there (I don't know how many kilos that is) but I didn't do the maintenance and now I need to lose it all over again... plus about 8 additional pounds. Oy.

  17. Sorry about the hand, my god that had to of HURT.

    LEss pounds = less worries


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