Saturday, May 03, 2008


today's post was going to say : "I am taking a break, I have nothing nice to say so I will say nothing"...

BUT... I need this outlet to get my feelings and frustrations OUT.... and your feedback DOES HELP... so I will continue. But be warned... it will not be all happiness and fun. I am very very down today.
Stew and I have talked this over and it looks like the children and I will have to stay here, not just because of Steve's situation, but because moving is going to cost us in excess of $1000 a month with having to pay a mortgage AND rent in Auckland. We thought we could do it, but to be going backwards financially by that much every month is not going to work. We just can't do it. Well, we COULD, but this situation could go on for months and months yet and I do not want to use up all our savings on rent.
If Stew can find somewhere much cheaper for us to live in Auckland, then yes, it might still happen. But I am over being optimistic. and NO ONE suggest renting out our home down here, it just is not going to happen. Who would want to rent a huge house (and pay a huge rental) knowing that it is on the market? And let's not forget all the hassels involved with getting GOOD tenants, worrying about how they are treating your home, us having to move EVERYTHING we own and double move...... NOPE, AIN'T GUNNA HAPPEN.
I am going to morning tea with the girls soon, so better pull finger and put some face on!
I had the NICEST morning tea in ages, all my girlfriends barr one came... they perked me up no end... don't think I was very good company, but I tried.
Then Stew and I went back into town as per usual, fed the kids, wandered around for a while then came home. It is FREEZING in our house! and I'm STILL not going to put on the heating... in fact, I'm going to have a suana right now! That should warm me up.
End of Day: coming to term with things. NSV: I have been totally 100% on track today, feel good about that. nite nite.


  1. I don't blame you for not renting out your house. Many people just don't look after rental properties. It is hard to find the right people.
    Hope things get better for you soon xx

  2. Anonymous2:39 PM

    I have to ask... what is "pull finger and put some face on?" Cause... here in the states...pull finger sounds a lot like, "pull my finger," which is something nasty old dudes tell kids and then when they do, they rip off a big ole fart.

    I am so sorry that you are so frustrated. I think you are smart to stay though. Years ago we had a house on the market in Southern California and could not sell it before we had to move. We had a single guy move in to watch it while we still tried to sell it. He didn't have much stuff and we learned from the realtor that he did not clean up after himself which really hurt when people were brought by to have a look (and our relationship with him as he was a friend). Then, because it seemed to be unoccupied, someone threw rocks through the windows. We ended up having to sell it for $10,000 less than we OWED on it and it set us back for YEARS.

    Hang in there and keep writing!

  3. Chris, I really feel your frustration. I can totally understand you not wanting to go backwards financially. We did that when I had time off when Jarryd was born and we still haven't recovered after 7 years!!

    I must have missed something. I thought you were going to live with you Aunt in Auckland?? Did that fall through??

    I have everything crossed that your house sells sooner rather than later.

    I hope you had a lovely morning and your friends cheered you up.

  4. Pull finger and put some face on. hehe. I love that so much!! I will be using it. ;)

    I don't blame you for not renting out your house, either. You never know what you're getting in a renter.

    Vent away, girlie. That's exactly what us blog peeps are FOR!!! xo. Buying,selling,moving....all insanely stressful! ug.

  5. I think I am having about as shit a week as you.

    Chin up, you're not the only one with the luck of an armless man with itchy nuts!!

  6. I dont blame you for feeling this way, God what a predicament you are in, you'd think that in this age of technology maybe Stew could work from Palmy, any chance??? The company needs to pull finger and help you out...I am so sorry for you, you have every right to feel down, Best wishes

  7. You are going to have an amazing change of good fortune Chris.
    I can feel it. You do give me so much positive words and thoughts, I gotta figure the universe owes you big. And I'm not a betting man, but I would bet the farm that before May 16th, you are going to sell your house and find an amazing wonderful place to homestead.
    Keep the faith.
    We have it, so should you
    Nothing but blue skies ahead

  8. I'm with Suzy...
    I was going to say the same thing...

    Hugs again...


  9. Too bad you can't just list the house on Craigslist or ebay. That would be a hoot if you could.


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