Thursday, May 15, 2008


I decided last night... to go to Melbourne in mid-june to attend my niece's Police Graduation! I had thought it would not be possible as Stew is away... but he is going to take some time off work and come home and look after the kids so I can go! I AM WRAPT.

Finally, something to look forward to... and I hear the shopping over there ain't half bad either! OOOOO! *DROOLING*

Today: kids to school then hot foot it into town for my hair appointment.... that will kill the whole morning... then home to catch up on some blogs! I didn't read many yesterday as I was feeling so ill..... feeling quite a bit better today. later...
I have had a NICE day! Had the hair done, it looks just the same! And I love it....

I had lunch with my mate Chris D and her hubby, then I went and had me darn blood test (it was only 4 weeks overdue, come on people!)... then I went and booked me flights to Melbourne....

then I picked up Steve and brought him home so he could fix a couple of dings in the walls...

So all is good today, I'm feeling so much better today.... yipee.

End of Day: it's been a nice day, I havn't felt miserable at all today! and watching Steve do some gardening made me day too! I hates gardening! And I didn't want Stew coming home for just a day and a half and having to do bloody gardening! I cooked us all a lovely dinner of pork chops and veges.... delish.

NSV: I have had the day "off"... as I always do the day after weigh in.... it's kinda like a 'reward' for being good all week. works for me. nite nite.


  1. I am jealous! I would love to see Melbourne.
    You deserve a break

  2. Ohhh a trip to melb!!! Let me know if you will have time and I will see if I can get flights over to finally meet up!!

  3. Anonymous10:13 AM

    That's great that Stew can watch the kids while you go to your niece's graduation :) Oh and I've heard the shopping is good too (I've been wanting to plan a shopping trip in Melbourne for ages!)

  4. What a fantastic way to beat the blues mate. Yep I've heard Melbourne's the place for shopping. It'll be like Mecca for you.

    glad your spirits are lifted.

  5. OOh you will love melbourne chris. A bit retail therapy will be good for you. You should really enjoy yourself. Enjoy the hairdressers Jill xxx

  6. so glad your feeling better today hun, i was worried after reading your blog last night.

  7. Anonymous2:05 PM

    My in-laws had two deaf dalmations named Sydney and Melbourne. My father-in-law often worked in Australia and New Zealand during the late 80's and early 90's. My in-laws are now divorced. My father-in-law lives in Kuala Lumpur and now works all over Asia.

    We have sheep skins in storage from NZ and kangaroo skins from Australia. They spent a month in NZ right before our oldest was born and brought home these amazing booties from NZ that I still have. We also have two Mauri costumes.

    Oh my gosh. I sound like a total LAME-O!!! Hi Chis! I've got stuff from NZ!!! sigh...

  8. Melborned sounds fun! Never been down that way at all but take some pics, k?
    I like your hair that way, nice. Like the color. Mine is more gold tint these days/blongish but think of making a change.
    Nice going on the loss!

  9. OOHHH, do lots of shopping mum u desurve a break, (not saying that dad dosent) hope you have fun in meldourne.

    Your hair looks great!!!!!!!!

    I got the rasor effick with highlights in the top half and the top half is cut just below my ears, then the bottom is thined out with 3 highlights in the botton (which are only visable when put up, from the back).

    so looks two toned i will send you a pixt when i can get a good one he he he.

    Daughter #3 :)

  10. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Hi Chris

    I am happy to hear that you are feeling better and are going to Melbourne. There's nothing like a break/ few days away from home when one feels a bit down.

    Take care
    Dom x

    PS: Your hair looks lovely.

  11. Some day....i wish to go to melbourne, my best internet friend lives there!
    Your hair looks great and if I failed to mention it before you have the prettiest eyes:D
    Congrats on the weight loss and good on getting the blood work done!
    Hugs Laura

  12. You'll be in your shopping element in Melbourne Chris. Make sure you email me details etc and we can catch up for a cuppa.

  13. ohhhhhh Melbourne in will I...when ya there, maybe have a catch up? And heyyyyyy the shopping is AWESOME!!!

  14. i would LOVE to visit melbourne one day... hell of a flight for me, tho...

  15. I want to go with you. Might I fit in your suitcase??? And I want your hair, too. Just FYI.


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