Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm all fired up today... to sew!!! I have finally got the sewing machine and what not set up in the spare bedroom upstairs... it took me a while to decide where to set it all up! I mean, I have several options in this house... but I had put off doing it cos WE WERE MOVING eh??? Well, no more... it's all set and ready to go...


- kids to school
- Sew some patchwork blocks
- sew Brylee some trousers
- do a little housework I suppose
- just chill out!

I'm going to enjoy today, by hook or by crook.... I have decided, so there!

Isn't the INTERNET wonderful? I have been browsing around and last night found this block pattern:
What do ya think of my version then? I am bloody chuffed with it!

Time to take a break, I've done 5 blocks this morning! Having fun...
Oh and before I forget.... there is NO SHAME in unpicking... NONE! Just wanted to say that. ( not that I have done MUCH unpicking you understand).....
Well after saying I was taking a break.. I did another block.. and now my back is killing me and I really am stopping for a while! It's hard work bending over cutting out material and sewing it. Another thing, I have decided NOT to use the two blocks I've made with the green and yellow cos I hate them! In fact its the green and yellow I hate... so out they go! Going to find more patterns now.
"chuffed" means really happy, proud of one's effort.
"unpicking"... unpicking one's sewing cos you stuffed up!
End of day: went to weigh in... should have stayed at home! Gained 1 kilo... TOM could have something to do with that I suppose.
NSV: sewing for hours keeps you away from the pantry, this is good. nite nite.


  1. Your plans sound good to me :) Enjoy your day......the sun is shining:)

  2. Love the patchwork squares, the colours look great. Have fun!!

  3. i have no innate ability to sew or do ANYTHING productive... just thought i'd share that :)

  4. Thanks for your comment - you are sweetie!! I have taken it on board. I don't intend to keep the level of exercise up, just something I'm trying for now. I could see myself though still going for a couple of sessions at the pool in a few years time, I do love it. The alternate days sounds worth a think about. Also the main meal at lunchtime.

  5. You forgot to add pedometer to your list. Project move that arse begins tomorrow.

  6. So what are you making? Can you make a Slash hat?
    just kidding
    Good 4 you

  7. you go, girl.

    did i mention that i'm turning 30 soon?
    well, i am.
    and, i'm asking for a sewing machine for my birthday.

  8. Sounds like a top day ahead Chris...enjoy it...

  9. I love the blocks you have set up...some match the quilt hanging in my bed room!
    Have a great day and I love your sewing room, when my son moves out his room will becime mine for now three machines are sitting in the dining room... BLAH

  10. Anonymous4:54 PM

    You block is fabulous! What does "chuffed" and "unpicking" mean???

    My mom is a quilter. I've never made one but my oldest daughter has. I am going to attempt to make a quilt this fall. I want to make one for my bed for each season of the year. I already change my bedding each season but they are all store bought quilts and two of them are getting a bit worn. I just changed from spring to summer... the summer one is all american flags.

  11. Good job on you patchwork and sewing. Glad you had some fun.

  12. Well at least your day sounds good i had a funerral to go to.

    Love the patchwork and yes the green and yellow ewww.

    Daughter #3

  13. You go, girl! Get motivated!

  14. Coffee bean hasn't seen you say "tittivating" yet, has she? LOL! I won't tell you what funny picture entered my mind when you admitted for all bloggyland that you did such a thing in your garden!

    Yeah, you NZealanders are strange, but relatively harmless. I think.


  15. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Wicked. Your blocks look great. Glad you are enjoying it. Try cutting on your kitchen bench Chris, its much easier on your back as it's higher. I have a special cutting bench thingy. so much better. Karen


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