Friday, May 02, 2008


I am feeling nervous.... cos I'm going to ring the Auckland School today to make 100% sure the kids can start there next week... there is no point putting plans in place if that is not a definite!

I have to cancel the gas, sky, internet, rubbish bin, telephone.. change Doctors...

empty fridges and freezers, organise for the lawns to be done, get the house checked every few days... the list goes on.

So wish me luck, I need an emphatic YES from the school before I do ANYTHING else. I have had to wait this long cos it's SCHOOL HOLIDAYS, and no one has been at the school. I'm hoping like hell someone is there today, I've been told they may be having a 'Teacher Only Day' there today, so should be there. If not, I will have to wait till Monday and that is getting kinda late as I want to BE THERE on Wednesday!

This is what ya do when you are cold but don't wanna turn on the heating (it costs around $100 a week to heat this house)! A hoodie and a blankie... works for me. I may look like a Dork, but I'm warm! lol

BUGGER ... can't get hold of anyone at the school, so will have to wait till Monday. Not happy today... Steve is here, he can't work cos he keeps blacking out so it looks like he will have to go on a Sickness Benefit... something he has put off for ages and ages. This may throw a spanner in our works, cos I am hesitant to leave him here to cope on his own. I wish something would go right for me.
Stew is due home in an hour... we will have to sit down and have a good talk about our options AGAIN... I can't see me going to Auckland right now afterall. Maybe in a couple of weeks, once we can find a rental house and move WITH Steve in tow. I am not leaving him here, I just can't do it. It doesn't matter that he is 21 and all grown up, he needs our help. So Steve, when you READ THIS (!!!) get used to it.
End of Day: it's all gone to custard I reckon. Stew is safely home for the weekend.
NSV: don't have a crappy day if you can help it... I just ate an evil dinner. nite nite.


  1. You look cosy and warm! Hope the school are there today for you!

  2. Dorky looking or not - you LOOK WARM!!!!

    Hallie :)

  3. Hugs! hope everything works out for you soon!...

  4. Anonymous11:51 AM

    omg you look like one of those cute pin up girls in the snow!!! seriously!!!

    love it!

    good luck today xoxoxox

  5. Janene is right - if you live in the zone they have a legal obligation to take you. They can't "not" take the kids as it is illegal for them to be out of school!

    $100 a week to heat your home??? OMG, so what is your entire power bill? How is the house heated? You always blow me away with how much every costs for you.

  6. You don't look like a dork, just warm and very comfy!
    I am sure things will all work out for you.

  7. (((Hugs))) I'm sorry things aren't going well.

    You look cute in your hoodie.

  8. Anonymous2:55 PM

    I am so sorry you are having so many difficulties with your move! It really is a big ole drag.

  9. Hope to see you tomorrow :)

  10. My god, something has got to go right...right??

    hehe, ya look like a fluffy white rabbit all cosy in that blanket!!! just need the ears:)

    Have a good weekend...we are off to Brisvegas!!

  11. YOu look cute all bundled up. I prefer cold over HOT anyday.....

    Good luck with school. As a teacher TRUST me we need the holiday!!!!

  12. Anonymous6:36 AM

    You are a good mom Chris! I will have to look through your back entries when I have more time to learn more about your son, Steve. I do remember reading he'd been in the hospital when I was quickly flipping through. He is quite handsome. I am praying for you and all the upheaval and uncertainty you are in the midst of... and I am praying for Steve. Hang in there! Hopefully, before too long, all of this crazy time in your life will be but a memory.

  13. Chris you have been an unbelievalbe warm amazing great soul in my recovery so far. I only wish I could turn your day around. If I had the money, I'd make you an offer on your house that would turn your day/week/month/year around. Then I'd give it back to you for nothing. For being a good soul on this planet.

    My thoughts are with you. Your time is coming

  14. Ahh haaa.. you look as cute as a bunny.


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