Monday, May 12, 2008


well... another week starts... they sure are going fast.... it's nearly the middle of the year and I'm still stuck here in Freezing Palmy... booo hooo! I didn't hear from the Estate Agent last night about yesterday's viewers... so no doubt a no go.

Here ya go, a couple of photos from yesterday, above: Amanda and Steve playing Wii... me thinks Amanda wants one now...

The kids got spoilt while they were out too... Griffin chose a car ramp thingee and Brylee got Polly Pockets... they are really chuffed about that. I forgot to take them shopping on saturday, so might try and find those Spongebobs today. I have a Mother's Day gift voucher to spend... oooo fun!
Right, gotta go.. beds, breakfasts, lunches etc await....

Above: the gorgeous flowers Amanda and Andrew gave me, and also a cute thingee that goes on me phone ... it says "Care Factor Zero", yep that would be ME!

Daugher #3 gave a gift voucher to my favourite kitcheware shop... I really needed a new baking dish.. WELL they had this set on SALE ... down from $205 to only $99 BARGIN!!! I am bloody wrapt... oh and I also got a couple of silicone oven mitts... badly needed. Lets say they came from Brylee and Griffin!
Ahhh, shopping.... BLISS.
End of Day: sorry, been tardy in me updating... been pissed off actually... the viewers from sunday came back with an offer... $100,000 under our GV !!! Ummm no prizes for guessing where I told them they could go. bummed out and crabby now.
NSV: I ate my annoyance, not good. nite nite.


  1. me want wii fit...just have to learn how to plug the machine in lol Happy shopping :)

  2. Nathan wants a Wii too... and a ps3 and a xbox and a psp...... oh and dont forget the nintendo ds....
    I am a mean mother... nah actually we just cant afford it all... He is saving for a nintendo ds... oneday he will have enough...
    His father is supposed to be giving him $10 per week to help with cleaning the truck... so we will see if that lasts...
    ok.. better shift my arse and get ready for work... ahh I hate monedays... Lets hope this one is better than most...

  3. We are completely addicted to the Wii. In fact, we bought a brand new one THE VERY day my husband broke our old one!

    Good thing we are so RICH! (hee-hee)

  4. You're right about the weeks going by fast - I can't believe it. Glad you had a great mum's day and the flowers are gorgeous.

  5. I want one!!!

    Hi there! I hope you're doing well! I don't know if you celebrate moms day in your part of the world, but if you do, Happy Mothers Day!!!

  6. hehe Wii is sooo much fun, beautiful flowers chris and nice baking ware too!

  7. That was a bargain with the baking dishes:-)

  8. What gorgeous flowers!!

  9. thank you for the well wishes... so far the tornados missed us but these Ungodly winds are something else tonight... its is up to 60 MPH wind gusts and when not gusting around 30 more rain though... so I guess thats ok.
    I slept most of mothers day then tonight we watched JUNO.
    well its past bed time
    HUGS and Happy monday to you!

  10. Unlike you not to come back and update! Thinking here - maybe house sale???

  11. good to c that you had a wonderfull mothers day.

    nice to c that you got sumthing that you wanted and needed at the same time!!!.

  12. Belated happy mothers day!!

    So sorry to read you are still there!!

  13. $100,000 under!!!! omg..they have got to be joking!!! Thats insulting!

  14. OK, I am feeling a bit crazy about the Stanleys. You sounded like you were in the process of MOVING for a minute there, so I didn't want to add to the work.

    We're going to really get things togehter and send them out this week to Brylee and Griffin. Elf would really like to see a kiwi if they really live there still. He thinks they are so cute and the kids want one for a pet. I told them that IRL all the cute animals are probably very vicious (just so I wouldn't get bugged again - no more pets!!!)


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