Thursday, May 22, 2008


I got some lovely mail late yesterday... a package from America! Two lovely wee boys (and their MUM) have sent me 2 Flat Stanleys ... they have come to visit and spend some time with us here in New Zealand. How neat... and they added some treats for us too!

Elf and Emperor send their 'Flat Stanleys' to all sorts of places in the world, and they learn about lots of other countries in the process.

Last night the Stanleys came to Weight Watchers with me, Elf and Emperor you will be pleased to know they have not put on ANY weight yet....

- kids to school
- Sew another block or two
- Lunch with a couple of girlfriends.... yipee.

NO sewing has been done today, I ended up going up to the hospital to visit Dave (Chris D's hubby) and having morning tea with them.... then I went off to lunch with Anne, Jenny and Chris D... all three of them ended up having PUMPKIN SOUP (IKKKKKY) while I had a lovely chicken burger (more like a large sandwich) which was DEVINE.

Take note: NO CHIPS on me plate, not one!!! I am proud. and full. and home again. chillin for an hour before I have to go and get the kids from school. *BIG SIGH* I DO LOVE EM, I DO ... I DO!
End of Day: a neat day has been had! Steve and Mike came for dinner, so that was nice. All quiet now, kids in bed. BLISS.
NSV: been evil tonight, dunno why... just felt darn hungry so kinda ate 'stuff'.... derrrrr. nite nite.


  1. Man you know how to live eh

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Awwww... how fun! I love stuff like that. Did the kids like it?

  3. I love pumpkin soup - yummy! Low in calories as well providing you skip on the sour cream.

  4. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Oooh, Flat Stanleys! Julia and I just read the book last week. We're hoping to make her a Flat Julia to send around. It sounds so fun!

  5. Um ok what is the deal with the flat stanleys....

    Do they get posted around the country or somthing.

    Good to c that there were no chips on our plate mum you doing good,

    We are proud of you even tho we dont say it much but we are.

    Daughter #3

  6. Hmmm pumpkin soup, never had that. Bravo for skipping the chips. Lets play catch up

    1. Love the quilt pattern, I want to learn to make a quilt they are so comfy and cosy.
    2. Absolutely hate it when kids clothes get pinched at school. Once I even had my kids boots taken with his name in them. Not like I found another identical pair sitting in the dressing room. Makes you wonder about people.
    3. Good for you taking back those pants.
    4. Lucky you a vacation.....
    5. So cute that cat and the bird
    6. Sorry to hear you are still on hold with the house.

    Take care,

  7. I ate a whole bag of baked Lay's in two days...
    I love chips too.


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