Wednesday, May 14, 2008


- kids to school
- do some housework
- skip sewing class, not in the mood for chatty women

Am taking Steve to the Doctor this afternoon... he needs a sick note as he hasn't managed to get back to work... so has to go on a sickness benefit... not what he wants but he has to keep his head above water for now. He's talking about going to University next year... I hope he does do something constructive with his life. I couldn't bear the thought of having two kids on a bloody benefit all their lives, one is bad enough.

It is also WEIGH IN day... well tonight it is (5.30pm).... wonder if all the crap eating the past couple of days will make a difference? Hmmmmm.. we will have to wait and see eh? I hope I've lost something or it might just tip me over the edge into complete depression!!! Can't have that, got to spring back somehow.

OOOOO it's me Mum's birthday today too... she is 71 and doing well over in Australia with her man! Living in sin she is, ha ha ha! Lucky tart. I never imagined her taking up with another bloke after me Dad drowned... but miracles do happen and she deserves to be happy! Hope she has a lovely day.

Above: me Mum getting a birthday hug from a New Zealand fur seal in Coffs Harbour last year on her 70th Birthday! It was so funny!

I popped into town for some cash... gotta pay for the weigh in eh? anyway.... I havn't been able to find a Spongebob toy for love or money... then today I saw this:

A lovely polar fleece cuddly blanket... so grabbed two for the kids... me thinks they will love them! Mission "Spongebob" accomplished!

I've just had an 'interesting' experience.... had a nasty case of the 'shits' ... then had the mother of all hot flushes, hyperventilated, nearly fainted... and could hardly stand up! And all this 10 minutes before I'm due to pick up the kids from school! So I hops in me car (I can drive luckily) and go pick up Steve, who's now getting the kids for me! It was bloody awful .... me hands went all funny and stiff and claw-like, everything was tingling and I broke out in this massive sweat.... not nice! Hope that never happens again! I think I got dehydrated .... must drink more ... diet coke! LOL

Still going to Weight Watchers tonight....


End Of Day: a weird day... feeling a bit better now.

NSV: I had my first weight loss in a long time... so I'm happy. nite nite.


  1. Hope the appointment goes well for Steve. Good luck tonight chick!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Chris'es MUM!
    Hugs to ya Chris!

  3. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I hope today is a better day for you. Good Luck with the weigh in this evening.

    Happy Birthday to your mum, love the pic.

  4. I love the picture! Too funny! Hope things work out for you at your weigh in,

  5. hope all goes well for steve, he'll ge there chris, these things take time, good luck with weigh in tonight, i hope the scales are kind. Love the blankies, i bet B & G love 'em.

    Ohh and a big birthday hug to yer mum, good on her for finding happiness again, lifes too bloddy short not to be happy.

    Erica x

  6. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Hey Chris. Good to catch up on what's happening. Hope you are still enjoying patchwork???? I will be home Fri and Sat night if you want to catch up.


  7. Oooh you poor thing-what scary experience!
    Hope it doesn't happen again dear.
    Cute pic of your mum!
    Take care of yourself!

  8. All the best for the Dr appointment and good luck with weigh in tonight. Love the picture of your mum and the seal.

  9. Oh my boy would love that spongebob blanket! I'll have to see if we have it around here.

    Hope your weigh in goes well. That sounds scary what you were describing how you felt sick and then faint. Yikes! Hope you are feeling better.

  10. That is an awesome loss there - Congrats :-)

  11. Well done on the weight loss mum ur doing well keep your chin up.

    Love the photo of grandmar give her my love.

    That strange experance that you have described is what i went through day after baby was born and again year and half ago dnt know what it was but it not a nice feeling.

    Hope steves appointment went well.

    Daughter #3

  12. Take care of yourself Chris!... you better go to the doctor's ASAP! PS: great loss at WW. xxx

  13. Well done on the loss girl... keep em coming!!

  14. Woo Hoo what a loss baby!!!!
    Well done:)

    My hometown is Coffs and I love it!!

  15. Thanks for your comment Chris!
    I'm back blogging and commenting a tad more, still sore to sit on me ass though. I should have fallen on me ed I wouldn't have felt a

    WELL DONE on the weight loss this week and HEY! GET TO THE DOCTORS and get checked after that turn you had. I am the stubborn one for NOT going to the doctors it has taken my hubby MONTHS to get me to go see my doc so don't you be stubborn also so GET CHECKED!!


    Huge hugs to you x

  16. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Glad you're feeling better. And you made a wise decision skipping sewing class. Who needs all that chattering. ;)

  17. What an awesome loss, well done !!!!

  18. Anonymous12:35 AM

    I've witnessed several ladies over the years have episodes like that (well, not the shitting part). It's the whole change thing. However, I'm not sure about the tingling in the hands part. You might want to see your doc to make sure it's all the normal course of things. It sounds pretty awful.

    Take care of yourself!

  19. woohoooo! well done on the loss, bit scarey what happened to you tho'

  20. That's a damn good loss for your first week back.

    Hope you don't have anymore of those turns either mate.


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