Friday, May 16, 2008


Stew is due home tonight, I am so looking forward to seeing him.

What else?

Well, kids to school, then I am off to Pak N Save supermarket to help Arohanui Hospice raise funds for the year.... I'm begging..! OK... maybe not begging, but certainly asking people to make a donation! I'm doing a 2 hour stint, then will probably grab a few groceries and come home again.

No other plans yet... will wait and see how the day unfolds. later...

Well that was fun... and bloody freezing sitting in a supermarket doorway.... but lots of lovely people gave up their money, and I happily gave them a donation sticker on their chest! Funny how many people said "No I don't need a sticker" !... HA! No one got away from me, everyone got a sticker! I even chased one bloke out the door and slapped it on his chest... made him laugh. The only other 'interesting' thing that happened was one old chap came in, saw me and what I was collecting for and yelled at me "THEY DIDN'T HELP MY WIFE DID THEY, SHE DIED"! And stomped off! UMMMM Hello, it is a HOSPICE mate! So rude.

Good deed of the day - DONE.
Picked up Steve and we are now home getting warm..... and fed.

...Further on the old dude this morning, I do believe he was still probably grieving so I didn't really mind once I thought about it. Well Steve and I have had a lovely quiet afternoon, I even had a wee nap! Want to be bright and cheerful and full of energy when Stew gets home eh? heee heee......

Steve playing with Brylee... it's called Mercy.... she loved it!

How cute is this: above... the two terrors reading a book together, snuggled up in their Spongebob blankies!

End of Day: Stew is safely home... and I am feeling really let down. He wasn't even in the house 5 minutes and the tv was on to rugby and he was sitting in his chair watching it. I wonder why he drove all those hours home for? To watch friggin rugby maybe.

NSV: I had lots to drink today and feel much better for it... I think I was not drinking enough .... nite nite.


  1. Any blog titled Diet Coke Rocks is a friend of mine!! And you are so right, it totally rocks. Hey guess what? I'm on weight watchers too. It, however, does not rock. But I'm sick of being chubby. Because dimples on my bum and thighs do not rock either. Thanks for stopping by my blog, you are my first New Zealander. So G'day. (Wait, do you guys say G'day too? I'm American, therefore I'm stupid when it comes to other cultures.) Have a great day! It's Friday for you, how weird. I mean weird for me because it's Thursday here. Oh I'm just going to shut up because I'm making myself look even more stupid. Bye!

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Begging for funds for Hospice is an excellent use of your time and energy! My grandfather was under hospice care the last months of his life and we could not have gotten through it without them. The people that work in that area are truly angels that bring comfort to, not only the patients, but to the families of the patients in their most troubled time. Bless you for helping!

  3. When I read the title of your post and then the next line said STEW... I thought you were going to be begging for some you know what... hanky panky! haha.

    Have a good day... I hope your begging pays off, one way or another! *wink wink* :)

  4. The poor guy who yelled at ya probably has dementia or something. Or he's not with it in the head somehow. Try to forgive him. Good for you doing that for the hospice, though!

  5. OMG you crack me up. And what's with crazy dude who hollers at you? You're's fricken hospice...can't help ya much at that point.

    Enjoy your time with hubby darlin!

  6. Aww, the poor guy is obviously still struggling with grief. Of course he's got things completely arse-about re what hospices do.... But then when someone you love is terminally ill, I doubt your mental processes are at their sharpest. So maybe he just didn't understand when his wife went in there that she wouldn't be coming out again.

    Sorry he felt he had to take it out on you, when you were just doing a good deed.

  7. Have you thought about going back to the hospice shop. You did use to like it.

    I hope Stu manages to make it home and that bloody fog stays away. My boss flew in from San Francisco this morning and he had to get bussed home. Was not a happy chappy.

    Have a great weekend.
    P.S. I thought you might have gone to the old one. Wondered how long it would take ya. ha, ha.

  8. Poor old man really, but as someone said maybe a bit of dementia.

    Have a great weekend with your man:-)

  9. poor old bloke, i always feel sorry for lonely old men for some reason.

  10. Aaarrrgh. Men and sports! I'll be forever grateful that Tom has very little interest in sport, but he does make me sit through the occasional cricket match in summer... :)

  11. Anonymous3:29 AM

    At our house it is football. Ugh.

  12. The last photo is really cute. My oldest daughter would turn into a cry-baby if I playfully hit hurt softly.


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