Saturday, May 24, 2008


I finally got my blood test back.... my iron count has gone from 2/20 to 6/20... 20 being a 'normal' iron count. So it is coming up SLOWLY but surely.... but still not very good. I am seeing the Doctor on Monday, I want a scan of me belly... 'things' just don't feel right 'down there'.... I am wondering if my fibroids are growing and causing a problem? It sure doesn't feel right, I feel yukky all the time, aching back and sore tummy. So over it.

Today I'm off to morning tea with a couple of girlfriends... hopefully Steve is babysitting! Then is will be housework in readiness for tomorrow's Open Home. *SIGH*....
Morning tea was lovely, Steve arrived just in time so I didn't need to take the kids... I bought this delicious looking piece of cake, then didn't eat it.... big tick to me!

Decided to go to the supermarket... totally run out of Diet Coke! Went in, filled the trolley, paid.. loaded up the van.... NO DIET COKE! Twit. Went back in, got said Diet coke... joined the darn queue AGAIN... home now and am totally knackered!

The Flat Stanleys were very impressed with our supermarket... And Brylee and Griffin were impressed with me cos I bought them a Picnic Bar... which I usually NEVER do! but they were very good kids so I felt it was justified for once.

LUCY: Ha ha ya cheeky tart! In my trolley is white bread (kids need white bread my Doctor told me), whole wheat bread for me (cos it's GOOD for me) and a bottle of wine (for the day we sell our house, I actually hardly EVER drink) and you would know this IF YOU ACTUALLY KNEW ME! And diet coke is my drink of choice, and it has done me no harm so far.... the other stuff in me trolley (that YOU can't see) consisted of fresh fruit and veges, some chicken, loo paper (yep ya need this), and some tinned soup (99 % fat free). Now how about you show me YOUR shopping trolley???

And what myriad of health problems? I have chronic Anemia and fibroids in me uterus, both due to 'girl' problems..... that is all.... unless you know something about me that I don't know???

LYNDA: my doctor said it is harder for a young child's digestive system to handle grainy breads, so it is better to give them white bread... and it is better for Brylee as it is more 'fattening' .. which is something she needs as she is a borderline anorexic child.

End of Day: We have had a nice quiet day, no hassles, no upsets. Watched American Idol, but it's not much fun when you already know who wins... thanks to so much media and bloody bloggers blurting it out! Not naming anyone of course!
NSV: on track, even if me jeans did try to cut me in half today. nite nite.
P.S. Thank you Margaret... I knew I wasn't wrong about the bread.


  1. Bloody nuisance being a woman sometimes ehhhh?

  2. Your getting better kiddo.

    Good luck on the open house.

  3. hope you feel better soon..

    love those photos from yesterdays post!!! great boobs in the first one...wish i had those boobs!! lol...

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  5. Am just wondering... might your myriad of health problems be a result of the kinds of food you are buying/eating (as shown in your shopping trolley...?) just a thought.

  6. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Cute pic of the kids and the flat stanleys.

    Hope u r having a good weekend

  7. Your doctor has to be kidding right? I have never given a kid white bread and never will!! I use multigrain for the kids or wholemeal. I don't give them that real grainy stuff but White bread does not enter my house.. ever. I can't understand why a doctor would say that?? (sorry not getting at you).

  8. hehe... I knew you'd jump on that comment! That's a good reason you gave me. I don't give the kids real grainy stuff like Vogels etc but get what you mean. I know you are a great mum :)

  9. Hi, I hope I dont upset the commenters out there, but my cousin is a research scientist with a PHD and she told me that it is better to give young children white bread rather than grainy bread as their young insides handle it better than grainy bread, and as it is processed so to speak, all the pesticides and treatments etc are banished, God Im probally opening up a can of worms, but anyway I fed my children white bread and whole milk and they sailed thru their childhood very healthy with no worries and are now fine strapping young men, here endedth the sermon amen

  10. Any fish on your skin yet?

  11. Hi, stupid American here, what's a picnic bar?

  12. Take good care of yourself, will ya? Gotta raise those iron levels quickly! (Go lick a fencepost! lol)

    Hope you sell that house really quickly!

  13. Hi stranger

    Someone recently told me the same thing about rice - some people can't digest brown rice properly. It takes too long to go through the system.

    Good luck with the open house. I know you are set against dropping the price but I've just been back to NZ and the market seems to have fallen. I am sure your house is 'worth' the money you want for it but is it worth being separated from Stew for the extra money? People who hold fast on the price are usually those who don't really need to move.

    I don't want to upset you but I'm wondering how long you're going to be stuck in this position? I really hope it won't be long!

    Sandra. XX

  14. I have no clue what a picnic bar is, either. :]

  15. hehe. Sorry for blabbing about Idol. AND those are two adorable kiddos!


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