Sunday, May 18, 2008


I bloody hate sundays! Two reasons.... it's Open Home Day, which means masses of cleaning, then high expectations always dashed. And it's the day Stew goes back to Auckland again. boo hooo.

The Real Estate "Boss Man" is coming around to see us this morning too... I have already told him if he's coming around to try and get us to drop our price again he can suck eggs, we ain't gunna do it! Maybe he thinks he can talk Stew around? Fat chance.

I am still in bed .... have to drink me hot chocolatte eh? Then it will be all on.....

Well Tim has been and gone.... poor man ... I reckon he was quaking in his boots! He does want us to drop the price... or at least advertise that we are prepared to look at all offers over a certain amount... grrrrrrr... I have agreed to rewriting the ad to attract more viewers, but I am still not going to accept a shit offer!
Stew is now busily vacuming the house, I am sitting here feeling very sorry for myself....TOM has FINALLY arrived after 64 days!!!! I feel like shit..... my back and tummy are KILLING ME. Oh the joys.
Stew has gone.
First time ever no one came to our Open Home.
Am feeling flat and sad.
Going to go make Apple Crumble - comfort food.
End of Day: comfort food is NOT COMFORTING... Griffin has a temperature and a sniffle.... I still feel bloody awful... tomorrow might be a day in bed !
NSV: I VOS BAD. nite nite.


  1. Oh Chris being a woman sometimes just sucks! Nearly as much as Open Homes eh!

    Hang in there x

  2. hugs
    I am so glad that my girl insides are GONE!

  3. Stay strong Chris. Thinking of you... xxx

  4. Oh man you must b in pain after waiting that long (sad face).

    Yumm apple crumble sounds good!!!!!

    All doing good here, granddaughter doing fine trying to get more photos developed and framed.

    My TOM has been and gone ya can have you no what again!! he he

    Daughter #3

  5. 64 days... wow..thats a long time between...

  6. Its hard being a woman sometimes. Stay strong about the house, I'm sure the right person will come and buy it soon...........

  7. Anonymous3:56 AM

    I am sorry. I feel bad for you! I don't know what to say except that life really sucks sometimes.


  8. Well look at it this way, the bitch finally showed up so your hormones will be back on track for awhile! I have the same problem A LOT and it freaking sucks!

  9. The slump in the real estate market has finally hit our area. Housing prices has gone down for the last 2 or 3 months now.


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