Friday, May 23, 2008


Hee hee, thanks to Zanna I have been having some fun! This site gives you the chance to mix your face with different hairstyles (and bodies)... so what looks best people????

Don't I make a pretty boy:
I look a lot like my brother and sons I think! FREAKY. I am VERY tempted to go black haired! that first one really looks neat. (like the body too)

- kids to school
- pick up flyers to distribute around neighbourhood
- do some bloody housework, I've been a bit slack and there's a bit to be done!

I just bought my 8th pedometer! Lee-Anne has set me a challenge to do 10,000 steps a day... we are both going to try! I hope I don't kill or drown this one...

What else... I've picked up Steve, he's going to do some housework with me then we will walk around the neighbourhood delivering flyers....

All the flyers are delivered, we need more me thinks!
I just booked a motel in Wellington for next weekend... Stew is home for 4 days so we are taking off for a couple of days ! Just the two of us... can't wait. YIPEEEEE. Thank god for teenagers who can babysit.... see they DO have their uses.

End of Day: a pretty good day on whole... a quiet afternoon and evening. Kids in bed... watching telly ... then bed.

NSV: feeling fat... so no victories... nite nite.


  1. I like the reddish hair, the last photo before you as a man!!

  2. Door number 1 rocks! Hot!

  3. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Wow the black hair looks fabulous, really suits you. It's amazing how different you look on each pic! XCathy

  4. Hey Chris, I like the black hair the first one. Wish changing bodies was as easy as changing hair.

  5. i agree.. the black hair looked good (of course you look better than all these anyway)....

    but stay away from the pink one... yowza!

  6. I reckon NUMBER 3, short and kind of dark.

    Have fun with the housework...hahaha

  7. Love the darker colours but don't think black is a good idea. Neeed a softer look as we get older. (thats my professional opinion...LOL) Will be in town next Friday, appt at 1pm this time......wanna do lunch again?????
    Have a good weekend chick :)

  8. The first look with the black hair suits your skin tone perfectly! (ironically I am dying my hair that colour today after umming and ahhhing all week)

    It would give you a softer tone and make your ice blue eyes absolutely pop.

    How does Sun 22nd sound for a blogger meet in Melbourne? A lunchtime one?

  9. OMG.. what fun..

    I want to do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You look adorable...


  10. Anonymous1:52 PM

    The black wow. Please email me that site.. could have fun.
    Take care.. Karen

  11. Like the first one. Nice perky boobies too.

    Your kidfree weekend away sounds just the ticket. I'm sure you'll have a most relaxing time.

  12. Anonymous2:32 PM

    I think the black hair looks fabulous! it really suits you! I'm going to have a go at it too :)

  13. I like the dark hair too. Brings out your blue eyes. Go for it girl, you can always change it back.

  14. S'fun isn't it? I like No 3 and the short one - No 5 - shows off your blue eyes and lovely high cheek bones. I'm not a big lover of really black hair - but I do like the darker look on you. It's good to get the effect without all the hassles! Have a great weekend Love Z xx

  15. I like the dark hair or the reddish hue. Just for something different than blonde....though I love blond for me too!!

  16. Very sexy!!
    And have fun with the flat Stanleys!!

  17. Black hair for sure...looks awesome:)

  18. Have fun on your take off for a couple days!

  19. WOW you have been having some fun....

    You have been tagged (sorry!) Head to my blog.

  20. oh yay you are coming down to welly!!!!

  21. I love the first photo the best. And it has nothing to do with the cleavage. Nope. Not at all.


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