Thursday, May 29, 2008


After yesterday's post, I was directed to another girls 'story'... and it is well worth a read:

Please go check her out (well this post anyway!):

I promise you it's worth it. She's a hoot too.

-kids to school
- bit of housework
- haircut (heee heee ) NOT
- try not to stress eat.
- pack bag for tomorrow's jaunt to Wellington with Stew.

Stew is home tonight... YIPEE... ONWARD...
WELL I went grocery shopping at Pak N Save... like 50,000 other buggers... and they are having a problem with their checkouts.. and there's only about 4 open.... so the queues were horrendous! And I saw several people get all shitty and just abandon their trolleys and leave... derrrr.... I stayed and after standing in the line for abut 1/2 an hour I finally got to a checkout...

Home now and now I have to unload it all, then I think it will be time to do some more sewing! Loving that.... weird.

Are ya sick of seeing me blocks yet? YES.. oh well TOO BAD cos I'm gunna show you anyway! This is the one (well actually I made 2) that I have made today...

It's kinda fiddly, but hey... it is keeping me outta the fridge and pantry and this is all good!

APRIL: you are welcome chick!

End of Day: nearly time to send the kids to bed... I havn't told them Stew is due home tonight, he's getting in too late for them to stay up anyway and I didn't want to be asked 55,000 times "When is Daddy getting home?"... I have LEARNT not to mention some things!

NSV: not so good today, I'm feeling so fat! I'm just stressing out about tomorrow, every time I think about it I get the chills, I so hate having to endure 'intimate' examinations by any Doctor! BUGGER, DAMN AND BLAST. nite nite.


  1. Look out Stew... I sure hope he had his vitamins this week.. hahaha

  2. Enjoy your weekend!!

    Hope P&S is a bit calmer with all checkout open when I go there later!

  3. Chris, I stumbled across your blog a while ago while searching for other Golden Retriever fans. I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy reading it almost daily now.

    Wondering if it would be ok to add you to my list of favorites?

    Take care!

  4. Chris, I am beyond flattered you linked my Bigger post. This is a struggle so many of us can relate to. I think it's terrible we feel so alone during it and yet there are so many people out there just like us. I thought about your post yesterday all day. It kept me off the cookies and french fries. Watch out world - smokin' hot April is about to return!

  5. :] I think the quilt is going to be amazing when it's done. Gorgeous work!

  6. Loving your blocks....keep em comin!

  7. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I think your blocks are lovely! I should take that up so I stay out of my fridge. LOL!

  8. Our lives are a lot like those quilt squares...a mess if you look at all of the pieces from the back, but when you look at the finished picture...a real masterpiece...a really awesome pulling together of all of our good an bad...and sewn together with love! ;)

    I just read your plastic surgery are so brave! ;)

    I was curious how you lost your weight?

    I am about 80 pounds more than I really want to be...and every time I try, I lose about 15 pounds and then give up.

    :) Thanks for the inspiration,
    The Maid

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  10. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Mum I want the light blue and red one!!! I want them all! Send me one send me one!!!

  11. Well i hope that you enjoy your weekend what am i saying of course yiou will NO KIDS.

    Dnt worry about your exammination it will all b fine and if not they can fix it aye...


    P.S. Hi dad

  12. Goodluck for tomorrow :) as my mother tells me all the time we are all the same with a bag over our heads (i tend to disagree with this!)
    Enjoy the long weekend-they dont come round very often :)

  13. so, what does Stew do that he is away for periods of time?

  14. Have a great time away. Good luck with your check up, it will be over before you know it. Safe travels.

  15. Great blocks!
    Have a lovely weekend with Stew.
    And good luck tomorrow!

  16. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Oh no! You have to go to the girlie doctor?!?!? (my husband calls them the "crotch doctor") I absolutely HATE those appointments! I had to go about six weeks ago and the script for a mammogram is still on my dresser. I need to take care of that but who wants their boobs squished flat as a pancake in a vice?

  17. You are so cute...
    your blog really is so fun to read.

    I am feeling fat, too...
    I am such a compulsive eater.


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