Saturday, May 10, 2008


*** yesterday's post has had a tiny bit of "editing"***

Stew won't be home this weekend.... so I'm on me own again.... until tonight anyway! Daughter No#1 is coming down with her fiance to visit, that will be lovely eh? (there is a gag order in place)

Seems there are some things I am not supposed to/should not put on me blog! AAALLLLRIGHTY THEN. (Just so ya all know, Lacy read my blog entry yesterday morning while she was still here, but did not MIND what I had written, she could have asked me to remove it and I would have, I am really pissed off right now. I don't as a rule put really personal family stuff on my blog, some things should stay in the family... but yesterday's entry started out quite 'innocent' really... and ended up a huge blow out of explaining why we had the kids, bla bla bla...and certain family members took exception to it) Maybe in future I shall be a bit more circumspect with what I put on here? 'Family' censorship has been established it seems.

Above: my 'normal' look.... Griffin chose the picture, he LOVES Spongebob Squarepants! Maybe while we are out this morning at morning tea with the girls I will try and find them both a Spongebob soft toy.
Above: I have bloody sore nipples, lucky I ain't got 17 then eh? LOL. 57 days... without me monthly is reeking havoc with me ... sore boobs, bloated belly... backache, stomach ache... any wonder I look and act like a crabby old tart! And I AM NOT PREGNANT... I took a test even! I was getting PARANOID. HEY.. guess what? I can put on me blog whatever the hell I want about MYSELF! Me tits hurt people!

Right, enough nonsense, time to get ready to go out... later...

The kids and I had a lovely morning tea with the girls... and I got 'TOLD OFF' by Sandra... my 'old' weight watcher Leader... I am very good at giving good advice to others but not so good at doing it 'right' myself.... so she is taking me for 'one on one sessions' .... whatever that means! Me thinks she is taking me under her wing... Awwww shucks, she loves me! Actually, I loves her too, she is wonderful.
You have to feel sorry for Steve right now, I have him moving the sauna from the rumpus room down to the garage AGAIN!!! I want to set up my sewing machine in the rumpus room..... I am always moving stuff around! You can bet Stew's happy he ain't here right now....
The sauna is in the garage, the sewing machine is on the writing desk in the spare double bedroom upstairs, and I decided to get the boys to take up the marble top unit and put it in the rumpus so I could set up a 'kitchenette' .... to show the versatility of the rumpus room:

Believe me when I say this was a bastard of a thing for them to get up those stairs, around the bend and into the rumpus room! They dinged the wall at the top so I have to fix that up and paint it before the open home tomorrow!

I am very happy with how it looks! It's a lounge/kitchenette now. Shows the upstairs could be a self contained two bedroom unit.
End of Day: I'm totally knackered, got lots done. Lots to do tomorrow too... NSV: well, not been too good today but got lots of exercise! It evens out. nite nite.


  1. People are so critical, what you write is up to you. People choose to read your blog if they don't like it then tell them to bugger off. Constructive criticism is fine, but general nastiness is just uncalled for. I think what you have done for B and G is amazing and you have been able to give them a stable home that they may not have otherwise had. You can only do so much for Lacy she is an adult and is responsible for herself, and until she wants to you can only be there and wait... There are some people that will offer all the worldly advice but unless they are you they will never know what has really happened. Take care and don't let people get you are a great person who loves her family so much. You are under a lot of stress at the moment.... so don't be so harsh on yourself.

  2. ya know what its your blog, I put what ever I want on mine and as long as its true no one gets too upset...martha is not happy I bloged about her but I told her if you dont want me to blog about the stupid shit you do then stop doing it !
    hugs to ya chris

  3. Ek, sore nipples are the worst. I bitch about it when it happens to me and if anyone doesn't like then I've got a cheese grater handy so they can experience the pain for themselves.

  4. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Hi chris,my names hayley and i came a cross your blog through my twin sister. I have been reading it for a while and I resently started my own weight loss blog. Feel free to drop by. Much love xoxo
    This is the link-

  5. Excellent post.
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. Ok, so I am a lurker :) I like your blog because you are real, and you seriously crack me up. I just want to tell you, in the most polite way as possible..screw the people that do not like your blog. Period. Freaking people act like you have to accomodate them all the freaking time. If they don't like what you write..then DON'T READ IT FOR GOD'S SAKES. Ugh. Anyhow..I like your are I will keep reading :) Rachel

  7. Wow your blog is non stop entertainment! Glad I stopped by. A sad situation with your daughter. At least you are being a great grandmother and raising those kids up. Gorgeous!

  8. That's why I don't tell my friends and relatives about my blog. But my wife did find out eventually.

  9. Chris, can you read Hippygal's comment and pretend I wrote the same thing on my own? She said it so well.

    As I was coming across your blog, I saw the "Diet Coke" picture, and underneath it said, "I'm Feeling a Bit Flat..." How funny. When you're feeling a bit fizzy or cold and refreshing, be sure to let me know LOL!

  10. I love your blog. You're real and you're honest and I love it. Sore nipples sound like they would suck though. :(

    Happy Mother's Day to you my friend!!

  11. You totally crack me up!
    Write what YOU want in YOUR blog!

  12. Anonymous3:57 AM

    Do y'all celebrate Mother's Day in NZ? Well, even if you don't, I want to wish you a very hApPy mOtHeR's dAy!!!

    I love the pictures of your home!

  13. I hope your tits feel better. :-)


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