Monday, May 19, 2008


I am staying home today, probably tomorrow as well.... there is a full on FLOOD in this house! I've been up and down all darn night.... HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY.

Griffin has woken up feeling a bit better by the look of it, this is fantastic cos he can go to school! If he had to stay home I would have probably ended up throttling him! Sick kids and me don't mix too well... and boys are so much worse than girls when it comes to them being sick. IKKKY.

Steve is coming over today to get a few jobs done around here, he's finding it very boring being 'at home' with no job... no mates to hang out with, so me thinks he will be trying to get himself sorted out quick! Well I hope so anyway, it's not good for a young guy to be on his own so much.....

ANNE: Steve's visit to the Dr went as per usual... he's on medication to lower his stress levels which in turn should stop his postural hypotension from being so chronic.... The Skates.. I'm still at the 'bumbling' stage! Just need more confidence then I will be fine.

Just been talking to our Real Estate Agent.. I put an idea to him... make up letterbox flyers and I deliver them around the area... it MAY help? So, he's going to print lots and my job will be to deliver them... I CAN DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE at last besides clean the bloody house! YIPEE. Hope to get going on that tomorrow.
WOO HOO.... I just got this month's power/gas bill... $85 ! I'm a legend at cutting the power bill.... just get rid of ya teenagers and husband.... well I don't recommend losing the husband bit... but DEFINITELY the teenagers!!!

Working on me trip to Melbourne... I will be staying in Williamstown, Melbourne... and hope to 'run' into a couple (?) of bloggers !!! Saturday or Sunday (21/22nd June) afternoon/evening would be good! Any ideas people???

End of Day: it's been a VERY quiet day... luckily I didn't have much to do cos I have felt awful! A hottie and a few Panadol have helped. Steve and Mike were here for dinner, made a 'quickie' dinner for us all.... and have enough left overs to mean I don't have to cook tomorrow night. ya.
NSV: Well I feel fat, I look fat, so no victories today! nite nite.


  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I would love to have a guy come over and take care of some things around here! LOL!

    I hope you are able to relax a bit today and that you get to feeling better! You poor poor thing you.

  2. LOL - question time!How did Steve get on at the docs? Also how are the skates going?

    Gutting about the open home.

  3. TOM arrived here last night with a vengance ... so i am feelin for ya!!! Lucky I made it through the weekend without them tho.... Might explain why I had the patience of a fkn nit tho... haha

  4. Can't wait till you do a full skating post! I just watched hockey today and am dying to get out myself

  5. Menopause just suck!

    Get a nice hot water bottle and a blanky and lay on the lounge,hope your feeling bettr soon

  6. ANYTHING that might be constructive, do that. I'm always checking in and hoping for the best on the house sale!! I'd be going nuts!


  7. I hope you got your flood problem taken care of. We have several leaks too, but not enough to cause a flood.

  8. thats a great idea to do a letter box drop and just think of all the exercise you'll get too! bonus!!!

  9. Well i have a guy to do all the fixing around our house.

    Hope the letterbox walk helps, It will b good when you finaly make it up to auckland. Much closer to all the family.

    Was going to ask about the skating yesterday but forgot but hey you'll get there.

    Me still waiting for the picture of you with the long pink striped socks, mini skirt and the tutu (U CAN DO IT) he he he.

    Daughter #3

  10. $85 compared to my $375..I'm soooo impressed!!!
    I'd come over and keep you company, except i'm in another country! lol

  11. I would love to stay at home...if my home were down under. Wouldn't it be lovely?

    Or is it winter there?

    I am so not worldly...

    The Maid

  12. ohhhhhhhh darn it!! I don't fly into Melbourne till the evening of the 25th...

    Good luck with the letterbox drops.

  13. I would LOVE to meet you then. I am currently trying to organise my baby shower with quite a few of the bloggers. Perhaps a trip up here with one of them might be on the cards?


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