Friday, November 09, 2007


And.... I'm not even feeling that nervous! I hope it will show that my iron levels are coming up... don't think I will get the results till monday or tuesday though. So, that's ok.

The ice eating is apparently a sign of anemia.... KatieP told me this a while ago and it's quite well documented on the internet... though some believe eating ice CAUSES anemia... I don't think so though, I only started craving ice AFTER I had all the bleeding and trips to the hospital. I did end up having some ice last night, and paid for it with aching teeth again... I hate that! I NEED my ice! Going to go buy some Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste today, hope it helps.

Today: kids to school, walk Izzy, have blood test, then come home and start getting house ready for next Open Home, roll on sunday. It looks like the weather will be much nicer this weekend too.... yipee!


  1. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Good Luck with the results! I have a friend who just came back from 4 weeks in NZ, she loved it and says next time she is staying longer!

  2. Hope the bloods come back fine for ya ... aren't you a brave chicky!! I know how scared ya are of those needles!

    Ice chewing can also be a sign of diabetes ... so see if you can get a BSL (blood sugar levels) test done.

  3. Hang in there kiddo.

  4. Oh no, why so bummed?? It can't be that bad??? I hope you feel better and have a great weekend:)

    What have I missed with the ice eating? Do you not like drinking water?

    Glad the blood test was ok,I myself have always laughed in the face of little pricks!!! *giggle*

  5. Oh Chris, you sound really down. I hope your weekend picks up for you. It's horrible feeling so crabby isn't it? I've been crabby all week and it won't go away.

    I'd never heard about the ice craving thing before. I don't mind a little ice, but it really needs to have lots of Baileys with it!

  6. I'm a bit of a sook when it comes to needles.

    RE: your comment on my blog, do phone your (ex) friends Chris. Don't leave it too long as then time makes it so hard to make that contact. I really wish I had done it. Sorry - can't make it tomorrow. Life is continuously throw rubbish at me, just pranged my daughter's car!!

  7. Ice is a great way to get your water intake!! I would be more into eating a glass of ice than drinking lots of water!! I get so sick of it .....
    Good luck with the blood tests .... I've had so many blood tests for low iron that I have a ring of scars on my arm!! And I still have the stains from the iron injections with Talija (8)!! With Jamal, I had a 9 hour drip at the hospital ..... 12 hours later I was aloud home!! ggrrr!!! I can't take pills, for some reason I don't absorb them .... hoo humm.... shoot me!!! lol

  8. Good Luck, girlie!!

  9. Being iron deficient can make you feel rather lower than usual. I hope you feel better soon.

    I also hate blood tests, they make me feel dizzy and I can never look when they do them.

  10. Chris,
    Leanne has left blogland for a bit, snoopy receptionist I think..

  11. Hehe. Snickered at your water melting shots. My grandmother loves to chew on ice - I cringe when I hear her chomping! :) Take care. Have a great weekend!!!

  12. Good luck with the tests!

    I must say I have never eaten ice but wouldn't turn down an ice cream :-)

  13. CENSORED!!!!
    Stop worrying about little pricks -and just enjoy the big pricks !!

  14. Hi Chris.....Never heard of problems with eating ice before.!!!!! Always been told it's a great way to get fluid into you. Geez they even give it in hospital so not so sure about all those nasties that have been refered to about eating it. I thought it was a good idea and was thinking of doing the same...silly tart that I am. Sure beats stuffing lollies in ya mouth anyway. Well thats my 2cents worth...LOL

  15. good luck with the blood test.. just a little tip.. apparently after reading a water brochure at work the other day if you add a few tablespoons of apple juice to your water it actually helps keep more water in your body!!! and might add a bit of taste to the water for you too

  16. SERIOUSLY CHRIS! (yep that's in caps on purpose to get your attention) It's a big sign of diabetes ... please get a test done (another sign is water retention). Gonna do a bit more googling for ya.

  17. Here's a few other symptoms I found on google ...

    Some diabetes symptoms include:

    * Frequent urination
    * Excessive thirst
    * Extreme hunger
    * Unusual weight loss
    * Increased fatigue
    * Irritability
    * Blurry vision

  18. I hope the blood test results come back A Okay!

    At least you are getting plenty water which is good!

    I have sensitive teeth which the dentist told me I I needed him to tell me that...HELLOOOO - I KNEW THAT BY THE PAAAIIN when I ate or dank certain things or the cold would hurt them...OUCH! But anyway, I found sensitive toothpaste actually made my teeth more sensitive....can't figure that one out but it did, maybe I need to try a different sensitive toothpaste.....oh my, that could take me years until I find the right one......have you seen all the types there are out there?

    I hope you have better luck!

    Thanks for the woohoo for my small loss this week.

    A question here chick.....if someone left a comment on your blog do you think it is only good manners to respond to that comment just with a "thankyou for leaving a comment on my blog" even if you didn't relate to that blog??????
    What is your opinion on that???

    I personally think it is only good manners to at least say "thanks" to that person for leaving a comment........AND I'M STICKING TO THAT....teehee
    Okey dokey toots
    See ya for now

    Oh Oh Ah yeah...I am hoping to get ya flake fruits sent off next week...or what ever they are called....don't panick I know what they look like, so you will get the right things through the post....I'll let you know when they are on their way to you.

    Byyyyeeee for now hin xx

  19. I chronically chew is horrible for my teeth...but I can't help myself!

  20. Anonymous4:26 AM

    I wish I could get over my squeamishness about blood tests!

    Congrats on your water 'drinking' or shall we say water crunching ;)

  21. I ate water when i was pregnant! Couldnt get enough!

  22. Interesting theory. My wife has anemia traits and she loves ice.


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