Thursday, November 29, 2007


I have a sneaking feeling I will be staying home with Griffin instead...he's woken up feeling much the same as yesterday... will assess later if he needs to go to the Doctor's. It is, afterall, only 6.30 in the morning.. things can change!

Got my appointment for the ECG in the mail... that is on Monday... talk about fast for a change! All I can think about is... "will I have to lie there with no clothes on from the waist up??? LOVELY if that's the case!

It's too early in the day to have much else to yabber on about... so I'm going! later...


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Hope the little fella is feeling better soon!! i hate feeling sick!!

    attempt to have a good day hopefull no more spewing today!!

  2. Hope Griffin is soon on the mend!! Not a nice way to keep him quiet!!

    Good luck Monday:-)

  3. Awwww, I really hope that your little lad is well again soon!

    All the best....


  4. Nope!!! You will have a gown on for the ECG........hope your one fits better than mine...ROFL!!!!
    Hope Griffin feels better today. :)

  5. Good morning - sitting here in my bra and knickers, finishing my coffee then get dressed and off to the airport - oh I do love travelling! Hope Griffin improves soon and yes when I had an ECG a few weeks ago - the girls were on display!

  6. Oh dear...sorry to hear Griffin is sick...I hate sick kids with a passion too... nothing worse than the vomits!!!
    Take care...

  7. Haha Chris yes I've never had a gown and had a few now, so you'll have to lie there and show off the boossies but don't get too excited. You don't normally get a guy and the women will only be jealous!
    Hope Griffin is better soon. Countdown to Sunday. Project R only half cocked at the moment. whoops should say cooked! Wink. It will be done though. Hopefully by tomorrow for photo shoot. Might be down to see you!!

  8. Poor Griffin, I hope he gets well soon.

    I wouldn't drop your price for your home, If that is what it is worth stick to your guns. Your house would be valued a LOT higher in this country, it is a beautiful house.

    Thankyou for your lovely comment Chris (((HUGS)))

    Enjoy your day and try not to get too worked up about the estate agent....stuff the agent who wants commison in time for Christmas.
    It is your home, YOU HAVE THE FINAL SAY!!

    Hugs to you xx

  9. Hi there, I think I told you this but I'm in the same situation, I have accepted an offer 15.000 below private valuation, but as I am in a marraige split my hand were sort of forced, I feel I am giving away my lifes blood, this home I designed and lovingly grew into the asset it is today, not some other buggers will reap the benefit.... stick to your price, and get rid of the sales person asap.

    Cheers Margaret

  10. Hi ya, I have access to a computer so its a quick catch up on blog reading while I'm able to. (I was starting to get the shakes from the withdrawal. Pathetic I know)

    Isn't that typical of the agents. Ours did exactly the same thing, fortunately Warren's quick off the mark when it comes to thinking up something cleaver to say, so they got a rapid reply of "hang on a minute, a month ago you said it was worth ........., how can it suddenly drop after only 4 weeks", then watch their face as they try and worm out some lame excuse.

    In the end I got really shitty with one of our agents as she was absolutely HOPELESS, and it ended up costing us money. (she implied to the new owners that our campervan may come with the sale, then (we have found out since) that SHE suggested to them that since the campervan wasn't included, we should buy them a cheap caravan to house farm workers.

    Some of them are very devious and unfortunately I've gone right off them. Totally out for themselves. We are now on good speaking terms with the new owners, and have been shocked to find out some of the things our real estate agent told them. (or didn't tell them in some cases).

  11. Hi Chris

    Had you thought of booking anywhere for Monday night? We just tried to get a restaurant booking for another night and had to phone quite a few as they are really busy!

  12. Hope Griffin is feeling brighter.
    Also that the 2 aclock apointment has gone well.

  13. Good luck with the latest lot of people coming through this arvo...

  14. Agents are bastards. The drop she is asking you to take would represent a few hundred dollars of difference in her pocket, which she is willing to 'lose' in order to gain a few thousand. I wonder how good a job she does spruiking your place... Can you send some friends in for a viewing to check? We had real problems renting our place in Melbourne when we send a friend to investigate the dickhead agent just let them in and waited in the kitchen while they showed themselves around - he did not point out any positives, was not personable or even friendly. We have city and inner suburb views, a heritage listed warehouse facade etc etc, and this idiot marketed our place with one photo of the bathroom! Stick to your guns and make sure she knows who is employing whom here - grrrr!

  15. Anonymous4:25 PM


    stupid real estate people.

    12 days woman! 12 daysssssssssssss.

  16. Stick to you're guns with your price on the house..typical fucken real estate agent...swine, she probably does want the commission..


  17. You would think they would just call you for an appointment unstead by mail.

    Maybe you should hire a different real estate agent. She doesn't sound like she knows what she is doing. Don't forget all the mistakes she made earlier about the number of rooms and such.

  18. Oh poor Griffin!

    I hope those people having another look make you an enormous offer!!

  19. Hey Chris
    I hope you don't mind but I nicked your Neocounter thingy AND did you know that you can get different skins and one is a fish background. Just thought I would let you know because I know how much you like fish/nautical.

    I chose a Christmas background on mine....soooo pretty!

    Hugs to you xx

  20. Aww, I hope your little Griffin is feeling better soon!

    As for the house.... sending positive vibes your way!

  21. Keep putting the image of you signing the papers out there. Focus on a figure, print it out and put it on the fridge!! Keep it there in the forefront, what you think will be!!

  22. I had an ECG day before my op and I was nude waist up. Depends where you go I suppose.


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