Monday, November 19, 2007


At least today while I'm getting the house sorted for viewing I won't have bloody kids running in and out with their dirty shoes on, and dropping their stuff on the floor... I can get the place spic and span in no time without them under foot.

Today: kids to school, blokes to work (yahoo too), get house sorted then if I get time I will give Izzy and me a walk.

While the house is being viewed I will go into town and have lunch with Stew... might even take Izzy... she can sit under our chairs outside a cafe or in the grassed area in the middle of town. What a good idea!
I will also be catching up on all your blogs later today too!! I did not get to read or comment on many yesterday.... was kinda busy.

MARGARET: I have kinda 'forgotten' about the shakes!!!! They simply do not compare to yummy homemade scones and bacon and egg pie!!!! Or birthday cake! BUT... I am going to have at least two today instead of eating stuff I shouldn't.

I am a total stress eater... I'm sure once the house has a contract on it I will be able to relax and chill out.

*******HELP NEEDED .. read below.....

FALSE NAILS: have to come off! They are really pretty, BUT.... they are driving me nuts! I can't do up buttons, pick up coins/hair clips or anything small... and yesterday I kept catching one in particular in door handles ....FUCK THAT HURTS!!! So, can I just chop them off and let the rest grow out??? HELP !

Thank you girls for the nail suggestions... I just had me thumb in acetone for 20 minutes... nothing happened to the nail... not a bloody thing! So I'm thinking I will have to get them taken off by she who put them on!

The house is all done, spent the last 3 hours getting it 'just so' again...almost time to round up me dog and get out of here!

Izzy saw ducks in town... Izzy wanted duck for lunch... Izzy chased ducks.... Izzy can't fly so Izzy got ... NO DUCK.

It's nearly 6pm and we still havn't heard from our Real Estate Agent... don't know whats going on...if they are keen or not. Bugger it. If I could chew my nails I would, but I've never been able to! I have an appointment on wednesday to get them off....

End of Day, no sale yet. NSV: I like the strawberry shakes! Yum yum. nite nite.


  1. You crack me up chuck!!

    Yep that is what we call a bacon butty but I dont know exactly what you mean, do you mean the butty bit or because I didn't have the bread buttered and only two rashers but if you mean the butty then yep that was a good old british bacon butty but it would usually be dripping with grease and packed with bacon but my bacon butty was PERFECT for me!

    I hope today goes well for ya!

    Hugs to you xx

  2. Hi Chris, just a thought, how you going with the shakes????


  3. You can soak your fingers in an acetone nail varnish remover and that will gently dissolve the glue and then you can gently remove them or what is left of them.

    After removing them your natural nails will be soft so use nail hardener and cuticle creams etc.

    Hugs hun xx

  4. BTW
    you can add a tsp of vegetable oil into the acetone varnish remover to counteract the drying affect of the acetone.

    (Soak nails for about 5 mins)

    Dont pull the nails hard they should just gently be eased off.

    After, wash, dry and reshape you nails and dont forget to use plenty cuticle cream but also massage this into the nails as well as the cuticles.

    Oh ! yeah you can gently buff the nails to a shine and use the hardener to strengthen the nails.

    I should have said about the oil before but I was in a hurry to help incase you went riving them off.

    Hugs xx

  5. Hey Chris....
    Hope you get some results from the viewing...
    Get into those shakes.. use this nervous stressfull energy to help get rid of some kilos...
    You are getting more and more active...
    Think of how much better you feel when eating right... that is bound to help you energy wise.. not bloody scones etc that weigh your down...
    Come on Chris.. get with it girl.. I want to see you back in those 70's with me!!!!
    You can frikkin well do it and you know it.. no more excuses...
    Use the negatives and turn em around... time to kik arse girl or I'm coming to kik yours...
    ;o) Lubs ya heaps...

  6. Sounds like yet another busy day for you! Where on earth do you get all of your energy?

    Anyway, I hope that you and Izzy enjoyed your trip into town.

    As for the false nails, I'm not able to advise I'm afraid. I have never had false nails before so I really don't know what you do with them, LOL.

    I hope the rest of the week will be a good one for you, Chris!


  7. The place where you got the nails done should have stuff to be able to take them off... or cut them really short hun.


  8. Hi Chris - re the nails - best to go and get them soaked of, they can do it at the studio. Although I think if you left them they would gradually start to come away and you could peel them of. My daughter did that tho and damaged the nails underneath. I thought you would be more used to them by now. The only thing I can't do is to do or undo up jewellery.

  9. Hey Chris

    Re the nails. Get yourself some Acetone nail polish remover and a couple of nail files. Soak the nails for a while (10 mins) then file away. You may need to do it a couple of times.


  10. gppd luck on the viewing.

  11. Hi Chris I know how you feel with the stress of selling a house we did it at the beginning of the year.
    Regarding your nails I clip mine and let them grow out , I love the look of false nails but they are a pain in the arse to up keep and friggin hurt when they break off so I would grab your nail clippers and cut them and then just give them a file.
    Thanks for your comment i will update soon actually i will do it today just for you haha. cya Jill

  12. Chris, I had my nails taken off last week. I don't get paid over the long break, and they are an extravagance I can't afford. While I miss how beautiful they look, I do like how I can pick things up now. Like you I found it quite frustrating not being able to pick up coins and stuff, do you know how embarrassing it is in the shops when you can't pick up your own credit card off the counter, (I used to slide it off lol.........) To have them removed, I would go back to the nail technician. She will soak them in acetate and then scrape them off. If you want you can cut them, but then you will have that ugly regrowth ridge at the bottom of your nail.

    I have been on Kate Morgan shakes for five weeks,and can fully understand how yummy scones and birthday cake would be better than shakes. My family is a little miffed because I haven't been baking, but I can't bring myself to spend time making it, if I can't enjoy them too. They have to have 'bought' stuff which I would rather leave anyway.

    Hope the viewing goes well today.

  13. Bite them off!!!! I do this allll the time, hurts a little but they will probably charge you to remove them???

  14. Good luck getting your house sold. We went through that last year...ARGH! lol

    I've never had any type of nails I'm no help there. Sorry!

  15. When you first got your nails done and they looked so pwetty!!, I almost thought about getting mine done again. It's been a few years since I last had them on. But lucky I came to my senses ... can't have them with ambo work!

    I so need to go for a walk, beautiful day out there! Maybe when Bill gets back at 5pm I might ... ok, ok ... I mean I WILL go at 5pm when Bill gets back. Thanks for the kick up the arse!! :)

  16. I was a professional nail technician for years (gave it up when I came to Bendigo as I didnt want to go through having to re-establish a full clientel again)

    A good nail tech will soak them off for you, give you a full manicure and you should walk out with clean, fresh nails.

    Note: They will feel really soft underneath because your nails are a 'horny' material. They need air and sunlight to harden (like your toenails) so when they are covered by acrylic and gels they don't get any sunlight or air.

    A good tech will lightly file away the damage left in the top layers of the nail, buff them up with some oil and although they'll feel weak-ish (use a hardener for a while) they'll be absolutely fine.

    PLEASE get them taken off professionally. So many women bite them off and remove them at home then complain to all their friends that acrylics ruined their nails.

    Cutting them back and filing them won't stop the 'picking up things' problem because although the length is gone, you will still have the thickness.

    Good luck. If you have any other questions, ask me.

  17. Good luck with the nails! I thought they looked so lovely, I was almost tempted. Looks like I will keep to my natural length nails after all.

  18. Anonymous6:04 PM

    you have just reminded me why i got rid of mine the SECOND time. and i was also like lynda tempted to get me some.. but now i wont.

    eeeee... i am commenting!!! RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  19. Oh god, selling a house is stressful! It's awful the waiting, waiting, and the not knowing what's going on with potential buyers. I hope you survive one more day with the nails!

  20. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    I wondered how practical false nails would be. You have answered my question.

  21. Damn I can never find the mixed boxes of Celebrity slim. I like strawberry and caramel, that's about it. Apparently the chocolate one is dusty tasting, if that makes sense??
    Yeah you have to get your nails taken off by the girls who put them on, otherwise you'll wreck your own nails and they won't grow back properly for about a year!

  22. oh, i looked at celebrity slim - whats your opinion?

  23. Im a stress eater too!

  24. I have had the same problem with the fake nails. I love the way they look....but my life is too crazy to not be able to do things just for the sake of beauty!

    Good luck on the house!

  25. My sympathies for trying to keep your house clean. Its definitely going to be an up hill battle with the kids. A clean house never seems to be important to them no matter the reason.

    Do hope you get some good news from your agent.

    Wishing you a great day Domestic Goddess!


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