Saturday, November 10, 2007

THE THREE "S's"......

Last night I had a sauna before bed....

I headed into our bedroom after my sauna, Stew was already in bed, he looked up and said "the three S's"??? I said "HUH"?

He said "Sauna, Sex and Sleep" !!!

I said "Like hell... more like "Shit Show Stew" !!!

Ahh you've gotta love a trier eh?

On that note, it's another lovely day today, so I hope my mood picks up, the girls (well a couple of them) are coming around for morning tea.... and I had a really lovely conversation with my niece in Australia last night that really perked me up. So,here's to a better day.

BLOODY HELL !!! I'm baking again!!! Ham and Cheese scones for morning tea.... oooo the smell is devine.......*snigger*

Morning tea done and dusted, a few scones gone! Now.... I'm going out to buy some CelebritySlim meal replacement shakes... going to give them a go.... not sure if they will be nice or not, my niece reckons they are. Anything is worth a go at the moment! I am so over gaining weight, and bitching about it!!!

later... my life seems to be dominated by cleaning and cooking! I just made a huge meatloaf for dinner.... the smell is to die for!!! I am having some, the shakes can start tomorrow! How little willpower do I have eh?

But, tomorrow will be 'it'... again.... cos if I don't put the brakes on now I might as well give up altogether ! And I am not going to do that, no friggin way!

End of Day: kids in bed, I can now wash and polish the floors, do the fiddly things ... ready for tomorrow's Open Home.

NSV: Got me some meal replacement shakes to try... anything in worth a try eh? nite nite.


  1. guessing the girls will be there soon hi to all have a nice chatter and catch up-I think of u guys often and wish I was closer.

  2. Typical blummin man....grrrrr

    MMMmmm ham and cheese scones.....SNIIIIIIIFFFFFFFF...........AHHHHHHHH.....gorgeous!!

    Enjoy your day hin, hugs to ya xx

  3. LOL @ Stew's 3 S's! Wishful thinking and typical male too!
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. I've never had a scone before... maybe I should try to see what all the fuss is about... :)

    Happy Friday/weekend :)

  5. sorry we couldnt make it today! LOL

  6. Have a great day and boy I wish I was there for a scone. Much better than the custard I had for breakfast....had run out of yoghurt!!!!!! Think there may be a scone with my name on it at the coffee shop today!!!! What do ya reckon??? LOL :)

  7. ah, gotta love men - always thinking about sex! ;o)

    the scones look divine, wish i could smell them thru my screen... yum! :o)

  8. lol - shit show stew.. that is a truely awesome line Chris!

    mmm scones look good, nothing like a warm cheese scone and melty butter mmm

  9. gorgeous day here and after sitting out on the deck with my coffee and a chocolate biscuit, I came in thinking I really need to get my A into G again as I'm completely sick of not losing weight as well.
    I know its my own actions that are preventing any losses so I HAVE to take some action and reverse this trend.
    Actually think I might buy a camera and start doing vidoe blogs. Have found a few of them to read and they are HIGHLY inspirational as you can literally see the results people are getting. One lady has lost 10 kig in 6 weeks and is looking absolutely fantastic.
    Anything to get my behind motivated I say. Let us know how the shakes are. Some of them taste vile so its always good to have a recommendation from someone first.

    Have a great day.

  10. Thats the attitude, if ya don't like it change it!!! The shakes will be a good kick start for you again eh?

    Those scones look yummo, anything with cheese and Im there..(unfortunatly!!)

    Have a fantastic day!!!


  11. hey Chris,
    I tried the shakes, thought they tasted really yummy, might have to go and get some more myself.

    have a good weekend :)

  12. Care to share your recipe for the delicious sounding scones? :)...

    sounds great... take it easy on yourself too, you have a lot to deal with and as we all know.. if the mindset isn't right.. nothing we do will change that... so.. relax.. and be kind to yourself first ok :)

  13. Anonymous5:59 PM

    ur scones like yummy, its making me hungry just looking at them.

    Hope you had a great morning with the girls. Its great just to sit back, relax and catch up.

  14. Those scones do looks good!

  15. Oooh, hope the celebrity slim shakes work well for you! A girl at work tried them recently, said all the flavours are nice and lost 3.8kgs in her 1st week! I was so tempted but then reality set in that it's probably not the greatest way to lose weight when one is trying to conceive ... lol


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