Sunday, November 18, 2007


For all you tarts out there who think scones are the be all and end all.... (for you Americans etc who don't know what a scone is, it's a bit like a bread bun but only takes 15 minutes to cook)
Courtesy of the Edmonds Cook Book....


3 cups white flour, 4.5 teaspoons baking power, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 25 gms (1 oz.) butter and about 1 cup of milk. To this basic recipe I add about 1 cup grated cheese and a good handful of cooked bacon pieces, some herbs too.

I chop the butter into tiny pieces, add it to the sifted dry ingredients with a fork and add the cheese and bacon then the milk.

I use a fork to stir the milk in, and I turn the mixture onto a lightly floured bench and just pat into shape and cut up with a knife. I do not knead it or anything! I think the trick is the minimal handling of the dough.
Bake in a hot oven (230 C) for 15 minutes.

You can add anything to the basic recipe I reckon... raisins, dates, cinnamon.... to make them sweet or savoury. I want to try adding even more veges next time... anything to get veges into Griffin!

Today: well you can guess can't ya?

Bloody vacuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms and toilets (fuck I'm loving this)....... *laughing me head off* REALLY !

All this excitement, and I'm not even out of bed yet. Can the day get any better?
I can't find my Christmas Wreath anywhere, so last night I made a new one.....

It's going to hang on my front door.... hell I can't believe I'm thinking about Christmas already! I'm not putting up the tree.... just a few discrete decorations.

I have felt like crying already today...Mike went to work at 6 am and left his room and bathroom in a bloody mess.... and I had to clean it up.. he text'd me to say he would do it when he got home, but knowing Mike he'd leave it to the last minute and totally stress me out...hence why I have done it. Why do teenagers feel the need to pop their zits and leave the mess on mirrors all over the bloody house! I swear to God Mike has left a mess on no less than *6* blasted mirrors in this house!!!! I COULD KILL HIM.

NOT HAPPY JAN! What else to report? Still doing the big clean, it does not get any easier I tell ya. And to top it off it's Griffin's Birthday and the poor little bugger is getting ignored.... and getting shitty with it. WE will have to do something extra nice for dinner for him eh? Better get back to it....

Well that's another Open Home done and dusted... lookee what I had cooking in the oven ... smelt delishious! It's bacon/egg/cheese and a few veges in a pie. OOOO yum.

End of Day, I'm knackered! Might have some interest from today's Open Home, a couple are coming back tomorrow for another look.

NSV: I got lots of exercise today! Ok, it was just cleaning, but I got really tired. Going to put me feet up now! nite nite.


  1. Ooo, thanks for the scone recipe. I was just saying to mum earlier that I'd like to have a go at making some savoury scones!

    Also, I LOVE your Christmas wreath. It's so lovely...

    Have a great weekend, Chris!



  2. The skones sound yummy, although I have no idea what a skone is.

    Love the wreath, it is so very festive!

  3. Happy Birthday Griffin.

    Xmas Wreath looks pretty cute.

    Yup teenage boys are a trial-mind you I only had one.

  4. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Fingers crossed u get some more interest in the house after today open house.

    Love the Christmas Wreath. I cant believe Christmas is nearly here. Wont be long until we are all dragging the Christmas lights and trees out of storage. I cant wait, i love Christmas.

  5. Christmas already?? I'm far too busy for it to be Christmas soon!!

    Love scones!! My mum made fastastic scones when we were kids. Can't say I'm much of a scone conesoir. My mum always told me the less you mix them the better.

  6. Sorry about the mess. Kids today huh???
    (remember--I have cats)

    The scones sounded yummy.
    Actually, even as an american, I have had a few scones in this body.

    The wreath was pretty! Very colorful!

  7. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Your pie looks soooooo good!! yummmmmmmo!! i havent made scones in so long! im always lazy and buy them from bakers delight!!

    Hope good news comes from the open house!!

  8. Sounds like Mike has two marks against him - being a teenager AND a male ... lol ... i'm CONSTANTLY cleaning up after my husband, it's like doing two things at once, sometimes they just can't manage it but we love them all the same!

    Fingers crossed regarding the interest in todays open. Love the wreath by the way, generally i'm the same regarding Christmas but having a 20 month old in the house this year i'm turning soppy and put my tree up last weekend!

  9. OMG you know I have to MAKE the scones now, well not RIGHT now it's a bit late, but soon. I hope they're not too fattening!! hehe

  10. OOOOOooooo....The Christmas Wreath and Pie look GORGEOUS, WELL DONE!

    I might make those scones this week, the sound deeelish and they always look GORGEOUS!! If only there was smellynet or tastynet, give it time and I'm sure someone will come up with it...teehee

    I hope your parcel comes this week.

    Hugs to you hun xx

  11. Chris... guess what...I got to go pillion on a honda crv 600 today.... wahoooooooooo loved it....
    first time on a bike for about 18 years.....
    other than the introductory course the other week...

  12. Anonymous3:46 AM

    Yummy - I am happy that you had that recipe up becasue I am defnintely going to use it this week with my parents here - tens can be notoriously messy - ugh - your wreath is to die for!


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