Monday, November 26, 2007


Man have I slept like a log!!!! I still feel bone weary, all the housework is killing me!

Glad I didn't offend anyone with my little 'Griffin' story! He really is too much sometimes.... he's 6 going on 20 and it's all Steve and Mike's fault... they treat him like a 'mate' not a little boy.... sometimes it's really cute and sometimes it's embarassing! But, I wouldn't change a thing! He isn't 'growing up too fast' really, cos underneath the talk he is still an innocent wee boy. Just got a potty mouth.

He was sitting on my knee the other day and said to me in a worried type of voice :

Griffin - "Mum I don't know

why I like boobs, but I just do".

Me - "Well that's ok mate, you can like boobs"

Griffin - "But Mum.... I don't like fanny's"!

Me - "You will one day mate so don't worry about it"!

Maybe not the sort of conversation for a coffee shop, but perfectly OK in this house!

Anyway, I transgress.... Today: kids to school (where they learn 'proper' things), walk Izzy and then .... who knows? I am a kept woman after all .... I can do whatever I fancy! YIPEEEEEE.


  1. Boys will be boys.

    That is the problem when you have older sons in the house, they forget that the little people ARE little people with young minds.

    I had the same problem when Michael lived here, saying the wrong things in front of Adam and James and now Adam is noticing girls, just kids growing up.

    Enjoy your day

    Hugs to you hun xx

  2. You do get a laugh with kids and what they say. Hard to keep a straight face at times.

    You missed a career option maybe - as a real estate agent!!

  3. Do ya think Stew would like to keep another women over the ditch????
    I think I would be the perfect other woman for him.. hahahahaha
    (shhhhhhhh dont tell Mark... Hi sweetie!!!)
    I could handle being a kept woman... hahaha

  4. Awwww, bless your little chap. He sounds adorable to me, LOL.

    Well, it sounds as if you have been extremely busy getting the house spic N span for viewers. I really do wish you all the best with your sale :-)

    Hope your week will be a good one!


  5. You know, having listen to you speak via email, *I* think griffin got if from you, rather than steve and mike.....

  6. Anonymous12:38 PM

    you've got to love kids + the things they say hehe

    sounds like the perfect day on ur side of the tasman. Brisbane is cloudy today so there will be no sunbaking for me. Enjoy ur nice quiet day

  7. I'm sooooooooo jealous your lying in the sun on this beautiful day and I'm stuck hoo!

  8. Anonymous3:08 PM


    i hate boobs! hehe

  9. I agree with Janene's comment - you'll have to weigh up the price v selling to be with Stew... Good luck and yeah, Whitianga you could do worse.

  10. Anonymous4:21 PM


  11. *giggle* at Griffin!! My Talija (8 going on 21) is coming up with all sorts of mind blowing comments lately too.... I think they learn alot from the kids at school coz some of the things she comes up with are definately not from her father or me!!
    I think if you have an open mind there is nothing wrong with inquisitive children .... I'd rather a well informed child than one that thinks babies come from stalks (for eg.)

    Nice pic ... Bitch ... don't you realise that most of us are at work!!!???? *giggle*

  12. Ohhh la la, great breast shot! That is pretty much the best place the weight could go.

    In regards to Griffin, he sounds adorable, nothing to worry about there, just normal curiosity.

  13. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Great shot of urself, it is definately a bright and sunny day over there. There could be a lot worse places for the weight to go. Im the same it all goes straight to the boobs!! Next the thighs ughhhh.

  14. Stay outta that sun!!! Its bad for your skin!!

    Griffin is funny, what a cutie:)

    If I had the spare money I would have Botox in a flash!!


  15. And shit its cold here today!!

  16. I got a good belly laugh with Griffins "boob and fanny" story.

  17. Wahoo! Nice rack! I'm sure Stew isn't complaining about your gain AT ALL! =)

    As for Griffin.... Haha! That kills me!

  18. Anonymous4:27 PM

    boobs still suck.. hehe

    off with their heads!


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