Thursday, November 08, 2007


This is it... Mike and Abby on the couch... playing electronic games!!!! Awwwww how LOVEY DOVEY can ya get??? NOT my idea of hanging out together that's for sure! I just don't get it.

Today: kids to school, quick walk for Izzy then I'm off to work. No point saying I won't buy anything.. I almost always do!

My nails... I am surprised that I have adjusted to having them so quickly! I thought it would take me ages to get used to them, and I was worried they would be a pain in the butt... but they are neat! I can still do everything I normally do! LOVING THEM!

Well... do we like???? I got them as Xmas presents... but I like them so much I might keep them yet!!!
Work was quite busy today, this is good, the time does not drag.
Not got anything else on for the rest of the day, must pick up the kids from school later.... and sort out dinner. Oh Yaaa.

Sore tummy this afternoon... think I ate something that did not agree .... had a quiet afternoon on the couch. Going to do dinner now I suppose for the family.... don't really feel like doing anything. Flat.....
End of Day, it's been another up and down day...
NSV: Went walking, work, bit of retail thereapy... nite nite.


  1. Hiya Chick,

    Yeah it is just a hand held steamer. It steam cleans ovens, hobs, windows, spots on carpets, around the loo, furniture, mattresses etc....all those little jobs and comes with a load of attachements and of course I use it to defrost my much easier and quicker.

    You might get one in the shop at never know. They are available anywhere, well they are here.
    They come in other designs also, actually the shopping channels sometimes have them.

    Glad you are enjoying your nails!!

    Back later toots
    Hugs xx

  2. lol! I have three kids and they're all different. Two of them (the boys) just love it if I play computer games with them. The third, my girl, wants me to hang out with her and bake cookies or ride bike together.

    Go figure...

  3. I like Christmas shopping for myself.

  4. Ain't that the truth about electronics!

    and yep,
    like the crystal!

  5. Anonymous3:13 PM

    love wot u bought, i agree i would probably keep them hehe, hope u have a nice relaxing afternoon

  6. It's not like the electronic games are even the same one!!

    I hope your tummy feels better soon.

  7. I cannot play those games without feeling like I may vomit.

    Crystal is one of those things I love but hardly ever use.

  8. Is it catchy? That's how I'm feeling - flat....

    Bring back our mojos!!

  9. Oooh Nice finds there from the shop...I hope you find something like that shop when you move:)

    Chin up chicken, tomorow is a new day:)

  10. I hope you are feeling better Chris.

    My hubby has had the last 2 days off work with gastro.

    I can relate to the kids electronic toys. My kids have the same things and they were our saviour on the long driving trips we have just done. Hardly heard from the kids at all.

  11. I dunno, there's not much difference btw playing games together or watching movies, oh except you get to fight when you play games :D

  12. Hey its better than walking in on them naked!

  13. The crystal is beautiful... and you no doubt will be entertaining over the holidays... I think that maybe Santa meant for you to have them...

  14. I always end up keeping other people christmas presents too...

    Racing video games make me feel dizzy after a while. My cousin likes to play while lying on a bed and looking at the screen upside down... not good x

  15. I do that sometimes, buy xmas presents and then keep them!!

  16. Those are gorgeous. I'd keep em. ;)


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