Saturday, November 17, 2007


Surely it does????

Well, it's another bloody weekend and that means housework and baking.... another Open Home tomorrow, this time a bit later in the day ... 3.15 pm.

Today: well AFTER I get me latte in bed.... I will be baking some scones for morning tea with the girls...then I plan on going into town and doing some EXERCISE..... (shopping) .... just cos I can!

It is Griffin's 6th Birthday tomorrow and I need to get a few last minute things like wrapping paper (He will not like Barbie Paper!) and some cards.... we are not doing a party for him. In this house you get a party when you are 1 and 5 and that is about it! Mean eh? But hell, with 8 kids if we had a party for every birthday we would be totally broke!!!

I'm sitting here... and Stew is beside me snoring his head off... like come on Man.. where's me friggin Latte????? Looks like I might have to get it myself! FUCK that is just NOT RIGHT!


  1. I'm with you girlfriend shopping does count as exercise, I am going to get me butt out of bed and head to the shops very soon, the suns shining and heck the house work will still be there tomorrow heehee. Good luck with the open home, hope it goes well.......have a great weekend :)

  2. yoooooohoooooo.....stewwwwww.....wakey, wakey.....time to get up!......HOY, YOU, MATE, GET UUUUUUUUUP!!!! AND MAKE CHRIS HER LATTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Shouting right in stew's ear*


    Hugs to you xx

  3. Those scones sound so good! Maybe I need the recipe, pleeeease!!
    LOL about the shopping. Have a great day gorgeous, i've got all me "bits" crossed for you!!

  4. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Birthday parties are so much work!! great plan between 1-5 a party looks like it works well!!

    have a great day shopping im off to get my hair done in celebration of finishing uni for the year!!

  5. My word exercise counts .... just don't fall for the sweets shops during!! lol .... the other bonus is that your out of the house and can't snack consistantly!! (Like I do!!)
    Good luck with your Open House .... hopefully this will be the last one!!!

  6. I like my latte's every once in a while especially vanilla. Now I want to try the gingerbread one out for the holidays.
    Looks like you picked up lots of nice stuff on your shopping trip, nice.

  7. Goodluck today. I love scones with jam and cream.. YUM. By the way, those clothes look fab!

  8. Yep this chick don't do parties either for the same reason. Costs too much!! Our kids have a party at 1 and 6 and 13 and 21. In between they get a pressie from us (and their grandparents) and choose whatever they want for dinner (be that home made or takeaways)

  9. OH, Santa's out for kids already? At least here in the states we wait for Santa to appear until the day after Thanksgiving (so this coming Friday he'll be here!), even though the stores start decorating in August.

  10. The scones were yum - you will have to put the recipe on here!

  11. okay:

    1. The thought of a morning latte is the only way I begin to move.

    b. Shopping is cardio

    3. I agree with emails. Pepple can easily take it the wrong way, but you are the best and please don't change one thing....I love you just the way you are. I mean it.

    now pass me a scone. puleez.

  12. Glad all is sorted with your friend..nothing worse than a misunderstanding!!

  13. Hey Chris
    I am thinking of coming to NZ in Feb 08 to see the folks (you made me feel guilty) but I also need a holiday.
    Is there anywhere in NZ that is
    - warm in Feb
    - yoga/fitness/health retreat that has resort accommodation (all I can find it timber huts in the paddocks!)
    Any ideas please?

  14. Hey - we all get grumpy at times. I feel sorry for Dan because I can be a real dragon and I don't mean to be.

    Love shopping!

  15. I live up north where it's winter here, so it's strange seeing Santa in the sunshine. Good luck with the jumbo jet.


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