Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I havn't really woken up yet.... Stew just brought me my Latte and I have managed to drag myself up in the bed to have it... I feel so tired this morning! I was having lovely dreams too dammit!

Not a lot planned for today.... usual 'shit'.. then late this afternoon I'm getting the "lady mo" waxed again... that's something to look forward to eh? I'm also thinking of having my legs done...never had them waxed before! Does it hurt???

Thanks for the invite over Jenny....look out I might take you up on it one day! Maybe when I have finished getting all the presents! I better get my Mum's done and posted to her quick smart too! Last year I posted it 3 weeks before Xmas but she didn't get it till mid January, how bad is that! (she's only in Australia).


  1. I hope the day has been a good one for you, Chris :-)


  2. TeeHee....lady mo, I just love the words you use, you make me laugh.

    I actually like having my legs waxed, I nearly fall asleep but then I blummin would....teehee When I was at college all the girls hated getting their legs waxed because it was uncomfortable but NOPE NOT I, I loved it....*snigger*

    Yep, I think you can say that Chris about my mother, I am your infamous BLACK SHEEP but it is something I am used to as it has been going on for as long as I can remember.
    My mother is a Jehovah's Witness and that is her excuse to not buy Christmas or Birthday pressies......AAHHHH BUT!! She buys them for the rest of my siblings but gets around it and gives them to my siblings a few days before or after Christmas & Birthdays and she can get on with it as far as I'm concerned....."I'M NOT BOVVVVERED!!" as long as me and mine are alright that is all I'm bothered about.
    I know this about the Christmas pressies because my siblings have told me over the years what mother buys them for Christmas. There has been lots of favouritism over the years and sneaky things.

    Oh! My parcel arrived at blummin 4.30 tonight, I do love a bit of retail therapy from home but not when it takes so long to arrive.
    It is a Christmas pressy to me from my OH....a laser hair removal system...wooohooo.....get rid of the old chinny hairs and underarm hairs....fab!

    Make sure you have a great day

    Love ya x

  3. I had trouble waking up this morning too, but I was up twice last night changing wet beds!! Bah..

  4. I had my legs waxed once, and it hurt like buggery!!

  5. leg waxing hurts!!! It stings and it's horrible...Im not a usually sook, but it is one thing I won't do again...try it though as everyone is different!!

  6. hey, I'm random, and new...and I have a question: what's the lady-mo? If it is what I think it is---then surely that would hurt more to have waxed than your legs!!!!

  7. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I tried to wax my own legs once, the first strip i thought oh ok thats not too bad, the next one i ripped off right up my shin bone, well lets just say i had to shave the rest of them hehe.

    Hope Griffen feels better soon

  8. If you can tolerate getting you lady mo done the legs will be a piece of cake.

    Poor Griffin, hope he's feeling better.

  9. Will let you know about the waxing if you can wait! I've just booked a leg wax - first one ever! They want me to wait a couple of weeks so there is plenty of 'growth' to attack.

  10. I just love your honesty when it comes to kids!! I'm the same if my kids get sick ... off to their room they go cause I don't wanna catch whatever they have!!

  11. Awww, Griffin's gorgeous! You'd never know the term 'hairy balls' had ever came out of angelic-looking him. I hope he's feeling better very soon, poor bugger!

  12. Girl I hope his temperature came down.. they say anything above 39 and you should be at the doctors... please keep an eye on him.

    Thinking of you


  13. kid's look so cute when they're sleeping. hope he gets better soon.

  14. Hate to tell you Chris but there is a bug going round!!!!! Both my grandchildren got it after they got home last saturday. Thank god they waited til they were home!!! LOL. Hope your little one is better soon and doesn't give it to the rest of the household!!!! Thinking of you cleaning yet again.

  15. Sorry about the hurling aspect. Sick kiddies can be a problem. I'm feeling your pain.

    Nope, I've never had anything waxed except the eyebrows.
    I'm a scaredy cat.

    I wanna go back to bed. I swear I will be in bed earlier this evening. If I could go home right now I would.

  16. Anonymous4:26 PM

    omg i love blues clues! hahaha its so fucked up!

    i havent seen it in AGES!


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