Tuesday, November 13, 2007


And the verdict is.... no fucking change!!! I am still seriously anemic... and I have to double the iron tablets.. OH JOY. I know the Doctor would like to give me iron injections, but that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! No way. I have heard they hurt like hell, and as I am a big sook... well I'm not going there!

This explains the extreme tiredness, shortness of breath, lack of energy bla bla bla.... I had hoped they would have 'worked' by now... oh well... maybe in another month??? At least I can get up and down our stairs now without having to stop half way... so I feel I am getting a bit better. Lets be positive eh?

Today: usual stuff, kids to school, walk the dog.... then I think I will visit my friend who had a hysterectomy last week... oh the life of a 'kept woman' is bliss. Sorry to all you working girls out there! But hey! I've been 'working' on raising 8 friggin kids for 28 years already... I deserve a break!

It looks yuk out there today... might even rain... and it's COLD. Thank god I have the sauna to warm up in after I walk me dog...
We walked in the rain.. it was lovely! Then home for a sauna... also lovely. Am now off to visit my girlfriend and have a nice healthy chicken salad sandwich for lunch.. can't wait I'm starving!!!! later...

Lunch was nice, visiting a friend is always nice too. Shame most of them work during the day, it can get so lonely sometimes!!!
AND did I tell you.. I was in my sauna for 45 minutes this morning, the temperature was 63 degrees Celsius and I DID NOT break out in a sweat at all !!! Hmmmmm.

ABOVE: Brylee with almost two front teeth again, and I am growing her hair a bit longer too.... getting it off her face.. she's so cute! And healthy right now too, she's eating really well and it is showing on her face! She has cheeks!
End of Day, I had a carmel flavoured Celebrity Shake for dinner. It was quite nice! Am now watching the idiot box, then I'm going to have another sauna and I hope to sweat this time!
NSV : I'm STILL on track... and feeling really happy with myself I am! nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Hope they sort it all out in the less painful way!!

    Today its going to be hot here!! grrrr!!

    Have a great day

  2. Hey there Chris..sorry to hear you are still so anemic... has your Dr checked your vitamin K (?) Levels?? My dad got really sick and they thought he was anemic.. He was so bad they thought he might have been bleeding internally.. but turned out it was lack of, I think vitamin K... will ask him tonight for sure... He couldnt get out of his own way and was puffed out all the time etc... he had to have a series of injections but after the first one he was a new man within days!!!

  3. Hey chris! sorry to hear that the iron pills aren't working yet. I'm with Wanna-B though. I'm wondering if you don't have another vitamin deficiency that is causing the iron to NOT be used by your body. Sometimes, for the body to process one substance it needs the help of another. Do you take a multi-vitamin daily too?

  4. Sorry about your blood tests results. No wonder you feel so tired.

  5. hang in there. I know its rough.

  6. The iron tablets do take time to kick in. This happened to me. My second test was worse than my first and I had to increase all the iron rich foods and stay on the tablets and it went way up on the third test.

    I hope you get some energy back soon. Are you eating lots of green leafy vegetables, eggs, red meat and almonds and cashews?

  7. Oh man, too bad about the anemia. Chris, I hope your Dr. can sort this out and get you back to feeling tip top.

    PS... That Brylee is too darling!

  8. I'd rather swallow a pill over a needle ANY DAY of the week. So i'm on your side. Sorry that you are still feeling lousy though.

    Cute pic. I wish I was young again and know what I know now...the different decesions I could have made....

  9. It's not good that you're still feeling like crap. Hope it all gets sorted soon especially with your big move about to happen.

    BTW, I've tagged you. Details on my blog.

    Now I'm off to catch up on what you and everyone else has been up to.

  10. how can ya not luv that cute face...good to hear Miss Brylee is having a healthy spurt finiky things kiddly wigglies. Say lady hello to her from the funny lady who wanted to watch her playing cause she didnt have a little girl of her own to play she has a little girl of her own now just cant wait to watch her playing with dollies.

  11. So sorry about the test results. I hope those pills work soon. I hate shots too and I'm not even talking about the really painful ones.

  12. Anonymous5:48 PM

    What a fantastic smile!!!

  13. You totally deserve a break! And I'm not sure what a sook is, but I suspect that I might be one, too. Keep your chin up girl. Sorry for the crapass news.
    That Brylee is a cutie pie!

  14. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Sorry to hear ur still anaemic. Are you taking Vit C with ur Iron? it helps with its absorption. Ur doc probably already mentioned that, but oh well i am as well hehe. The iron injections arent too bad, they hurt a little at the time but the pain goes pretty much straight away.

    Your day sounds like it has been nice and relaxing. Sauna must have been bliss after walking in the rain.

  15. Hi Chris. I have been "lurking' on your blog for a while so I just wanted to swing by to day a big G'day and to wish you all the very best re: the sale of your house and the iron/anemia.

    PS: I really like your writing style!

  16. Glad to know that you have Stew there looking out for you. Sunds like steak should be on the menu every night this week.

    You are right, Brylee is absoultely adorable!!! I can see why you are such a proud mama!

  17. That sauna sounds divine, sorry about my 'joke' post if it offended you..

    Ive tagged you too....sorryyyyyyyyy


  18. Sorry about your results.
    Hope you get some joy soon.

  19. Those celebrity shakes sound really good!

  20. Go for the injection - all those iron tablets will slow things down (know what I mean). The shots only hurt a little bit - but they do leave a big purple mark for ages.

    You poor thing - no wonder you have been feeling blah.


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