Thursday, November 15, 2007


Picture this:

Mike left to get his hair cut... so I rung the salon and told them it was his 18th birthday.....*snigger*.

Mike comes home... and says : "Yeah THANKS MUM" !

Me : "What for Mike"?

Mike : "For telling them down at the salon it was my birthday... they all stood up, even the ladies with tin foil in their hair and sang 'Happy Birthday' to me"

.... oooo I'm an evil Mummy!!!


Today: Kids to school, walk Izzy, off to work... usual stuff.

I drove around my 'walk' yesterday, it's exactly 3 kms, so am going to add another 1 km to it today... and will slowly build up to the 7kms I used to do every day. Feeling good ....

Work today: I was run off me feet!!! They were having a clothing sale.. everything was 50 cents!!!! Well I couldn't resisit COULD I ???? I think some of these will fit my wanna-be daughter-in-law Lisa or one of my girls.... They don't photo very well I must say, cos they are all in excellent condition!

Not much else to blather on about right now, going to have some lunch and put my feet up before I have to go get the kids from school.

Catherine: 7 kms used to take me about an hour, flat ground, no hills.... I hate hills... but can do them now if I want, that is the best thing about not being obese anymore, I can do so many things that I couldn't before!!! At the moment 3 kms is taking me and Izzy about 25 minutes, so my pace is bang on what it used to be, but not my stamina. It will get better I'm sure.

It is bloody freezing here!!! WE have an icy blasting wind, it has even snowed on the surrounding hills and Desert Road again... brrrrr where the F*#k is summer????

End of day, all in all a good day. Not been very good with the diet, but not too worried, it will happen.

NSV: I have upped my walking distance, getting there! nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Thats so something my mum would do!! hehe

    Have a fantastic day!!

  2. Hi there,

    I have just been catching up on all your blog posts and photos. It sounds as if you have been busy as usual!

    Also, great news on increasing the distance that you are walking each day. I keep threatening to do the same, but I never quite get around to it, haha.

    Anyway, I hope that the rest of the week will be a good one for you!


    Lins x

    PS: Your nails look gorgeous :-D

  3. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Hehe i love that they all stood up and sang happy birthday to him, how cute.

    Did he life his barbie paper?

  4. 7kms everyday?? God woman!! That's amazing but did you do anything else but walk? I'm sure it would take me nearly all day to walk that far! lol

  5. My friends use to do that when it wasn't my birthday. they like to embarrass me.

  6. lmao with the Salon, poor boy I feel sorry for him:)

    Love the clothes! 7K??? thats a lot, I don't even do that much, good on ya mate!

  7. Gotta love a bargain!

    How long does it take to walk the 3km and is it fairly flat or hilly?

  8. You have got your mojo back!! Great work Chris:-)

  9. wow some great bargins you got there

    u r evil telling the salon it was your son's b/day sniggger snigger

  10. ROFL at the birthday prank. My god woman 7km's I'd like to do .7 of a km.

  11. LOL, your a crack up, thats fantastic! first the barbie paer then the hair salon hehe
    i really like the blue suit, very cute indeed!

  12. Freezing here too! Out first big frost!

  13. Doing embarassing things to our children is a Mother's right! Lovely selection of clothing you picked. Do hope the weather picks up there sometime soon. It's a rainy grey day here in Montreal. Temperatures are set to tumble near freezing during the day. Hope the rain stops or its going to be a slippery drive home.

    Glad to hear you've got your walking mojo back. I'm sure the pup appreciates it.

    Keep warm, sunnier days ahead.

  14. Great job! Keep it up!


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