Wednesday, November 14, 2007


And I did kinda leave it to the last minute asking him what he wanted... so .. yesterday I went out and bought him an Apple Ipod Nano.... at his request. And he also requested it was all wrapped up in pretty paper... well..... I didn't have much paper in the house ! Do you think he will notice his gift is wrapped in BARBIE PAPER? *HA HA HA* He did ask for pretty paper!

Today: kids to school, walk the dog..... some things do not change! How boring. Then...... buggered if I know! I could go to the gym, but probably won't... I'm more likely to have a sauna at home after my walk then blob out for a while.

I usually feel quite knackered after my walk... can't wait till I'm 100% again.... this constant tiredness is the pitts. But .... the diet is going GREAT... TWO days under my belt of being on track and motivated to do this! YIPEEEEEEE! Now, should I get Mike a birthday cake??? Dare I have one in the house??? Can I resist?

I'm thinking...thinking...thinking... I might bake a cake! Hmmmmm

now I wonder where I put the cake tins? Havn't used them

in years.....

I have baked.. two chocolate cakes in loaf tins cos I simply could not find a cake tin anywhere! I am waiting for them to cool down before trying to ice em... then I will 'prove' I baked with a photo ... again!!! I am becoming a DOMESTIC GODDESS ... I'm sure!
Photos coming soon... in the meantime..

MIKE IS A FUCKING DORK... I thought only girls did things like this: he just backed my van out of the garage, but did not open the garage door first....well he says he did, but hmmmmm..... the big dent in the door suggests IT WAS FUCKEN CLOSED !&%#*!

Luckily there is no damage to my van... towbars have their uses eh? Yep, they make nice big dents in garage doors. *BIG SIGH*
He finally got his hair cut today too...



SEE ! SEE ! I did bake... I get no prizes for cake decoration I know, but it is a home baked chocolate cake~! I am proud of myself.
End of Day, been quite busy! Am happy.
NSV: I had some cake and don't feel guilty about it. So there. Going to walk further tomorrow. nite nite.


  1. We share wrapping techniques! No matter what I wrap it never comes out quite right. Breezed over your blog to catch-up. Still busy as ever I see. Hope they find some solution to help with the iron problem. Have a wonderful birthday celebration. The house looks lovely, keeping my fingers crosssed that the open house brings a buyer your way.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  2. How darling! Happy Birthday Mike! :) I'm jealous.. I want a nano too! :) But I guess my regular ipod will have to do..

  3. I love the wrap for Mikes present! Am sure he will love it.
    Haven't commented for a wee while but still reading... meant to say I love your house! It is fantastic and if we had the money I would buy it in a flash!
    Hope you find the cake tins... LOL
    Have a good day

  4. Happy Birthday Mike!!!
    Finally legal.. look out now..
    Well done on being good for the last two days chick..

  5. 2 good days, thats great!!!!

    Ipod nano is the best pressie, I couldn't live without mine!!!

    Have a great day:)

  6. Happy Birthday to Mike! And I'm sure he'll adore the Barbie paper. What teenage boy wouldn't?

  7. Happy Birthday Mike!

    Good luck with the cake Chris.

  8. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Happy Birthday Mike

    Love the wrapping paper

    Well done on your two good days. You are doing brilliantly well despite being tired you still go out for your daily walk, good on u. Glad the shakes taste alright, sometimes those things can be so nasty.

    Happy baking, hope it turns out better than my muffin attempt yesterday.

  9. Haha, the Barbie wrapping is too funny! A friend was over the other day and asked if I had any wrapping paper (he was on his way somewhere that he had to take a gift) and I had to confess that while I'm very girly, a Martha Stewart I am not... I had only a small scrap of Christmas-themed paper!

    Glad I'm not the only one!

  10. It's a great present and wouldn't matter what it was wrapped in!

    Did you end up baking a cake?

    Sorry to read that your iron levels are still no good. They do take a long time to come back up again though........

  11. Love the wrapping paper!!
    Hope your iron sorts itself out soon - that wont be helping you at all!

  12. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Happy birthday Mike!

    There has been a lot of baking happening in our house!! go the low fat chocolate slice yummmo!!

    Shame i still feel sick!! oh well

  13. Happy birthday Mike.

    I'm sure Mike won't mind the barbie paper once he finds whats inside.

    And remember, don't eat too much cake.

  14. Anonymous4:14 PM

    I am new to your blog, but I LOVE your's hilarious.

  15. Just love the wrapping paper - that kind of thing appeals to my sense of humour. Great cake - baking's not my thing either so I get really proud too when I actually make something!

  16. Happy birthday Mike!!!

    His hair looks great! Don't go too mad at the birthday boy for the dent in the door.

  17. awwwww love the photos and can't believe he backed into the garage door.. that cake looks relaly yummy.. can you send me a piece :)

    Sorry to hear about your blood tests..... go the iron.. lots of red meat :) P.S Go Barbie :)

  18. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Im loving the cake, uve done a great job.

  19. OMG if it rains it pours... you poor thing with the garage.. hope it comes out of his pocket???/

    WOW the haircut actually makes him look like a boy... does he ever smile?


  20. That cake looks dam good you are turning into quite the domestic goddess, think I could be inspired to bake something hmmmmm
    Have a good night :)

  21. Happy Birthday Mike!

    I'm sure he won't mind the Barbie paper after he unwraps his iPod.

    (Sorry if this is a dup. I got an error message previously.)

  22. Happy birthday!
    Love the hair!

  23. Your boy looks hot with his new haircut. What a huge difference. You wouldn't think it's the same kid. Happy birthday Mike.

    Pity about the roller door. Just what you need when you are trying to sell the house!!

  24. Mike looks fab with his new Birthday hair cut!

    WELL DONE on making a brilliant Birthday cake

    Happy Birthday Mike

    Hugs to you hun xx

  25. What a handsome young man you have!

    Happy Birthday Mike! :)

    I wouldn't feel guilty about your cake's a party, after all!

  26. Make sure you walk extra long walk, gotta make up for the cake...LOL !!! The cake looked great by the way.

    Happy birthday Mike

  27. A Domestic Goddess you are. The cake looked devine. Sorry to hear about the run in with the garage door. Now thats a royal pain in the arse.


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