Thursday, November 22, 2007


For those wondering, my nails are fine, they are not ruined from having the false nails taken off, they do not hurt, they are not split or dry or weak even, so I'm really pleased about that. They just don't look pretty anymore! boooo hoooo.

Today: kids to school, quick walk for Izzy then off to work on my scooter..... feeling a bit nervous about going on the scooter!

Lisa's Mum had a dreadful accident on her scooter two mornings ago... she was on a round-about and a car simply did not see her and ran her over!!!! She is now in hospital with a broken pelvis in two places and massive bruising etc!!! Steve was out of town working and had to come home as Lisa was so upset. (Lisa is our son Steve's fiance). So, I will be extra vigilant for a while I think...

Only three more Thursdays working at the Hospice Shop then no more! By then Stew will be in Auckland *Bottom lip jutting out*...right, better get moving


  1. OOOOWWW new shoes just lovely. I loved the fake nails too but found they got in the way as well. Your supper from yesterday looked yummy. Can't believe the nerve of those buyers, hope they come back with a counter offer more in your price range. Have a great Thursday.

  2. FAB!! We, me and my OH are pleased you have received the parcel...BRILLIANT!

    Oh! Put a Pink n White into the microwave for a few seconds....the marshmallow puffs up and melts...GORGEOUS only a few seconds though, be careful it might be hot.

    The 2nd pic is of how fantastic I am at taking pics....NOT!!...Teehee. there was food on that plate but you sure cannot see it...*snigger*

    BTW - They were the right fruit flakes were'nt they??

    Enjoy your parcel hun

    Love and hugs xx

  3. Awww, how lovely of Linda to send you some goodies :-D

    I hope that you enjoy them! Personally, I LOVE Pink N Whites, yummy!

    I hope the rest of the week will be a good one for you...


  4. Oh how exciting!!!!

  5. Glad your nails are ok. I'm persevering with mine for now and have had 3 infills already, bah it's so expensive, but they LOOK good!! haha
    Have a great day gorgeous, will email you later - I still didn't get my parcel i'm expecting!!

  6. You are welcome chick!! ENJOY!!

    I sent you an email.

    Hugs to you xx

  7. Thanks for your comment Chris - will fill you in later but all (sort of ) ok. Won't be able to make it Sat as going to beach.

    Hope your potential house buyers come back with a reasonable offer!

  8. Oh cool.... now forward them to me please!!?? lol

  9. love the new shoes...similar to what I am looking for.

    nice to get a parcel of goodies on the door step.

    No mention of any purchases today at hopise shops does this mean u came home empty handed.

  10. Big parcels! I love big parcels!
    Hope you feel more cheerful soon.

  11. Welcome to my world Chris... Mark doesnt live here... so i am the one to put out the bins..I have to get all the washing out in the mornings, I have to get the kids organised for school.. I have to cut thier lunches...
    you dont realise how much help they give until it isnt there... mark does alot when he does come round tho... he cooks tea for us.. and thats very important!!!! Oh and washes up while I get the kids sorted for bed!!!

  12. Visiting from Casdok. There's nothing like getting a parcel to make it feel like a holiday - and from England! Lucky you.
    Best wishes

  13. Hi
    Hope your sons fiance recovers soon, poor thing.
    Pink N Whites are nice and quite low in calories!!! Hope you feel a bit brighter tomorrow (not too PMT-EY) Bye frm Cathy

  14. Shoes are lovely - and they look comfortable (cannot stand uncomfortable shoes). Your parcel was rather delicious looking - did you share it around?


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