Friday, November 16, 2007


Stew always goes to Wanganui on a Friday... and I don't know why but I've never gone with him.. kids I suppose! Anyway, today I am going with him, and will spend a couple of hours 'doing' the shops over there while Stew does his business.... then we can enjoy lunch together. How neat is that? It will be like a mini 'date'.... awww how cute.

So, Today: kids to school, then off for the day with my hubby... so don't go checking back in here till at least 2-3pm this afternoon cos I won't be here! later...

WE got to Wanganui at 9.30 and after saying "HI" to the guys in the office there I said "right, I'm off to look at the shops" to which one of the men said "Yep, good luck ... that should take you all of 5 minutes"! Wellllllll..... 2.5 hours later I had 'done' the shops and had a ball !

Above: the gorgeous bed tray I found in an antique shop for only $10... BARGIN!

The pretty Xmas decorations, marked down to $5 cos they were not "perfect" ? I think they are !

I now have a cake tin... a pretty red heart shaped one no less, and a sweet wee teddy for my new grandbaby, due in mid march.

Yummy lollies for my Mum for Xmas.... ones I know she can't get in Australia... tempting to have some... but I havn't!

After the shopping, we stopped in Bulls on the way back for a late lunch, we had a Doner Kebab...OH MY GOD they were the best I have ever ever had!!! I have told Stew he has to take me there for dinner soon!!!

Did I ever say, I had my second daughter in Wanganui ? Well I did, I lived there for a grand total of 12 months, arrived with one newborn baby and left with a 1 year old and another newborn baby! Don't remember much else about living there, it was about 27 years ago afterall.

Right, time to go and get the kids from school....

End of Day, I'm off to bed to try out the new bed tray....

NSV: ummmm none today, ate too much, did not get any meaningful exercise ... unless shopping counts? LOL nite nite.


  1. Ooo, I do hope that you had an enjoyable day with Stew and that you did lots of lovely shopping!

    Can't wait to hear all about it :-D


    Lins x

  2. Awww how sweet ... enjoy your date chicky!!!

  3. Check ya emails Chick

    Enjoy your day

    Hugs to you xx

  4. Sounds lovely.. I hope you enjoyed it and didnt spend too much..

  5. Sounds like a lovely little jaunt! And for f*** sake stop stressing about your language - remember I work in a predominantly male environment so you're not going to shock me (I hear it all and much worse I'm sure) and I'd be so disappointed if you didn't chatter on in person the way you do in your blog. Sounds like I've got to pack some winter woolies - weather here is quite warm now but sounds like it's still pretty cool with you.

  6. Well have a wonderful time. I expect a full report on the days adventures. Enjoy your date.

  7. I was brought up in Wanganui and my parents still live there.
    Say "hi" as you go by because God knows I haven't been there for many year.
    Enjoy your day xxx

  8. I meant to comment in your last post that Mike now looks like Steve with his hair cut like that.

    Wanganui - Andrew lived in Wanganui for 3 months at one time for work and I loved going up on weekends to shop - really pretty streets with flower baskets etc eh?

    Hope you enjoyed your day.

  9. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Have a great out out with Stew. Mini 'dates' are so much fun, hubby and i try to do that once a week. Keeps life fun

    Looking forward to hearing all about ur day trip

  10. Hope you had a wonderful time with the hubby! It's nice to get away now and then...

  11. Enjoy your day and have a lovely lunch together:-)

  12. Have a great day .... what does Stew do for work?? (if you don't mind me asking?)
    No kissing on the first date ... Ok!!

  13. Hope you had a great 'date' in Wanganui. We are off to Taupo to Jim's cousins family reunion!!!!! A date for us too....LOL :) Will be back blogging when we get back. Have a great weekend :)

  14. Will be there tomorrow. Seems like it has been ages!

  15. Damn, you did really well with your shopping spree. You need to help me find such goodies when I shop...wanna send me good vibes now???????????

    I have actually done quite a bit of shopping already. I am feeling kinda proud!

    Hope the hubby time was cherished.
    If I had a hubby --I'd cherish it!!!

  16. Don't forget to tell me when you start running on the treadmill aye... he he he... I wanna know... I wanna know.

    Great bargains today hun.. sounds like you had fun.


  17. Anonymous5:38 PM

    WOW u did well on ur shopping spree. I love ur taste and ur a great bargain hunter. Sounds like u had a great outing! I hope the rest of ur day is good.

  18. You are a bargain shopper!!!

    Enjoy your weekend:)

  19. Please tell me that shopping counts, sometimes it's all the exercise I do for a week!!

  20. Men what do they no about shopping! Sounds like a fun filled day. Mmmmmmm Doner. Glad to see you found so much you liked. Have a great weekend.

  21. Looks as if you picked-up a few bargains there! I especially LOVE the gorgeous snowflake decorations.They are so pretty!

    Sounds like a good day all in all...



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