Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My 'baby' got accepted into the University course he so wanted to do ! He is going to Auckland University next year to study to become a Physiotherapist... how awesome is that? I am so proud of him! They only take a certain number in each year, so he is very lucky to have been accepted.

Today: The kids have athletics all day today, Stew is going to watch them... not me! I don't even like kids half the time, why would I want to sit and watch them? I think I will go into town and have a wander.... Should really start shopping for Christmas! Not that I'm going to be getting much for my lot.... I only buy for my 5 grandchildren now... if I bought gifts for all my kids, their partners etc I would end up bankrupt!

Ok, been to town, picked up a few things, got some wrapping paper... should now start wrapping the bloody presents....

OR.... I could read a book.... might just do that! Cos, I HATE HATE HATE wrapping presents!!! And I suck at it too. They always end up looking like some 2 years old did it.

Dunno about that first book, whether I can be bothered... the author has overdone the descriptive side a bit.... have already gone off it. Not done much else, my internet has been 'down' for the last 2 hours, grrrrrrrr! Don't know if it's a problem with the server or something in my house. Driving me nuts it is.

It has been an absolute scorcher of a day here! Maybe not as hot as it gets in other places overseas, but just perfect for here! Have done diddly squat this afternoon, got dinner sorted (lamb chops and veges) and have fed the family. Am now going to chill out and watch Coronation Street (wooo hoo!) then I'm thinking of taking Izzy for a nice walk in the cool of the evening.. but before it gets too dark! I'm a chicken in the dark.

Walked Izzy in the cool of the evening (with Stew) it was lovely... we did 3 kms in 25 minutes... not bad! Izzy found two puddles from people watering their lawns and promptly lay down in them.. it was really cute.

End of Day: another good one !

NSV: well I was happy! nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    CONGRATS!! thats fantastic news!!

    My christmas shopping is all done :) bring it on! i cant wait to my holidays!!

  2. Well done "baby"!!
    I don't buy much for Christmas either, well you know I buy a shitload of stuff for Lachie but not much for anyone else!! hehe

  3. Great news - congrats to Mike!!

    We only buy for the grandkids now - but within the family draw one name out for a pressie - easy:-)

  4. Brilliant news about Mike - you must be so proud. Loved the discussion you had with Griffin - You can remind him of it at his 21st!! Only two more sleeps till we're on our way. See you soon
    Z xx

  5. Congrates to Mike-wonderful.
    As for Xmas shoppin I bought my first ones yesterday last year I had no kids to buy for this year have 5 so just as well I have a Warehouse Xmas club to fall back on hehehe.
    Have a great Tuesday.

  6. Great news about Mike getting in to Auckland Uni for his course of choice.

    I've also not done much with Xmas shopping but you are such a great 'shopper' I'm sure you'll have it sorted in no time.

  7. Thats fantastic news - have a great week


  8. I hate, hate, hate Christmas shopping and have not bought one thing yet - its totally stressing me out.

    Congratulations to your son too - well done!!

  9. OH WOW well done to your son that is fantastic. Uni life is great and training to be a Physiotherapist is brilliant, I'm sure he'll do well and love it.
    I am no good at wrapping pressies either and where possible I buy the gift bags (but they can be more expensive). I can't even wrap a square box neatly!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Congrats to Mike that is fantastic news. Physio is a great course and is indeed a difficult one to get into. He must be a very clever boy.

    Lucky you being so organised and some of the shopping done. I keep meaning to get round to it, but never do. Oh well, i cant whinge when i find myself with thousands of other people who have left it to the last minute as well.

  11. Wow, thats great news for Mike!

    Only 4 weeks till Xmas, not long!! We have cut back on our Pressie buying this year to our family and mums and dads only. Gets to outta hand and really what more does everyone need these days?

  12. Congratulations for your son getting the course he wanted.

    As for Christmas shopping - bugger all done & have no idea how I am going to afford to get anything and when I ma going to have time to do it. The next two weeks are "show week' her for my kids who are in childrens musical theatre so all full.

  13. Congratulations on the great news!

    I would love to know how you get away with not getting the presents...I need to take out a second mortgage to pay for Christmas! :)

  14. Ohhhh I luuuuuuuurv wrapping pressies....
    I'll come and do it for you!!!!

  15. I hate wrapping too

    Hate it... he he


  16. I hate doing the Santa wrap at 1am on Xmas morning when you've had a few celebration style drinks and just want to crash out!!

    I am so stoked for Mike, that is one fabulous achievement and will be the start of such a great time in his life, varsity and the career path he has chosen. What a star.

    I have apparently missed 22 posts of yours while away and don't have the time to catch up on them all yet but will one day soon, I hope haven't missed anything big??

  17. I loathe wrapping presents. I always pawn it off on some poor, unsuspecting sap - either that or gift bags! My lazy ass loves gift bags!

    Congrats to your son!

  18. What fabulous news, girlie!! Congrats to your boy!!

  19. OMG! I'm so jealous of your boob pic. hehe. It is starting to get cold here. I've been wearing sweaters around and thinking about breaking out the snow suit *shivers*

    My mom buys for all 6 of us kids, and for all 10 grandkids. It is sick, sick, sick! she also wraps presents like a pro. Every year I think I'll have her show me how she does it so well, but every year I end up wrapping presents like a 2 year old. Lots of paper and lots of tape. Hehe. Oh well, same result...there is a present inside!

    I'm not quite sure what a Physiotherapist does, but congrats, congrats, Congrats!!!

  20. Ah I love wrapping presents, I would do it for a living if it paid well and wasn't so seasonal!! hehe

  21. I like to shop for certain people...but I buy for co workers too...and that can be challenging at times.

    I am thrilled about the college acceptance. YEAH!!! It's great news when everybody is happy!!!!

  22. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Well done going for a walk!! i did my body control class today i love it!! bloody crack up mind you my friend didnt stop laughing!!

  23. Yes well done Baby!!!!

  24. Come on over, have a cuppa and I will wrap your pressies for you....... I don't mind doing it, and mine look okay. I wish I had the money to buy really fancy paper and all the lovely trimmings, although it is a terrible waste.

    Your boy must be very clever, as physiotherapy isn't an easy course to get into. There is a shortage of physios here too.....Well done Mike.

  25. That is so awesome! Great news for him and I wish him the best with his studies.

  26. Gawd, I am totally rubbish at wrapping presents too! I really don't enjoy it either as I find it such a blooming chore, LOL.

    Seriously though, HUGE congratulations to Mike. That's excellent news! Something for him to look forward to :-)

    Enjoy your read!


  27. That is great news!!!!!
    Good job "baby"!


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