Thursday, November 01, 2007


Well, I'm not... today I will have to tell my 'boss' at the Hospice Shop that I will be leaving mid December. After that time we will be at the beach, then who knows? If our home sells we will be in Auckland, if it doesn't .. I am staying at the beach!

I hate to be big headed, but they have come to really like me at the shop, so I'm sure I will be missed. And I have loved working there, hopefully I can find something similar to do once we are in Auckland.

So, today: Kids to school, quick walk for Izzy then off to work I go. And once again, I am going to try NOT TO BUY anything! Think I can do it again? ha ha ha.

dumm deee dooo, dummm dee day, what did I buy today? Two cushions for the outside settee, and a nice two piece outfit for me Mum.... I just could NOT HELP MYSELF!!! Someone shoot me now! We were steady in the shop today, plenty of time for a natter.. ha ha ha. Am home now starving... going to make myself a noodle thingee with some ham added.... mouth is watering thinking about it...OH and some Diet Coke, have not had any all day!
As for the resigning thing.. she took it well... it was me who felt awful! But that is life, it goes on. I'm sure when the time is right I will find another job that I love up in Auckland.

That is so cute, Griffin's class has been studying Cats, and they have learnt this cat poem... so I let him record it.... It is rather appropriate cos I don't like cats and there is no way he's ever getting one!
End of Day, it's been long and busy... and tiresome too... TOM arrived with a vengence... sore tummy/back... oh great!
NSV: NONE again... I am a pig. nite nite.


  1. Diet Coke.... *rolls eyes* :-)

    Coffee, water and light beer are my main drinks.

    Thanks for trying to keep the shopping down, every purchase has an impact on this poor tired earth.

    Enjoy Auckland and the beach, I love beaches.

    Check my blog in a few days to see what Goddess and I are up to. :-)

  2. Awwwww noes :-( I would be pretty sad goig to tell my boss if I was leaving (given that I'm really liking working at my current place of employment, and am really liking the folk here too ^_^). Maybe they have connections in Auckland and perhaps can fix you up with an opening up there?

  3. pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! Have a great day at work today... I wonder if you will come home empty handed or with some nice items?!?!?! Have to wait and see. :)

  4. I'm sure you will be well missed matey.... you seem like you would be such a bright spark in a shop like that, and I bet you just love to have a bit of a natter with the customers.

    Hope you have a good day... and I bet you do buy something!!!


  5. They will miss you in the shop. You should be able to find a similar place in Auckland.

  6. Anonymous1:54 PM

    how did it go telling your boss? I always hate resigning, even when i hated the job. I always feel guilty when i shouldnt really, cos its my life and i can do what i want. Hanging out at the beach sounds great, ive turned into a real beach bum since moving to aus. Hope the rest of ur day continues to be fun.

    Bah Bye

  7. Took a leaf out of your book and went shopping too...LOL We'll be getting the name of 'shop a holics'!!!!!

  8. Love the cushions!! Hopefully you'll find another shop when you move to work in too:)
    (gotta keep up with all the great finds!!!)

  9. Noodle thingy? With ham? Thingy? I can only assume that this is a mouth-watering treat.

    Enjoy the beach! And good luck telling your boss!

  10. awww, i think its sweet you were so worried about resigning, im sure they've enjoyed your help and company!

  11. You are a shioaholic just like me lol I just been to the big red shed :) and got the rotissorie and could pass the new tops they had put out so got two :) I have suggested to the clothing dept that they text alert me to new things lol. Have a good night...

  12. oh, Griffin's poem recital is TOO cute!!!

  13. not a cat friend either but how cute is Griffin and his little poem

  14. Anonymous9:34 PM

    At the moment i wish i could tell my boss i was moving and couldnt work for her!!

    im a pig too !! i give up at the moment !! i guess one good thing is a walked for an hour this morning pitty about the food!!

  15. RE-Comment
    I knew you wouldn't be worried because you know I do that sometimes....I go quiet, not intentionally, I just do, I think when I am feeling a tad flat.

    I like the things you bought today chuck...GORGEOUS.

    CUUUUTE You Tube, Griffin is soooo CUTE and GORGEOUS.

    Hugs to you xx

  16. I'm sure you'll get a job and I'm also sure they'll miss you once you leave your current one.

  17. Definite shopaholic! Hope mom likes her outfit. Glad your boss took the news well. Feel better soon.

  18. Awww, Griff is ADORABLE!!!


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