Saturday, November 03, 2007


Today: we will be mowing the lawns, planting some pretty flowers at front door, scrubbing, polishing, vacuming, dusting, .... you get the drift!

But first, I'm going out to morning tea at Anne's.... can't miss me girlfriends get together... wonder if anyone has had a good week weight wise? I know I havn't.

It is supposed to be fine this morning, and raining this afternoon, so I better get his nibs up so he can get those lawns done right now! later....

8 AM: Just when you really need it.... NO WATER.... there is a busted pipe further up the road somewhere so we can't even clean our teeth! Luckily there was some water in the jug cos I have me latte .... now I just have to get outta bed!
MORNING TEA: And we get out there to find.... 3 of the blogger girls from Wellington have come up to join us !!! How cool was that? We were rapt! So, a great big gass-bag was had till we all had to go our seperate ways, me home to do "stuff" and them off shopping....oooo the lucky tarts! It really made my day too, I needed to get out of my house and have some "me" time, and how best to spend it but with my friends! So, thanks for coming up girls - it really made my day.

ABOVE: (L to R)... Jorja, Janene, Chris D, Helena, Rachel, Jo and Anne.

Why is it that every time I see Helena she is laughing her head off??? I reckon she is one of the happiest chicks I have ever met!!!
We have water... yaaa.
I had masses to do... I had a nana nap instead.
It's nearly dinner time and Stew is doing it.
I will pull finger soon and do some cleaning.
WOW! I forgot my End of Day stuff.... oh well.... too late.


  1. Sounds like a busy and hectic day for you one way or another!

    I hope that you enjoyed your get together with the girls!


  2. Hey reducing hips and thighs, there's no magic solution. Consistent eating and exercise will do the job - unfortunately, wherever you store the most fat is the place that takes the longest to show changes. :(

    As for your low iron, that's a real problem when it comes to exercise. I've been there myself, and I know how impossible it becomes to even walk up starirs, let alone do intense exercise. Maybe you could do shorter exercise sessions several times a day, so you get to rest and recover in between? I seriously doubt that you could manage an RPM calss or this like - the demand for oxygen from your muscles would be more than your body can handle in your current state.

    The quick fix solution is to get those bloody iron injections! And a hysterectomy, of course. Fingers crossed you can get your surgery soon. Meanwhile, walk, use the cardio equipment at the gym and lift weights - but take note when your body tells you it's had enough. Good nutrition, high in iron is probably your best weapon the fat-fighting war.

  3. Bugger bout the water!! hope it's sorted before tomorrow for ya!

  4. Sending some motivation to you.....I wont take it all to Oz with me Ha Ha!!!!! Enjoy the morning with the girls and have a great week :)

  5. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Wow how very exciting meeting everyone, it sounds like you had a fab time and just wot u needed before the stresses of open house 2moro. have a great day


  6. I'm glad you had a nice morning with your friends! Hope the housework wasn't too much of a chore.

  7. FUN! I want to live closer to you and come to your parties!!!

  8. Thanks for posting some pics. They are all looking good :) Made me miss you all. We have arrived safe & sound and feeling the heat already......LOL

  9. Looks like fun had by all!
    Glad you were able to have your Latte!!

  10. ohhhh for a nanna nap...maybe tomorrow!! The housework can wait....

  11. Hey mean, you didn't get some retail therapy.....*props oneself up from sheer shock*....teehee

    Good to read your water came back on, just makes ya realise how much we take running water for granted eh?

    Helena always sounds cheerful, I read her blog also.

    ENJOY your day toots
    Hugs to ya xx

  12. Do you ever have a day where you just relax? It doesn't sound like it! :)

  13. Looks like so much fun! Wish we could do that in the states, but all of the bloggers here live so far away from me.

  14. wow!!! busy fun day!!! COOL!!!

    sorry for neglecting blog...and missing your updates!!!

  15. how did i miss this post? didnt see it until now. it looks like you had a lovely day Chris! I love your nanna naps... they sound so sweet :) I need some of those sometimes too.


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