Monday, November 12, 2007


Stew and I watched this movie last night, and I loved it... but more importantly, I loved the clothes... and I want to wear lovely clothes like that too!!! But of course that is not going to happen when I'm so fucken fat.... sooooooo

I am vowing to myself to get back on track, pull finger, do the exercise, eat properly and all that shit... cos I WANT TO BE THE BEST I CAN BE.... full stop, end of bloody story. And it is totally up to ME ... I am going to do it again by hell !

Today: kids to school, walk Izzy, then do some weight training... followed by a healthy lunch and a shake for dinner. No piss arse-ing around any more. Look out size 12, I'm coming back! *BIG BIG SMILES*

Ahhh, so far so good! Did a 40 minute walk with Izzy, came home and did some weights, had a wee rest .. then did some housework... and have just had my lunch..left over meatloaf and some rice. That was nice.
Now all I have to do is behave till bedtime! Wish me luck!

Still doing well... and... ICE has been absent so far today.. my teeth have been sooooo sore lately I just had to give it a rest today. But, now that I've said 'it' I'm wanting some... derrrr. Maybe just one glass???

I just had my first 'shake'... chocolate... it was quite nice. Still had that funny taste all meal replacement shakes have... but it was not overpowering and on a whole quite sweet. Will be interesting to see if it keeps me 'full' for the entire evening though.... I almost always feel 'peckish' around 8.30 - 9 am. Tonight I hope to take Izzy out for another 30 minute walk...we will see how I feel soon.

End of day, still doing well. Am going to bed early (9.45) so I don't end up eating something!

NSV: I liked the Celebrity Shake... hope tomorrow's flavour is nice too. nite nite.


  1. Yahhoooo. Sounds like our Chris is on a mission and if there is nothing I have learnt in the time I have 'known' Chris is that she is dittyminded Miss.
    You Go Girl
    Not heading to the size 12 myself but wiill follow you on the track to size 16
    We will do this.

  2. Of course you can do this Chris... You know you can and we know you can... hop on girl this ride is going to be bumpy on this wagon.. I'll bring the eskie full of scotch and we'll make room for our friends on the same journey... You know you are not alone...

  3. I loved that movie too :) The clothes ARE beautiful!
    Good luck in your goals, Chris. I need to pull my finger out too. Will be following you, cheering you on!!

  4. Great movie aye.. I loved it. Went and saw on the big screen and it was a hoot.

    Love Chubbymum

  5. I love that movie!! The clothes are awesome!

    We all have faith in you that you WILL get abck to a size 12, you just need to have confidence in yourself!!!

    Good to hear you got into some exercise today... don't you feel good for it??

    Take care


  6. You can do it duffy moon! Motivation always helps.

  7. I know all about the ups and downs of weight loss. I put on about 5 kgs on our holiday and can't get into the mindset of losing again.

    I'm sure you will get back into it when you are ready and focused on that goal.

    Thanks for leaving the comments on my daughter's blog. You will make her day.

  8. You dont need luck girl.. you know you can do it.. the first few days back on track I think are the hardest....

  9. Anonymous3:33 PM

    How cool is that movie! I love it.

    Sounds like you are off to a flying start with the exercise and food sounds healthy and yummy today. U can do it!!!

  10. That's great! Keep up the good work! You can do it!

    PS... I'm sticking to my guns about the Tillandsia.. it might have been already half-dead when I got it at the Home Depot. :(

  11. Hooray for weights and exercise!

  12. Hey - sent you an email re our trip to NZ. Good luck with 'going straight'. I'm not too bad at the moment - just a wee bit wobbly!!!!

  13. Great attitude, only you can do it and think how great you'll look for chrissy!!!

    Good for you, unfreeze that ice so your not tempted!!


  14. woohooooo sounds like you have your mojo back baby! I lurve that flick too, its such a laugh!

    ... Erica x

    PS. I KNOW you will be in your size 12's again xxx

  15. I should send Steph over....ROFL....she has me on a tight rein I tell ya!!!!!! Hope the shake keeps you full. I like them with lots of crushed ice!!!! LOL

  16. Loved that show as well!

  17. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Im thinking of giving the diet shakes a go!!

    I ended up at the gym 40 mins on the tredmil and 20 mins weights!

    Im feeling great!!

    Have a great night!!! :)

  18. Wow you are sounding so positive about getting back on track with the healthy eating and exercise. I'm sure you'll do it now that you have your mind set!

    All the best Chris...

    Lins x

  19. I havent seen that movie... but will have to now so I know what sort of clothes you will be wearing in the near future! :)

  20. You so can do this! I'll be interested to see how the shakes go! must check out the website actually :)

  21. You have such awesome motivation!!!
    Go for it! I know you'll be where you want to be with that much enthusiasm.

  22. Sorry to hear your still low on your iron levels. Hope you are able to get those levels back to normal in the future and get all your energy back.
    Know what you mean by wanting to be the 'best you can be'. I need to get my arse in gear.

  23. Did you have some surgery a while back? If you stretch it all out again, then you will have to do the procedure again. I know I would not want to do that twice.

    Get a grip girl and get on the treadmill, run, walk, jog, skip rope, whatever it takes. You are top notch, keep it that way!


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