Wednesday, November 07, 2007


So, yesterday's plan to just blob out and read a book did not happen... so it's today's plan instead.

I live in hope of a quiet day! Griffin keeps complaining of a tummy ache... I think he's a bit stressed about all that is going on .... strange people coming and going, the prospect of moving etc... he's quite a little 'home body' is our wee man. Not sure what to do about him... I suppose he will just have to adjust.

It sounds like Stew might be in Auckland by the end of the month...


  1. Sorry to see your sale fell over Chris wat a bugger-stupid people hope they buy a lemon when they do buy something and the maoris claim onwership or something like that. not that I am vandictive sort hehehehe

  2. He can't leave yet... who's going to bring you your morning latte??

  3. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that the sale fell through. Bad luck. Still, it's *there* loss...

    Hang in there chuck!


  4. OMG!!! NOoooooooooooooooo you will have to move that bloody latte machine up to your bedside table hahahaha..
    You will manage.. I know you will miss him terribly but all for a good cause!

  5. Bummer about the sale! Yes still coming to NZ - fly out of Brisbane on Thursday 29th to Auckland, couple of nights there, then down to Waitara for two nights for the birthday party, then heading your direction so should arrive with you sometime Monday 3rd December - if that's still OK with you - don't worry about us staying with you - you have enough on your plate and we can easily grab a motel. But maybe we could have dinner with you and Anne and anyone else who'd be interested.
    Z xx

  6. Love the nails! If you find them hard to manage, maybe ask for them to be shorter at the start as they grow quite quickly.

  7. I hope a buyer comes along soon and then you can all move together.

    Love your new nails!

  8. Yay for perfect mornings!

  9. Bliss alright on the morning front!!! Steve is a spunk rat:)

    That will be hard if Mr Chris goes earlier, but as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder...awwww:)


  10. OMG! I'm catching up on your blog, but I remember being a teenager and painting my nails with something that tasted nasty --trying to break the nail biting habit. It was awful!!! I hope it helps him out, I still bite my nails when I get nervous/stressed. What an awful habit.

    Well, I've been searching the internet for answers to your ice chewing and I've come up with a whole lot of....NOTHING.

    maybe you can spend some time here and find a solution. Have a fab day!

  11. My daughter went thru a really bad anxious time when we were in the stages of moving. Almost as soon as we'd set foot in our new place, she became a different child. Hopefully Griffin will make the distance too!

  12. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Sorry to hear about your sale falling through!

    Maybe try a senstive toothpaste?? then you can eat all the ice you like!!

    Son # 5 Looking very professional!!

    Have a good one!!

  13. I looked up ice craving, and, after I realized I was finding the wrong type of ice...... I found an article that said it might be a sign of anaemia. You are better to crush it , as not having it crushed my damage your teeth, like actually break them.

    Hope you had a good day.

  14. Sorry to hear about the house, dont lose heart it will sell.
    Like your nails, I have mine done as well.

    The good thing about the ice is it's calorie free.

  15. Chris eating fruit!!!!!! Did the sky fall in......LOL. Well done. You may even get to like it. yep sensitive toothpaste should help...give it a try !!
    Thanks for all the good thoughts re Steph. It's certainly not been an easy road for her. Hopefully things will improve from now on.
    Hugs to you :)

  16. Your son is very sexy! :) Am I allowed to say that? Congrats on the new job.

    Craving ice? Wow have never heard of that before... naybe if you suck on it your teeth wont ache as much??? dont know.

    Hope you get a buyer soon for your hosue! Good luck :)

  17. Anonymous1:06 AM

    Ohhhhhhhhh ice, i love ice, its my new eating habit from weeks of being fasted in the hospital. But yeah it does kill ur teeth, i have no tips on how to get past it. If u get one that works send it my way hehe

  18. With so many kids, I'm not suprised you forget one every now and again!

  19. Aaah, sounds like such a great morning! Nap, sauna and book? JEALOUS!

    As for the ice... I don't know what to tell you.... At least it isn't chocolate or french fries???

  20. Hope you found some time to relax. Ah young love! Can't wait to see what you bought. Take care

  21. Your son looks a million dollars. Amazing what a suit and a tidy up can do aye??

    Sorry to hear bout the sale.

  22. Anonymous3:12 PM

    btw forgot to say, son #5 very cute ;)

  23. I thought ice munching was a vitamin or mineral defiency.

    Sorry your sale fell through. It is such an emotional process.


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