Sunday, November 11, 2007


And I am NOT getting me tits in a knot today, uh uh no way! I have the bread maker all ready loaded and ready to go, just have to add the water and switch it on... then it's simply a case of making the beds, getting the kids and Stew out of the house at 12 and doing a last flit around.

Sounds easy eh? Haaa haaa ha! It's not when you are a worry wart like me. But I do need to chill out a bit, cos this process could take months, and I don't want to be a cot case at the other end of it.

Right, all this talk and I'm still in bed awaiting my latte....

It's all going good today, not nearly so much to do this weekend, above is Izzy's "kennel" transformed into a sunroom... looks good to me!

I made this pot years ago, it's been used as Izzy's water bowl for a while, but it's developed a leak, so I popped out just now and bought some plants for it... pretty. Still got an hour and a half till the Open Home and everything is done ... so no TITS IN A KNOT today people!

Feeling a bit bummed, only two groups through today, and no serious buyers... so no sale today.

End of Day, busy but good. Brylee has a headache, which means she threw up... she always does ... we think she gets migraines. Not too often though, so that's good.

NSV: NONE, did not do the shake thing today.. tomorrow for sure. I'm the QUEEN OF PROCRASTINATION at the moment. I'm sure it's cos my life is now in LIMBO so to speak, hard to concentrate on the weight with so much else going on and all the stress involved. I am going to try so very hard to get my shit together. I am, really I am! nite nite.


  1. don't stress kiddo u r not gonna be any good to us a jibbering idot. Thanks for the peep talk on my comment I apprieciate it and yes a smile would have helped but so sick of to be honest I get painting on a smile at work it is hard to get an honest smile going. And yes they r xmas decorations behind me but guess what they have been there since last Xmas, told ya I was a lazy tart, might as well stay there now.

    Have a great day.

  2. Good luck for today, let me know howthe celebrity shakes go, I have been looking at them, but don't want to spend the money if they are yuck.
    The scones look good, my scone making could break windows.........
    Have a good rest of the weekend :)

  3. I really do hope you don't have to go through too many open homes. Fingers crossed Chris:-)

  4. All that extra housework you are doing must be earning some bonus points and burning cals....GO GIRL!

    Yeah selling a house can take months but then it might just take a few weeks...who knows....just go with the flow!

    Hugs to you hun xx

  5. Hey chick... Hope the celeb shake do the trick for you.. I know how frustrating this whole process is.. maybe you need to go back to the part in your blog where you were inspired and flying along...
    gets some oomph back into your weightloss regime...
    You were a power house with your gym etc...
    come on girl.. lets get with it...

  6. My tits are probably droopy enough to get in a knot...
    Best of luck today girlfriend, love your pot with marigolds in, looks very pretty. Fingers crossed (not tits) for you.

  7. Yep chill out, you've done all you can possible do! I love the 'sunroom', peaceful.

    Good luck for today and don't get you tits in a knot..hmmm not


  8. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Ihope that everything went well and that you had some real takers -everything lokos so nice and pretty - you did a great job staging. have a happpy weekend!

  9. Oh wouldn't it be so much easier if someone just realised it's the perfect home for them? :-) Keep up with that no stress approach and fingers crossed you get a sale soon.

  10. It all looks lovely. Hope the open home goes well for you.

  11. woohooo thanks for the scone recipe.... I'm going to try it later on this week... and yes Chris.. I won't over indulge LOL :)


  12. Queen of procrastination ...
    Thats a friggin big word !!!

  13. Pity you dont live closer, as i would love to share a lattee with you! Not in bed though!!

  14. hey there is always next time!


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