Sunday, November 25, 2007


Another sunday is here, another day of high hopes... Open Home is at 1pm, so I will spend the morning doing all the usual stuff: dusting, polishing, vacuming, washing floors, loos and bathrooms.... bla bla bla. You must be getting sick of hearing about my cleaning by now!

The kids have woken up in hyper mode... and I so do not need that! Steve and Lisa are going to come and take them away this morning so we can get the jobs done without them under foot....

So, fingers crossed for a good result today.... and I am also going to start a slightly different 'diet' today... 5-6 small meals evenly spaced during the day, with equal amounts of carbs and proteins, courtesy of KatieP....


  1. Katie P rox eh!!! Im gonna try her 'way' too:)

    You'll have these open house things down pat. Good luck today and I hope its a winner for you


  2. Good Luck for the open home!

  3. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Good Luck with the open house today, i will be thinking of u.

    5-6 small meals a day is great and very do-able. It makes me feel like im constantly eating which is a good thing as i never feel deprived. Of course the cal content of every meal is important, but its all good fun. Best of luck

  4. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Good luck with your open home!!

    ive been having 5 smaller meals a day its been helping me :)

    I think i need to visit someone to ensure that they are balanced throughout the day!!

    Have a great day!!

  5. I agree with the 5 or 6 small meals. I need to eat every two hours or so. I really believe it keeps my metabolism working well. Good luck with it Chris.

    Hopefully all your hard work with your house will pay off soon.

    Also good luck with your heart check. I'm glad your Dr is doing the right thing.

  6. Hehe-I didn't take your "boring" comment personally!!! I am making a point to my commentor..naughty eh?

    You should go into the real estate game, that was sneakyyyyy!! Good luck:)


  7. Wow I can't believe how quickly the days of the week go by!! I'm sure it was only 2 or 3 days ago you were saying you were cleaning for an open home!!!

    Fingers crossed for ya on this one!

  8. oh thanks for checking in on me often, I will definately try and post more now!!

    Good work with the open home - hope you get a buyer!!
    And LoL at the bullrush!

  9. hope your inspection went well and something will come of it soon babe! keep positive and put the vibes out there that the house is going to sell.. hope you feel better soon and get to the bottom of what is going on with all this fluid retention babe xx

  10. Like everyone else...fingers crossed!

  11. Your p.s. tonight had me in stitches. Out of the mouths of babes. What a cutie! just as well it wasn't at the open house.

  12. Good luck with the open house...

    ohhhh kids will be kids...have had my eyes opened this weekend with the pair I have been having for the weekend, they know too much !!!

  13. OMG i'm pissing myself laughing.....

  14. Anonymous4:57 AM

    That was a clever way to invite people ot your open house! Good luck!

  15. Sorry, I taught him....:D

  16. u clever chickie with getting other open homers to check out your place u get some of the commision.
    I once did a diet with 5-6 small meals and did well maybe I'll check out Katies page good luck.


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