Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I will miss them, they were so very pretty, but drove me nuts. And... I hurt one of my fingers twice on a door handle in the kitchen and my finger throbbed for days.... and they do not go well when you are scrubbing out three shower bases.... so I have 'been there, done that', it was an experience I shall not forget.

Today: kids to school, into town for nail appointment, home and maybe walk Izzy if it's not too hot, then lie in the sun and work on the tan. I got quite pink from yesterday!

It would seem that the people who are very keen on our home are also very cheeky.. they want to offer about $20-30 thousand LESS than our asking price!!!! My response to the Real Estate Agent? Tell they to get FUCKED! Hmm, I'm sure she did not say quite THAT to them, but I am not giving away my beautiful house!

1 PM: been to town and had the nails off, it took an hour! Then to console myself (cos my hands now look YUK) I bought myself two pairs of summer slip on shoes. Feel better now.

Then I tottled off home....

ABOVE: This is Ben (aka Bowser) a mate of Mike's... Ben calls himself my 5th son!!! He came for dinner last night, as you can see, the little shit is still here! He got to sleep in the 'pink' room... lucky bugger!

AND... here's Mike and Abby, still in bed at 1pm, watching Ben play on the computer. How 'cosy' can ya get??? Right, now I better do a bit of housework, I've been out all day!

I'm PROUD to say I did no housework, I sat on me bum and chilled out! AND I'm not cooking either, the kids are having a quickie dinner, Mike is too and Stew and I are going to BULLS for a kebab! OOOO YUM.

OOO dinner was lovely, washed down with some bubbly white wine... and a piece of cheesecake from Cafe' Cuba back here in town..... now I am totally stuffed and ready to just blob out!

End of Day, it's been NEAT ! Lovely fine weather, retail shopping, dinner out... what more could a girl ask for? OK OK... might do 'THAT' later too!!! hee hee he!

NSV: ummmm I am happy will do ! nite nite.


  1. Aww geez you don't wanna do my cleaning?? *sigh*
    Was supposed to have floor vacuumed by Monday nite (personal preference) but got home on monday, opened all doors and windows and went, nahdontsoddingthinkso. This heat is a killer.
    Ergo floor is still not vacuumed. bah ha ha. Ah well. There's another weekend coming up....

  2. I had the fake nails for my wedding - chewed them off shortly there after. :)

  3. gotta love the tryers. we had a guy offer us $200,000 less then our valuation. All it did was waste everyones time AND make us quite adament that we didn't want to deal with such an idiot.
    With your $20,000ish less, you can always counter sign back up and see if they come to the party.


    I wish that bloody parcel would hurry up and arrive for you.....arrrggghh

    Hugs to you xx

  5. $20 to $30 thou less hey.. well i guess its worth a try isnt it..
    remember this when you have to start looking at a new home to buy yourself!!! Have a top day Chris!

  6. I love my nails but I also find that scrubbing the bathroom is where it hurts most because I misjudge how long they are and slam them against the tiles - ouch.

  7. Ooo, I don't blame you for getting rid of the nails. I can well imagine how they must get in the way at times...

    As for potential house buyers offering so much less. Well, I don't blame you for telling them where to go! Grrrr....

  8. I used to have nails, long ago, too, and I find life to be much easier without them. Besides, the maintenance add$ up, and it sucks up time too.

  9. LMAO!! I can just see you saying to the agent "They can get FUCKED!!" lol but good on you for sticking to your guns!!! You have a beautiful house and someone will come along that will want to pay what it's worth!

  10. I know what you mean by the nails bugging you. I had the acrylic ones when I was young and they took a long time getting used to but I loved how it made my hands look. But, I got tired of the upkeep and cost and it did ruin my nails somewhat underneath them. Now, even if I want them I can't as when I work in the hospital (and start in Jan.) they don't allow you to have the fake ones. Oh well.
    Too bad the house offer was not what you wanted. It is hard to keep the house spotless and the whole process is hard. Hang in there.

  11. hey at least their in bed with some clothes on....

  12. It's hard not to take it personally when potential buyers offer too low for your pride and joy. I remember being offended when they offered just a few thousand $$ less than we wanted!

  13. I guess they figured they had to start somewhere. At least now they know where you stand.

    Another kid, well at least that one you send off back home.

    Hope your day is going great.

  14. Aww shame about the nails, I just put mine back on!

    Nice shoes too, and Kebabs for dinner, a fave of mine...enjoy:)

  15. Hope you managed to get some sleep!!

  16. I had the nails done a couple months ago. They had been bugging the crap out of me for ages, and one night after several "drinks" I chewed every single nail off. My fingers hurt for days! I don't miss em!

    As for those friggin' potential buyers: screw 'em!

  17. I'm so jelouse of your warm weather...It looks like the frozen tundra here this morning.
    Super cute snadles, I would trade those in a heartbeat for my UGGS!

  18. Hey Chris! I've been thinking about getting my nails done, but I'm worried what my nails will look like after I take the fakes off. Do they look really bad? One of my friends said the glue they use eats away the nail underneath *shudders* I just want to do it once to try it out and look pretty. I don't want to start a lifetime habit!

    hehe. Yay for World of Warcraft! That's the game Ben is playing. =)


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