Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It's getting harder to get out in the evening to do the grocery shopping, everyone seems to be out and about now, including me! So today after my walk with Janet (gym buddy) I'm going to try doing the grocery shopping by myself... It may sound weird saying "try", but if you have ever seen our shopping trolleys at the end of going around the supermarket you would understand! We full two trolleys, and getting it, taking it home and unpacking it usually takes Stew and I two hours.

So, if nothing else, it will be a good workout! Got to look for the positives in everything I suppose. Must try to remember that for the next bloody awful situation. ...

Yaa, had a fantastic walk, and then straight on to the shopping, which took 1.5 hours to buy and get home again. I have put away all the freezer and fridge items, just the pantry and bathrooms stuff to go. Might wait for someone to come home and give me a hand! I'm knackered, and am going to have my lunch next. Still doing 100% well on the diet front, havn't had a slip up at all.
Oh yeah, below is over $700 worth of groceries, doesn't look like much eh? !

Right, off for lunch, surimi and coleslaw again... for those who just asked, this is a fortnight's groceries, topped up through that time with more fresh fruit and veges and incidentals.

I'm feeling quite bummed out, I've just been to the gym to do the Bodyjam class at 6.15pm.... it was too fast, too complicated, and I felt like a bloody dork and left after 30 minutes. I don't think I will ever be able to remember all those dance/jumping/side stepping, spinning moves! I don't think I even want to! It just wasn't "me", and by the look of 60% of the women and men there, it wasn't them either ! I was by no means the only person who was just standing there with a puzzled expression on their face. (thank god).

So, I'll have to rethink what I do on Tuesday and Friday nights won't I? Maybe just a cardio/stretching workout instead.

As per usual, it's the time of day where I chill out and just unwind, so on that note, nite nite.


  1. myebonyGood luck. I get an online order every month so at least I don't hav eto cart the bulky basic stuff. Then I shop at least 3 times aweek in small amounts.

  2. Do you grocery shop every week like that? I love going to the supermarket but two trolleys - phew that's my yearly christmas shop and I'm not overly keen on that one. Hope you had a great walk.

  3. We do two trolleys each shop too.. but we shop fortnightly.

    I so can understand why doing it on your own is a lot of work.. I did it once by myself and OMG I was buggered afterwards he he he

    Love CM

  4. How long does that last you? Pleased we've only got us to feed nowdays!

  5. Boy just as well you've got that big fridge eh. I can see the surimi. ha ha.

  6. Hooly dooly...
    I dont even earn that much a fortnight... glad i dont have to shop like that... altho I guess most of my $$ does tend to go on food... *sigh*
    love the before and now photos.. I must be due for a new lot...
    Thought it funny about your naughty son..rofl..
    Oh i so hope I dont have to deal with that.. my son is 10... No doubt he will do it too...

  7. Rofl.. means Roll on Floor Laughing.... sorry... chat short hand...
    Roflmfao = Roll on floor laugh my fat(or F*%&ing) arse off...
    And no you arent a dork.. I had to ask the same ? myself many times.. haha


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