Friday, February 23, 2007


** BIG BIG SMILE** Nothing hurts anymore! What a relief, I was getting tired of my legs killing me. I am feeling really happy, I've got gym this morning (as per) and this afternoon I am taking a positive step towards getting my monthly hassels sorted....and maybe even the fluid retention too, though I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Have no idea what sort of day we are in for, it's really overcast at the mo, and nice and cool. I don't care, I'm feeling great today...

8 weight machines and cardio workout later... I'm still feeling great. It rained, I got wet on the scooter and found out that rain hitting your neck stings... fun.

Last night... Steve went to golf... and some twit backed into his car! Are we jinxed or what? Luckily Steve has insurance, and the guy immediately offered to pay for the damage (he doesn't have insurance), so will have to wait and see on that one. So, that was three in a row eh? So... NO MORE !
CLARIFICATION : It was Steve's own car that got dinged last night, not the company car! He has dinged his own car 4 times that we can remember.

Just picked up the kids, and in half an hour I'm off to the doctor's.. I'm feeling nervous! What a twit, I'm worried he'll want me to have a blood test, and I am the biggest sook when it comes to needles....

Bugger, damn and blast! I have to have needles... and an ultrsound.
Good news though, I've got pills to virtually halt the heavy bleeding, yaa hoo. I have to have an ultrasound to check out the uterus... cool.
And the needles.... lots of tests to check out why I have such bad fluid retention, but no promises on an answer. Apparently there is sometimes no obvious cause. Might be the kidneys, might be my adrenal gland, blah blah blah. I am having the tests next week, blood tests probably monday, ultrasound friday.

Michelle: anti needle vibes didn't work ! Ta anyway, lol.

Humph!! Just rang to book the ultrasound... March 26th !!! and $157 ! Just lovely.

Well, I'm going to W/W's tomorrow morning, I'm going to have a big gain, and that's all there is to it! Nothing I can do ... fluid is way up there and nothing I do seems to be shifting it. I'm off to have a sauna, not that it will help much. I'm a bit bummed out about this on going problem with the fluid retention, I just hope the tests next week will pinpoint a fixable problem... that would be fantastic.
Ok, I'm off .. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Yay for feeling great!!! have a great time at the gym

  2. Hey hun

    I think it is time to get rid of that car OMG 3rd time GEESHHHH

    Woohoo on the exercise. Doesn't it feel great to have achieved it and then the rest of the day is yours OMG I am soooo addicted to exercise he he he

    Love CM

  3. Good luck at the DR. Needel!! just count to 10 and it will be all over. Will send you positive anti needle vines.

  4. Bet you are pleased you went - good luck witht he ultra sound!

    Have a great weekend:)

  5. Good luck with the tests..
    Hope you will be in tip top shape in no time..glad you are feeling better for now anyway...


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