Friday, February 16, 2007


Griffin woke at 5am this morning, and proceeded to ask us every 10 minutes "Can I get up yet?... Can I come into your bed yet?..... Is it morning time yet?", so as a consequence that was it for sleep. God, I don't know how mum's with newborns get through the day, I know I never want to go back to that!

On a nicer note, it's a lovely morning to take Izzy for a long walk, cloudy and not too hot, so after I've taken the kids to school, I'm walking the streets again.

Then I'll go to the gym... my old one today. Tomorrow I will be at the new one, hope they show me how all the machines work! And I'm going to go to a class sometime over the weekend as well.... maybe a pump class, hee hee. later...

Yes Jules, 12 weeks is still a newborn! So precious when they are tiny, you don't mind getting up to them at 5am, NOT precious when it's a thumping big 5 year old! I have been there, done that with 8 kids and there is no way in hell I want to ever go back there! Much as I adore babies, I DON'T WANT ANY MORE .... Please please please !

Rachel: Griffins mornings this week- mon, tues, wed- screamed and cried, Thurs & Fri- good as gold ! Phew, might be winning.

I am in a fighting mood right now, I bought my new phone how long ago? I think it's only 2 weeks, and now Telecom are GIVING THEM AWAY to new customers! Fuck, I paid $350 for mine, they are gunna hear from me!!! later...

Telecom wins again... I was told "sorry madam, this offer is only available to new customers. If you wish to disconnect from your contract, we will charge you $350 disconnection fee, then you can rejoin and get the new phone, which will "save" you $350" ! Ummm, already got the bloody phone, bastards! Excuse my language , but where is the consideration for having been a mobile customer with Telecom for about 15 years ! I must admit though, I did not swear at the guy from Telecom, so I get brownie points for that eh? Oh well, the day continues...

so, caught up with my friend Chris D, back from Hartlepool, England. She had a great time, busy busy busy catching up with family, attending her brother-in-laws' funeral and taking care of her man. We are back to our normal routine tomorrow, going to WW together, then morning tea.
I shall bugger off now, am tired and want an early night. Oh, yes, tomorrow at 1pm I have my first assessment at the new gym, so another good reason to go to bed early... will want to do well at the assessment, don't want to look like an unfit old granny !
nite nite.


  1. I don't know how mums with newborns do it either, bugger going back to THAT again!!!

    Try and get in a 'nana' nap before you have to pick the kids up from school. How is Griffin going now with leaving him in the mornings?

    Adam (2.5 year old) has only just settled at daycare after about 7 months.

  2. Ohhhh Yuk... I dont do mornings either..
    5am sux... I have a 10 yr old son that insists on coming in to wake me and let me know he is getting up and watching cartoons now... usually around the 6 - 6.30am... even thru the holidays!!! arghhhh
    They have finally gone back to school (yesterday) and all will be back to normal routine.
    Have a gr8 weekend and I hope the gym is just what you are looking for to help you get back to goal.

  3. Funnily I have a newborn (well I sort of do, is 12 weeks still newborn??) and she doesn't wake until 6.30 - 7am so you are definitely getting the raw end of the deal. I still have to get on to the Bach Flowers for you. It has been an extremely busy week.

  4. Ouch 5am must really hurt. I'm sure he will settle down soon. At least it's Saturday tomorrow you can have a bit of a lie in.

  5. I can't survive without 8 hours sleep these days. It really makes me wonder how young mothers survive on so little sleep. I know I did it once but I'm way past it now.
    Well done for not swearing at the Telecom guy.

  6. P.S. Ferrero's are 2.5 point each! I wish I didn't know that!

  7. What a rude awakeneing to your morning!

    Thanks for text - got it when I finally remembered to turn on the phone. To be honest while the new gym seems tempting I think I will be staying where I am. Mianly because of the pool. I realise it's no obligation - but I'm a softie and would probably have trouble saying no! And the new program is a bit of a killer - but hey I know something is happening - I can feel it!

  8. p.S.S. No I've hidden them until tomorrow!


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