Tuesday, February 13, 2007


My dear friend Chris D gets home from England today sometime, and what does she keep asking me? What's the weather like? Hmmm, me thinks she has been freezing her butt off over there! ha ha

Well she will be pleased to see that in her absence summer has finally arrived.... I'm off to the gym and to go walkies with my gym buddy this morning, I think we are going to cook out there.... it is sooo hot even at 9am. I am going to try and get her to go up "the hill" today too, wonder if I succeed? ...

That was great! It is so much harder walking the streets! I did not, however, get Janet to walk up the hill.. maybe on thursday I will succeed. Don't know if I would have managed it either tho !

Nothing else much planned for today, just the usual housework, might even get to lie in the sun for a while to get me tan up... Oh CKK: the reason I am lying in the sun is because I went on a sun bed three times last week and nothing happened! And I don't think a spray on tan looks that good either! I know, I know, I will pay one day with the wrinkles etc from the sun, but I don't think I'm gunna give a shit when I'm old and grey! my grandmother lived and worked in the sun all day long, and she died looking amazing for 85! My thinking is I'm like her.... another thing, who knows what tomorrow will bring? Both my brothers died young in accidents, I think that makes me live for today a bit more.

It is very hot though, so have only been out there for an hour. Ok? heee hee. ...

Got a call this afternoon, our new fridge/freezer is coming tomorrow! Man that's quick, but great. Luckily Stew took the doorframe to bits last night then, cos the fridge/freezer is so wide it won't fit in the kitchen otherwise!

I found there is a down side to having a blog.... my friends and family have stopped phoning, texting or e-mailing me cos they know whats up with me and the family by reading my blog.... boo hoo, now I never hear from anyone! So family and friends, I miss hearing from you! I don't know whats up with you, get a blog! lol ...

Watching Ugly Betty, such a nice show, funny and not too heavy....next is Boston Legal, one of our favourites. Darn and I wanted to get to bed early tonight, have pulled a muscle in my back and feel awful. nite nite


  1. Well done on your walk, I'm sitting here at work all jealous.

    No Chris, get a fake tan! You might be grandmother to B & G, but you don't want to look it!

  2. It's a beautiful day, just love this weather. Well done on the walk and gym session!

  3. hey mum, dont get a fake tan, they are expensive and dont last long, they come off in the shower and if you sweat heaps... gym freak. YOur look good, dont stress. Quit doing you eating thing, you did it first time, you can do it again, start doing your creative thing again if you are bored, if i have to get over the sh..t with wayne then you have to get over your mind set with getting down and eating.
    Cant believe your fridge sounds so friggen big! Am missin you all, wanting to come down again, but have some more hours at work plus a payrise so work wise im doing good. Boys are good, huston starts school at ham west in term two. and joel still in homebased care when i work. Andrew is good. Oh hey ask lisa what her dress size is, gona have a look in principles for dress for the girls.
    Alrity will catch ya later..

  4. Chris please email me tomorrow. leeanneb at xtra.dot co.nz. Need to chat.

    Haven't posted for awhile but will soon. Need some advice.

    By the way. Go double fridge. Lashed out last year and got one. It's absolutely brilliant. I love grocery shopping !!!!

  5. Go look for a SunFX spray tan. You need Level 1 Aloe Vera. Jadey knows this is good because Jadey uses SunFX.


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