Monday, February 05, 2007


Today: head into town to get extra uniform for Mike and Griffin, Mike's hair cut (or he will be sent home), and get my contact list transferred onto my new phone, hopefully telecom's computer is working today!

It's another lovely day out there, but knowing our luck it will cloud over by lunchtime like yesterday. It's a weird summer we are having, still can't say we have had it yet.

Am going to drink heaps and heaps this week, and try not to hold onto water like last week....Must take me piddle pills! Ha, feel like an old lady saying that!! later...

Well, got all of the above done this morning, then it was home for lunch, another lovely surimi, egg and tomatoe salad. I was going to the gym, but am running outta time, Mike (who babysits for me) has to be at work by 3.30, so may have to do my workout here at home instead. Oh well, I will have Stew to yak to instead of my gym buddies. That's ok, since I kinda love him ! later...

Firstly, it was a beautiful sunny day all day ! freaking amazing.... and the best bit of new today.. we are getting THE BIGGEST LOSER back, it starts this week!! I thought we wouldn't get it for months yet! So love that show! Now the girls in Aussy can't spoil it by talking about it before we see it, cos we are seeing it the same week as them... cool!

Just had dinner, a lovely pork stir fry with noodles, done with a sweet and sour sauce and some BBQ sauce added for extra yumminess. All good ...

Briony, not sure now if we are getting The Biggest Loser Australia or American version, will know by Thursday... and as if I'd stop reading your blog! Not bloody likely! As for posting recipes... don't think I'll go there, me blog is long enough already! And I find recipes boring, I just chuck in some of this and some of that, and how do you measure a " good shake of this" ??? ha ha.

And just for you Briony, cos I felt sorry for you, here's a picture of our dinner... sad you can't post the smell, it was divine.... hee he. It doesn't look as good as it tasted either.

Another day bites the dust, am off to bed before I pig out on something! nite nite


  1. After a weekend of indulgence my aim is to drink between 3 - 4 litres of water from here on. Not always easy to do. Even though I know it helps heaps. Congrats on your fantastic loss to btw.

    Have a great day, the weather has already turned to crap here.


  3. Congrats on the great loss. You do deserve it! Have a great day. I have been trying to drink lots of water and think of you each time I am forcing it down. Thanks for the motivation.

  4. Bloody school is doing my head in and it hasn't even started yet!! LOL

  5. Ah cool, cos I was thinking maybe you would be avoiding my blog incase I talked about it (Biggest Loser that is).
    Let me know what you think about Sarah, when does it start? Ours started last night and now we have it every night at 7pm.
    We're having spag bol for tea tonight but your dinner sounds good, you should post recipes instead of just making our mouths water!! haha
    Nighty night!

  6. I'll be glad when the kids go back to school too - gets them off Lambton Quay!

  7. Woohooo kids are going back to school... doing a little dance.

    I can't wait for The Biggest Loser too. I have my friend coming over to watch it with me too woohoooo... can't wait for the girly evening watching it he he he

    Love CM

  8. Oh yum, that looks devine!! Probably lucky I can't smell it, it would just make me hungry and I have already had my dinner! hehe
    Thanks for the picture though, might just have to go and get some pork so I can have something similar tomorrow night. Thanks for the inspiration!


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